Video: Monet Adams and Sandra Boerner Flow Through Finale Ligure's Finest Trails

May 2, 2019
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#inSandrawetrust. Coined by clients in Finale Ligure, there is no better compliment to the skills and teachings of mountain bike guide and coach, Sandra Boerner. The German shredder first appeared on our radar several years ago, introduced as Ride On Noli's guide, then responsible for keeping groups of guys in order, safe and bringing the stoke, her quiet demeanour gave us reservations.....These were dispelled within the first 10 minutes of trail time, Sandra is a weapon on a bike, a silent assassin on the trail and a personality to be reckoned with!

The sport has grown exponentially in only a few short years and we've seen first hand the growth of women not just riding bikes, but getting after the good times on the trails. There's something about a group of girls shredding together that just can't be manufactured or replicated. The stoke levels fly off the charts once girls get riding, we've always ridden with our partners and friends but have learnt once the touch paper is lit, let the girls go!

Having called Finale Ligure home for many years, Sandra has both an excellent knowledge of the trails but also how to ride them. For her, riding bikes isn't just about how to be quick, it's about how to have fun. Having hosted World Cup and enduro professionals both in Liguria and beyond, many have commented on Sandras ability to carry speed with relative ease over the extremely rough and rocky terrain that Finale presents. With an impressive racing resume starting out on the iXS German cups and building to a win at last years EWS Challenger race on her home trails in Finale there is no questioning her skill on a bike

For 2019 Sandra will be running our Women Blow Your Limits camp which does exactly what it says on the tin, blows, your limits!

The camp dates are: 08/09/2019 - 15/09/2019

Sandra was joined by ex-World Cup racer and all-around legend Monet Adams for a week or shredding the trails around Finale and relaxing ahead of a busy summer season. Needless to say, these two had an incredible time and ripped the trails harder than many could ever imagine.

Although a very accomplished and quick rider, even Monet took time to discuss line choice and look over some of the more technical terrains that Finale had to offer and welcomed the "locals" knowledge that Sandra expressed as they descended.

Sandra,busy on her day job

Sandra's main philosophy "confidence is key" is embodied in her approach to riding and is something she thinks all girls need when they are riding. This is one of the many elements Sandra will look to provide on her camps, be it Rocks, roots, line choice or flow the approach should be a confident one.

After an incredible week being shown the stunning towns and trails, Finale Ligure had to offer, it was time for some much-needed sun, sea and Gelato.

Show me more!

What are you waiting for, blow your limits and get booked onto this incredible camp -


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 Awesome video! Two lovely ladies who happen to be fast and smooth as hell, true single track riding on some beautiful trails that remind me a bit of my home trails in SLO, pizza, espresso, and gelato. Not to mention a cool and different soundtrack. This brightened my Thursday for sure. Cheers!
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 Thanks so much, glad you liked it Smile
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 Yeah Mesdames: you kill!!! Smile
BUT don`t you ride any ``bikes designed for women `` such as Liv or Juliana?
Seriously: is it mostly marketing or a true advantage for a girl to ride such brands and features?
Something I wonder...
  • + 4
 Have you looked at the parts on most "bikes designed for women"??! It's all shrink'd, pink'd, and spec'd with shitty parts, like grip shifters, 1.9 tires, non-locking grips, et al. Ladies want carbon wheels/cranks, locking grips, and thumb shifters, too!!
  • + 1
 @CactusLover: Don't knock the slip-on grips! I will never be parted from my ESI grips haha. Not even on my DH bike Razz
They're just too dang comfortable. Plus I can cut them for my tiny hands haha.
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 Women like 'cute' options, like feminine colors. It's a fact and that's why things geared towards women sell better to women than unisex versions do. Even guns, yes guns, sell better to women when colored pink rather than black. And this isn't a knock on women at all. I'm no different in that I always buy camo design versions of things. So anyways my point is that women-specific bikes make a lot of sense of only for the aesthetic side of it.
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 I run womens specific grips for my little hands ... does that count? Wink
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 @monty15: Yes Madame, it does count a little bit Smile
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 nice video Sandra !! hope everything goes well for you. Sandra an awesome guide and rider.. hope to ride and see you soon....keep shredding !! SARGE
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 We had a ride with Sandra last fall at Finale, super guide.
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 looks pretty cool, I need to do it one day, book a camp to start ride properly...
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 Just don't ask Sandra for a joke Razz
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 Shes fast, Shes faster than you....and you and you and you too....

Sandra is a legend Smile
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 Fly out there on Sunday. Good timing to view some of what’s on offer...
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 See you guys in a couple of weeks! Cant wait!
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 #gravitatenortheast in da' house !
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 Looks amazing! Sandra is a boss ????
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 Looks absolutely incredible... Sandra is fire ????
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 Best coach! ???? #insandrawetrust
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 trails look amazing!
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 'Blow your limits' - My Freudian lizard brain is having all kinds of fun with that 1... LoL

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