Video: Monster T’s & Singlespeeds | 4 Unique Bikes From Whistler Opening Day

May 22, 2023
by Henry Quinney  

From 300mm travel Marzocchi Super Monster T forks to burly hardtails, Whistler Bike Park opening day had it all. I spoke to some of the locals to find out what they were riding for "Whismas".


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 Henry is really good at this. Please have him do more “man on the street” style stuff!
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 100% agree...that was a great video
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 He really is, super natural and chilled
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 Henry is good at all of it, awesome guy for all of us.
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 I enjoyed the pictures of all the bikes from this year
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 Thanks for featuring my bike! This is just the first version of the 'Boostmonster' I hope to get a custom frame made and really see what this kind of build can ride like.
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 check out marino bike if you havent already, fully custom handmade steel frames for great prices.
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 Starling X Boostmaster.....make it happen!
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 Resserrect the Karpiel Armageddon?
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 Dearest Pinkbie, Please get the new norco DH Vs Jordans Older Norco. Get a pro rider and break down the pros and cons after a test ride. Show us how much bikes have changed.. Your Dearest, Fans
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 of course the boost monster is on the list
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 I want a video of Taj riding the park. I had watched many videos of him when I bmx as well. Mid to late 90 he was very well rounded and one of my favourite up there with Brian foster
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 I think there is an old Taj/Lenosky video at Ray's and I swear Taj hits the ceiling. They are riding really hard.
  • 15 1 soon as Taj appears in a set of Vans on a hardtail...I'm like "Please show that badass mofo ride. PLEASE!!!"
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 @colincolin: Holy moly. Thanks for posting the video of Taj! All of it was incredible. The last bit was superbly edited, so that viewers could start piecing together what Taj was going to try. I said "no way" just a moment before he climbed back up and went for it. The "puzzle what's next" setup is something missing from a lot of edits.
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 @colincolin: at 3:15 Taj dies.....
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 1 out of 2 riders in WBP have BMX background.
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 do you mean any time they are photographed out and about there is always a bmx in the shot behind the subject?
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 Taj was my hero years ago in the bmx days. He is my hero once again, as of today, because he's running an angle set backwards to make a head angle steeper.
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 The boostmaster!!
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 Accidentally downvoted, boostmonster is sick!!
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 I also can't get real MTB shoes to grip as well as Vans but I thought it was a light rider thing. Just wish Vans made a pair with toe protection.
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 Vans grip the best (like for jumping and pump tracks) but after about an hour my feet get really sore. Agree with you, Vans with some xtra protection (and maybe a little stiffer all around) would be good, kind of a cross between Vans and 5.10s.
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 @gtill9000: Early in the season my feet get sore in 1hr with a soft sole. End of the season it takes all day. Same with my legs.
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 @gtill9000: Vans + Space Brace = great setup. (still missing the toe protection as noted)
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 @gtill9000: I think they make a range of BMX specific vans now that are supposed to be a bit stiffer, haven't tried any yet through.
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 Vans BMX Style 114 have better toe protection than most, just because they're designed for riding bikes. They were Kevin Peraza's signature shoe, but there's other colorways now too.
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 @spicysparkes: I have the BMX specific hi-top shoes, and still prefer MTB shoes for chunky natural trail riding and DH. I spent an entire early season testing this The waffle cups of Vans don't actually bite pins very well. The waffles are good at "scooping", but not actually biting and don't give a "damped" feel like MTB shoes. For aggressive, chunky, and steep riding my feet get tossed all over the place. For pump tracks and jumping, Vans are fine. Or if you don't have local chunky tracks and riding. I would never use them to race an enduro or for training laps, but if you're a casual rider they're fine.
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 Try etnies Michelin soles, good mix of stiffness and grip
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 You only need spend $1700 to try all the different variations of trail specific flat pedal shoes to find the one that is right for you.
You can buy 10 variations of Five Tens.
3 variations of Specialized
1 pair of Unparallel Ups
3 variations of Ride Concepts
1 horrible pair of Shimanos (but ya gotta try em or you could miss out on that one set of shoes that does it for just you)
A random pair of Giro's
A humiliating pair of Bontragers
For some stupid reason, you'll wind up with Endura's
Oh..and'll cave and find that one brand I can't think of off the top of my head that sponsors Brandon Semenuk...cause why wouldn't he back the most epic shoe ever made? It can't be for a must be stellar.
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 @spicysparkes: they're good but no where near enough toe protection. I rode in mine today (bought them primarily for walking with the occassional ride) and they're quite nice. May have to ride in them more.
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 Have you tried Leatt Shoes? The have a Van like waffle pattern
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 @RossD123: Just started riding in a pair two weeks ago. So far so good!
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 @blowmyfuse: Etnies. Found a pair for $7 at Sierra. Used them for skateboarding with the dog.
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 Semi big, with just the tip! was not what she said..
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 Good to see Jordan interviewed!
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 Could you guys do a bike check like in prior years tallying the different setups? I personally found it validating how less than one third of the riders on opening day at Whistler, polled last year were on straight 29ers. 27.5 for life!
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 whoops I see it now
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 Why is Henry asking the questions? He should riding that damn park!
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 It's OK, I'm sure living so close to it he's ridden it loads of times before, I mean, you'd be an idiot not to.... /s
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 When he does it's gonna make for a fantastic podcast about braking bumps!
#wristwatch3000 #surprisinglynotabouttimekeeping
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 @bigtim: lol. Thats Henry level of cheekiness right there.
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 So bummed I missed opening day, be there next week and hope I see those monster T's!
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 "There hasn't been this much burnt and puckered flesh since when the Weasly's had a family barbeque."
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 Boostmaster seems like a really nice guy! Just a different kind of artist
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 Video only… with auto play to boot! This will go over well.
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 Crank length comparison suggestion for Harry on his bike, a 170 on the right, 160 on the left.
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 Best part of the video is the backdrops and seeing the tourists stroll by, makes me feel like I'm up there hanging out.
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 Henry makes people as comfortable as Tom made them uncomfortable. Love them both but Henry is a duck in water
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 Making a thing about the 1st bike being pink?
1. It's the 2020s not the 1980s.
2. What's this site called again?
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 I wish they would do a review on the rental fleets. Loved the GT Fury I rented but the brakes sucked.
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 @jamescurnock on Instagram to see some riding on the Revel ⚡️⚡️
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 Great to see Harry Barrett on there...dude shreds hard.
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 Cool selection of bikes and people, good stuff Henry.
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 Is there any mob service centres that work on super t’s?
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 that is quality video
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 Superb Content!! Keep on going!
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 The peeling sticker on the shock reservoir triggered me.
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