Video: MRP Can Now Deliver a Fork Set Up and "Ready to Shred"

Jun 17, 2020
by MRP Bike  

Press Release: MRP

MRP introduces a better way to upgrade your suspension. The “Ready to Shred” Package combines the most customizable forks on the market with a concierge experience that does the work for you, so you can spend more time on the trails, riding suspension that was made just for you.

The “Ready to Shred” package from MRP completely streamlines the suspension upgrade experience. Not everyone has local access to one of MRP's preferred dealers, the specialty tools required, the experience and knowledge needed, or even the time or desire to install and setup a product as technical as a suspension fork. And even if you do, are you going to turn down a heckuva headstart on the process? Let us do the work and we'll leave the riding to you.

MRP forks are built individually, to your specifications.There's no need to settle for "what's available" then throw money at personalizing it or, even worse, upgrading your brand new fork just to get the features you want. You choose your perfect MRP fork by selecting model, travel, offset, axle style, and color, then provide us with just seven tidbits of information so your fork can arrive prepped for quick and easy installation and tuned specifically for you. A fork that's "Ready to Shred."

Ready to Shred Installation Prep

We take care of the labor to make your installation a snap, typically taking only a few minutes and requiring nothing more than a common multitool. The steps we take include:

Precision steerer tube cutting
Starnut installation
Crown race installation
Inclusion of adapter for your brake brand and rotor size (if needed)

Not sure what headset you have, what your steerer tube length should be or if you need an adapter? No worries, we have guides on the website to help you identify this information, as well as live chat during business hours and agents available by phone.

Ready to Shred Tuning

Here's where it gets really fun. We take into consideration the whole package when it comes to tuning: bike, rider, terrain and performance target. You'll answer a few questions about your weight, local terrain, and performance preferences and we'll arrive at the perfect baseline setup for you. After setting up thousands of riders over the years through product development, at demo events, and via tech support, our tuning database runs deep.

1. Bike: For both air and coil-sprung forks, we take the amount of travel into account in our spring settings. For Ramp Control-equipped forks, this influences our starting position in the range. For volume-adjustable forks, this dictates our starting volume.

2. Rider: Rider weight is the next consideration for both spring and damper setup. Weight and travel specifics help us arrive at both positive and negative air-chamber settings for air-sprung forks, and spring rate for coil-sprung forks.

3. Terrain: The characteristics of your primary riding terrain help us further home-in on the perfect spring setup. For instance, steep and feature-laden trails necessitate more spring support and increased bottom-out resistance.

4. Performance: Finally, we consider your performance preferences. Baseline damper settings (low-speed compression and rebound) are calculated from the spring settings arrived at from the above. Fine-tuning is accomplished by considering which you value more: big-hit performance and control or overall comfort.

Finishing Touches

With such a personalized fork, why not literally put your name on it? You get to choose your 8-character serial number, which can be any combination of letters, numbers and characters found on a standard keyboard. To top it off, as with all MRP suspension, your fork is dyno-tested to ensure perfect performance before heading out the door. With your custom fork, you'll find a "Ready to Shred" setup card explaining your tuning settings for future reference.

Say goodbye to generic forks and upgrade to an MRP fork, made truly just for you. Regularly a $39.95 upgrade when purchasing an MRP fork, the "Ready to Shred" package is free for a limited time. Click here to start building your fork.


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 The Ribbon gets mixed reviews and I'd like to share my experience that may clarify the source of the issues.

I had one of the earliest Ribbon Air models and an early Ribbon Coil. Both showed moments of brilliance on impacts with perfectly aligned forces, but were let down by severe friction that caused them to bind or fully lock out when there was significant bending moment.

Recently, MRP updated my Ribbon Coil to the new bushings and Chocoluxe glide rings and the problems appear to be solved. It no longer binds and locks out - at least not in the few rides I've done since the service - the coil spring is great, Ramp Control is a useful feature, and the damper performs well. Prior to the latest generation of internals, I can see why the reviews have been mixed. Now, it now belongs among the high-end products on the market - providing it continues to move freely in the presence of bending moments.

Finally, one thing has been constant throughout my MRP experience: MRP's customer service is the best in the suspension category. The product wasn't perfect, they took responsibility, they solved it, and did all of it quickly, politely, and transparently. Huge respect for these folks.
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 If they fully bind or get stuck full lockout causing a potential fatal crash...then they shouldn't they be recalling all the old ones? They did a 'free upgrade' to the new chocolux with a service if you sent them back to MRP a while ago (obviously acutely aware of the issue). It was shit they didn't offer a European version of this offer and I was told to pay for postage to and from the US to have it done.
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 @matther01: the Chocoluxe updates to the MY20 forks were just that, updates. We're always looking for ways to improve the performance of our products. The promo you're speaking of was with a paid factory service, nowhere was it offered completely free (including postage). International customers were welcome to take us up on it, but obviously international shipping somewhat cancels out the savings. I'm sure we'd work with our independent international service centers if they wanted to do a similar offer. We strive to be flexible and accommodating.
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 @matther01: No crashes or anything close to a crash. If anything, binding keeps the front end high and resists pitching the rider forward, so it never felt unsafe, the fork would just use a lot less travel than it should've used.

