Video: More Treacherous Lockdown Skinnies & Rooftop Lines with Brendan Fairclough

May 20, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesThe lockdown rampage Danny Macaskill line got the better of us last time so we had to come back and conquer it with no dabs!! One of the most elaborate home Rampage builds yet with the Land Rover defender and the van all involved in the fun. Hope you enjoy it? Loving filming this series for you guys. Seems to be the only time I get to ride my mountain bike. Hoping lockdown will be over soon and we can go shred with our friends.Brendan Fairclough


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 We need to get racing back going before Brendog kills himself!!!
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 Brendan will be fine. We need to get back to racing before he destroys his roof!
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 @mtbikemccoy: I agree, we do need to get back to racing before he destroys his roof, or destroys his very cool Defender, Transporter van or even himself, as it was a bit sketchy watching him on the roof, especially when he slid down and luckily landed on the ramp and not where his ebike landed. No matter, what a great entertaining guy to watch, as he always pushes it, and just likes to have fun and enjoy life...
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 The roof will be fine. We need to get back to racing before he destroys his bike !
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 That whole house is going to be demolished anyway... He's got planning permission for a new one
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 Maybe he should incorporate some really cool trials riding props built into the new house when he designs it...
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 Is that the shire ?
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 Backyard Rampage e-bike trials, a first. None of this looked fun but it was funny watching him contemplate it. I would like to see a huck to flat off the roof of a van on either his e bike or DH bike, that would be nice to see.
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 He's done the van huck on his Ransom already. He posted it somewhere, Facebook I think.
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 He is a great rider, one of my favs, but a crap carpenter. That roof is in no condition to be ridden on.
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 not to mention the dabs.. as if...
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 What an absolute legend of a bloke. This has been so entertaining to watch.
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 Top quality entertainment, if you end up heading to scotland give me a shout, got some great aberdeenshire trails for you. Dan
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 I'm riding trails every day, here in New Mexico (one of the 50 States).

I guess it differs...
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 New Mexico includes Southern California now
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 Flip The House !
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 Nice house and garden...with a nice collection of vehicles as well. Unsure, but I suspect I'm envious!
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 Does your Girlfriend know what you're up to on the roof? I was quite worried when you went along the rooftop...
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 I really like the "Landy"
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 So hairball!
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 That cassette needs tightening by the sound of it Brendog!
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 Brendog for President
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 Backyard rampage)))
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 That was crazy bonkers mad! More please Brendog - you are a classic.
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