Video: Miranda Miller, Remi Gauvin and Lee Jackson Take on a Hot Wings Challenge

May 6, 2020
by Rémi Gauvin  

Does Miranda prefer tacos, or cheeseburger? Top load or front load washing machine? Does the Lee get upset that his room mates don't have to clock in a 9 to 5 and get to ride their bikes all the time? All of this and more in Not Not (Hot) Ones Room Mates Edition.

bigquotesI have been a fan of the Hot Ones show for quite a while now and a few years ago my room mate Lee was given their hottest hot sauce, dubbed the "Last Dab," and it has sat in our fridge ever since. It was time that we made some wings with it. And because lockdown and boredom, we filmed ourselves eating said wings. While we ate I asked the tough questions and get to know to the people I know best a little better!


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 Pb if you see this message, what about bringing back an online webcam version of the old 'Boxxer World Championships'. Get a number of mechanics from around the world involved. Instead use a fox fork, first round could be Jordi versus another fox tech...It was so funny to watch and the competition was fierce.
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 This is a rad idea. @jasonlucas
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 Holy A+ idea
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 Ok Miranda is a trooper... she was feeling it big time...( her face progressively went 5 shades of red ) . and kept answering those questions. I give her the win. damn.
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 Yes! Huge fan of Hot Ones and a huge fan of this Not Not Hot Ones!

Is it bad that I laughed the hardest when my friends were in the most pain?
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 Definitely not.
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 The frames in the background are great and are taken from the Velocipedia artwork series:
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 Noticed the pictures, came here to comment on them, thanks for the link Smile
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 Unfortunately for me, the only thing my brain saw was the imperfect symmetries...
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 any idea where the bear one is from?
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 @fatduke: It is a Vanessa Stark print. Google her!
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 @n-lagasse: Cuz we cheaped out on the picture frames. Don't worry, you get used to it after a few years...
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 @remrem: cheers fella
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 As someone that grew up in Buffalo I can't help but notice, no Frank's Hot Sauce? Frank's is the reason Buffalo wings are famous. If you want more heat just add some Tobasco.
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 Frank's is about as hot as Ranch Dressing.
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 @unclethunder: Think you meant blue cheese. Ranch shouldn't even be mentioned with Frank's.
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 @BobbyLite: the whitest whites
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 Do you see a lot of WC riders on Gary Fishers? People move on from the original to better things.
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 @unclethunder: Frank's is about flavor, add more heat if you want, I do. Eating a dozen wings is about feeling enough heat at number twelve, any idiot can make wings so hot you can't enjoy them.
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 @smithcreek: sorry. I'll adjust my statement. Frank's has the flavor of a bowl of ice water. And the heat lever of blue cheese.
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 Tabasco is irrelevant nowadays
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 Frank’s is for people who think vinegar is spicy.
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 I could hear Sean in the distance, "Careful around the eyes."
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 I actually said that at one point but cut it out...
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 @remrem: You cut that out! That's part of the whole chic!
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 I love the fact that Miranda crushed 3 beers in the time the boys were only part-way through one.
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 that was good times, we need more of this, and is it just me or does Miranda have a career in broadcasting after she is done with racing?
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 That was so great!! You were even social distancing around the table although that make its it awkward since you all live together! I know Miranda said no more, BUT DO MORE!
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 You need to host Shawn, Richie, and Cody on this show the next time they are in Squamish!
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 Im in! I think Shawn might be vegan though! Cauliflower for him...
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 Next video sound track Johnny Cash B.R.O.F.
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 That was awesome!..More please!!
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 These Whoop straps are becoming very popular.
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 Miranda's a third wheel. That makes them a tricycle
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 That was fun to watch.
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 I couldn't stop looking at those hipster hats
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 You mean my toque eh??
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 Wash your hands, don’t touch your face.
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