With the friction issue seemingly solved, I'm using a lot more travel - the appropriate amount - and may go up a spring rate. It's working as it should and living up to its potential. If you read a negative review of the Ribbon, dig deeper to determine whether the model tested had the old or new internals, as that may be the source of any problems.
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 @matther01: MRP have been great when I've dealt with them. Their UK distributor need to up their game though.
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 @NoahColorado: As a UK owner it would be a huge bonus to have an authorised service centre here or at least in Europe. I love my Ribbon coil, your back up both on your site and on bike forums is impressive. I'm very interested in the Chocoluxe update and it'd be the icing on the cake if you could get this done.
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 @R-M-R: But there are times when you need that travel...which you now have as it's been fixed. My issue is that living in Europe and having to pay for this additional work to make an £800 fork work correctly isn't really great customer service.

Yes Noah's on various forums helping etc, which is really great, but unless you're in N. America you're a bit f**cked. I'll need to pay and extra £100-£200 to rectify...when all the same versions now come with these as standard because it's a known issue.

They're not new models with better dampers etc so of course it's been a problem hence the upgraded parts. I've tried selling mine, but the first question asked is..."do they have the upgraded parts?", then it's goodbye sale!
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 @commental: We do have several suspension service centers in the UK! Have a look at the listings on our website under the "support" tab. As well, warranty work can be handled by our distributor.
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 FWIW, I have a 2019 Ribbon and it was a fantastic fork before sending it in for service and the Chocolux upgrade. Never had the binding issue that some here mention, neither has my riding bro with the same fork. Not to say it wasn't a thing for some, but I've been pleased AF with the fork, especially now with the even better sensitivity.
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 @matther01: You claimed "If they fully bind or get stuck full lockout causing a potential fatal crash". I'm not sure a fork that delivered two or three inches less travel than a frictionless version of the same fork would ever cause a potentially fatal crash. It's also conceivable the sticky fork would prevent an over-the-front crash. Both scenarios are purely speculation. All I can say is I never felt unsafe when the friction issues were present, just uncomfortable and slightly slower.

Every product improves over time. A newer version that performs better does not entitle us to free upgrades to the latest version. In the case of the Ribbon, some pre-2020 units fell short of expectations and MRP provides the upgrade at low cost. If you've had your fork for a while, your damper may be due for a service, which requires dedicated tools. When you send it in for the damper service, just pay a little extra - far less than the £100-£200 you speculated - for the updated internals. It's not a perfect situation and it's not as good as if all units worked perfectly prior to the update, but a remedy is available. There were reviews and forum discussions of these issues, so it wasn't an unknown situation.
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 @R-M-R: Of course a missing few inches could conceivably cause an accident. You case a jump, expecting something to work correctly and it doesn't. Yes, there's rider error etc, but it's a bit like the motor industry. Unless there's enough accidents there's never going to be a full on recall.

We all know that SKF are probably the best, hence why RS forks are now coming with them as standard. But SKF are about £45 after market. Chocoluxe are double that at £90...then you have labour costs to fit them. And that's not including the cost of the bushings etc too. So when I say its £100-£200, this is the case due to import duty etc and labour costs in the UK.

Do I expect something for free? No. I expect that a 'premium' £800 fork to work out of the box and after 40 hours riding not to pack up.

The chocolux and bushings aren't an 'upgrade'; they're a necessity, hence why they're on the newer year models and I contend why they were offered 'free' in the first place.
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 @commental: I carry the Chocoluxe upgrade kits and can do the job for you if you're down to ship the fork to Finland for servicing. Email me at if you're interested.
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 "If they fully bind or get stuck full lockout causing a potential fatal crash..."

Haaaaaahhahahaa. You're hilarious. Anyone left on here old enough to remember when mountainbiking used to actually be cool (and ironically enough was littered with suspension that actually risked causing potentially fatal crashes)?
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 My new mrp ribbon serial#: dicknuts
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 Sorry, that's been taken.
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 now that's some quick customer service.
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 @NoahColorado: Taken by Dick Pound trying to remain anonymous
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 Lived in Grand Junction for a year, visited their HQ, great crew and amazing customer service. They are constantly on the local trails testing their products which as a local was cool to see. Never had one of their forks but I've been using their chain guides for 10 in the business MRP!
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 Just make a 180mm and I will ditch my 36
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 Super cool idea! Love it.....

@NoahColorado are you guys changing valving significantly based on rider / terrain or is it mostly just setting the dampers to the correct clicks with the stock shim setups?
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 The tuning side is primarily aimed at fast-tracking the first setup, so you can get out and rip your first ride without consulting charts, internet forums, reviews, etc. for setup advice. There's nothing internally we change with the damper for this program. That said, we do make internal changes to the spring (for our volume-adjustable models) based on certain input combinations (rider weight, terrain, preferences, etc.).
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 Naw, you’d need the Avy open bath to enjoy that customization.
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 I have had 2 Ribbon Coils so far. Originally the first Gen which I regretfully sold as part of complete bike and spent the next year trying to get the fox 36 on my new bike to feel as good as what I had just sold. I converted the 36 (factory RC2) to coil and did a full service on it but I jus't couldn't match the feel of the MRP.

