Video: Morzine Madness with Danny Hart

Jul 23, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesTake a ride down some of Morzine's steepest single track trails!

Scott Mears my mechanic and ex-World Cup racer follows me down some of the best single tracks Morzine has to offer, we were shown around by a few locals!
Danny Hart


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 Imba trail builders are about to break keyboards on sustainable trail design in 3.2.1...
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 well, no mud puddles there! Big Grin
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 you know its steep when danny hart says "oh my god"!
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 Probably the point gopro can improve by the future: make steep tracks look steep in videos, because riding in Morzine every year they are really steep !
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 I bet they grilled a steak on those brake discs afterwards!
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 I got arm pump just watching that!!
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 *insert wank joke here*
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 Danny and his mechie have won the internet for me this summer
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 Brilliant look into how the pros, ex-pros and locals ride these trails. Scotty was riding like a mad man down that unknown trail. I kind of wonder if Viinny T would have been mostly off the brakes swishing his rear tyre around on that last SoSteep section. Looks like exactly the kind of thing he rides lots of locally at insane speeds.
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 I think so that Vinny T would have been more off the brakes, but it's hard to say. Vinny T's gullies are less ridden than this one and have lot more traction which allow him to have more control and to spend less time on the brakes.
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 I rode this track 2 weeks ago and 2 years ago when it was fresh. The difference is huge! The track is "the same" but in fresh dirt you could slow down so it was possible to leave the brakes on some part, now it is almost impossible to slow down and even think about leaving the brakes. Not sure you can feel this on gopro videos!
2 years ago during crankworks pro riders jumped some parts in this one
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 When Danny Hart is two finger braking and sledging downs’s steep. I have been in a similar situation in Wales with another Worldcup DH er, and I was terrified!
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 Gotta know what happened after the "shit" at 8:09
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 Off to zine in a week, those are first on the list and I expect to be sliding down them on my arse!
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 If its OK with you Danny, I'll just go and have a little lie down thx!!! OMG. Loved watching you guys, but not for me. As for Como, now that is a very special place. Morzine & Como, now THAT is what I call a holiday!
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 He’s in Garda, even betterer than Como! And you’re right, alpine road trips are stuff of dreams
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 I liked that, very much. Thank you.
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 Yes, More please
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 That little bit where he was commentating. Would be a legend for wc track previews.
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 Just no idea how they ride things blind, that fast and that hard... astounding !
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 I will be there next week again.. now I know why I stick to the red runs =( blimey....
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 You should have a go they're manageable at slow speeds and well worth a blast.
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 Damn, I wish I had have know about those last tracks when I rode it ten years ago...if they were even there then.
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 Turn right after the tunnel, they have been there at least 15 years
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 Come on Danny - stay on you're bike!
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 Those tracks are so steep it great skill to get down them with out coming off insane riding especially the last track.
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 one of the better edits showing body english on steep flowy lines. thank you Danny!
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 Saw him last week riding last in Morzine. Can confirm that some sections are really steep
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 This and Matt Jones morzine/morgins videos are making me regret not going this year.
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 Some sick lines in that first part.

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