Video: Mont Sainte Anne World Cup DH - Qualifying Highlights

Aug 1, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  

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 Man if Brendog wins, pinkbike is gunna break
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 wc at GMT?
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 Free gloves !
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 Ha ha, I was straight on that too. Too muddy after an off so dump them. Maybe someone could capitalize on that idea and come up with a tear-off glove!
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flag Lagr1980 (Aug 1, 2015 at 3:54) (Below Threshold)
 In Mt Saint Hartland people stay on their bikes, clean gloves.. Epic race today
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flag RedBurn (Aug 1, 2015 at 5:09) (Below Threshold)
 I would take the gloves, but to bring them back to Bernard, taking them as yours is theft
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 Quick thinking ditching the gloves .
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 nice video without music and the nice sound of the tires and suspention working
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 Plus 1 , loving the RAW .
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 Why are we only getting a minute long video??? Back in the days when Orpheus weren't shooting for red bull the video for each day was stacks longer!!!!
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 Yep they used to make WC edits long enough to be worth making a brew and having a smoke to enjoy with it.
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 Maybe some one could come up with idea of sealed gearing for the mud? Hey they have!!!!!!!!!!!! but bike industry don't want it because makes gearing parts last too long, Not really a good reason or what?
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 At least one will be raced today in the finals, a Nicolai bike. Benoit Coulanges, a junior rider.
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 It's also heavier and a bit less efficient than a dérailleur setup. And they sell millions of gearboxes into the commuter markets.

But anyway, Benoit Coulange is doing a decent job on the World Cup circuit with a gearbox this year!
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 No a derailleur in a box not an inefficient gear box should be way forward, but bike industry don't want it because makes gearing parts last too long, Not really a good reason or what?
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 They exist in the form of internally geared hubs. They've been around forever but never had the right trade offs to make them popular. They're heavy. They also require you to stop pedaling to shift. Ironically, derailers and shifters are one of the most reliable part of a downhill racers setup.
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 You do not seem to get that if fit a low profile derailleur in a box would work way better & virtually no maintained
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 You want a mech in a box attached to your bike rather than just a mech? For me it's not the mech that wears out its the chain, cassette and chain rings. How does putting the mech in a box help? The whole point of gearboxes and hub gears is they remove the need for the chain to skip across a cassette, reducing wear on all parts and prolonging life.

Not sure I see "mech-in-a-box" doing anything similar.
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 How sh*t would a ''mech in a box'' look? the answer is very!!
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 Heavier and less efficient is not superior, now who is full of shit ?
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 Hey! They listened! No crappy music!!!
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 They need some plus-sized tires!
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 Bruni... minnar an rach... all lookin good!!!!!
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 The weather should make for some exciting, action packed racing.
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 Thank you for not playing music, makes it so much better. That looked like some wicked rain!
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 So then. Troy set his time in the rain and minaar was in the dry by the looks of that?

If this is correct video then Troy really has lit a fire, being several seconds faster than anybody and in the wet.
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 If it rained and then stopped raining, then the riders in the rain would have better traction (cleaner tires) than the guys who had to run after the rain stopped. The later riders would be riding in even more slippery conditions once everything turned to greasy mud. I would much rather race in the pouring rain than be on track once the rain stopped trying to ride on mashed potatoes.
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flag jmbrit (Aug 1, 2015 at 3:46) (Below Threshold)
 What kind of mongs amongst you vote down for that?

Minaar was in the dry, it had not rained at that point clearly, did you see the track?

PB muppets
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 I did not down vote, but rain started before any of the men left the starting gate. If you're referring to 1:11 where he is in the woods, there is a really good chance it looks dry because the rain hadn't gotten through all of the trees/leaves yet. And as the race goes on, all of the racers will bring in water/mud from the open slope areas making those sections even worse for the next guy.
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 "PB muppets"

can I upvote that 1 million times!
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 It could be a recycled shot from practice
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 Amazing speed..Very flushing all new bike. I wish get them.
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 the plus size tire comment is just so ironically funny.
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 Nice Vídeo, Nice Track
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 Can we ban whistles from spectators? Bring back the cowbell
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