So I bought the next Gen Ribbon Coil and sold the converted 36. There's something special about the way the MRP tracks the ground. I don't know if its the perfect amount of built in chassis flex or if the magic is in the damping. All I know is I have grip in weird off camber sections that I never have with any other fork and I have more support in the mid stroke without any harshness than I have ever experienced with any other setup. Plus the Ribbon coil is about the same weight as most air forks and just looks badass if you ask me.

I'm not selling this one!
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 color coordinated shoe laces and fork decals, next level XD
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 Chamois too.
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 @NoahColorado: Putting in some serious training miles? Ha ha
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 @NoahColorado hey how much experience do you guys have and tech capability for doing this on a fork for a 75lb kid? My 8yr son rides a 24" FS bike today with an OEM childs tune on his Manitou JUnit fork and shock. The difference is unreal...however his next bike will be a small 27.5 (no JUnit) and he'll still only be around 75-80lbs. Light adult setups wont cut it so this tailored tune of yours is awesome for us but only if your tech, and more importantly, your expertise are there for someone that small.
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 Hi @Svinyard. We have a weight range for this program of 125 - 250 lbs. So your son falls outside of that. That said, there might be things we could do. We're always open to customization and special needs, and with our production method (forks built to spec) such things are easy to accomodate. Send an e-mail to our general contact and our service manager can discuss options.

We only recently discontinued the Rustler fork, an mtb fork for 20" wheels. With that product we learned a lot about the setup needs and performance considerations for very light shredders. More than anything else, mitigating friction is the chief concern.
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 That‘s the way a smaller company has to go if they want to compete against those big guys. Customizing and customer service. Nice move.
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 I have one of the older Ribbons, and it is absolute trash.
Worst fork and waste of money ever.
It does nothing for trail chatter, there's so much friction/binding that there's no movement unless I hit something big, no matter settings.
Given that I live in Norway, it's absolutely horrible to get it shipped to Colorado for an upgrade to the new internals, it would cost me half a new top tier fork.

I really wish I could say something positive about it, as I bought it because I really believed in the whole concept of it, but it has only left a sour taste in my mouth.
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 Bummer to hear. Looks like from your pictures you've been riding it for several years, have you kept up on regular service? We have a suspension service partner in Norway, have a look at the listing on our website. If that one doesn't work out, I know we have a strong distributor in Finland who may be able to assist.
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 @NoahColorado: Oil and wiper seals only, haven't used the bike much, as my hands and neck get absolutely wrecked on longer rides up here, most of the trails are littered with tons of rocks and are quite bumpy.
From the Ribbon thread over on mtbr, I got the impression that I would have to ship it over to the states, to get any sort of service on the fork.
I've had these problems from day one, but it wasn't something that really mattered much until I started riding more long XC-ish rides, that's where it really feels like I'm riding a rigid fork, and my hands and neck starts cramping up, making it really unpleasant.

Sorry for being somewhat direct and rude in my original comment, but it's quite frustrating to spend ~1500 USD (shipping and customs are very expensive in Norway) on a fork that's pretty much not doing it's job.

The fork does a decent job in taking big hits, chassis is super stiff and it doesn't flex at all, and that's positive for when I'm riding more DH type trails, but that's not really what I use my hardtail for.

Is there any service center in Norway or Finland where they can replace the bushings and upgrade it to Choco Luxe internals?
And how much is it going to cost to get this already really expensive fork to perform?
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 @Losvar: Sounds like your fork is in a need for a lower leg service. I carry MRP in Finland have the Chocoluxe kits in stock which can be fitted during service. Email me at and we can take it from there.
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 @jukka4130: Thanks, that would be awesome, I'll throw you a mail after work today.
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 @Losvar: Excellent!
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 This is pretty cool, Rockshox/Fox take note.
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 @NoahColorado how do we get a mustache that is ready to shred like yours?
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 Imma let you finish but, where's the Grim Doughnut?
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 I like my ribbon. All that tuning sounds like a first ride fiddle with air pressure and the dials? Having the steerer cut and star nut installed sounds an excellent idea.
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 measure twice and cut once MRP....
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 Right? We include some headset spacers in case you mis-measure (too long). If the steerer ends up being too short (based on your specification), we would replace it with the correct length.
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flag vinay (Jun 17, 2020 at 9:52) (Below Threshold)
 Personally I'd rather do the measurement myself or have it done at my lbs than have someone over the internet measure how long my steerer is supposed to be.

Also, crown race installation? Does that imply I need to (personally) remove my current crown race, send it over to MRP, have them slide and jam it over the steerer and not be able to ride my bike (with the "old" fork) until the new fork has arrived?

Not saying the offer is bad as it is obviously a matter of "take it or leave it" but I honestly can't think of a situation where this service could actually come handy.
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 @vinay: I think the situation where it comes in handy is if you are replacing a fork on a bike where you already have everything know the steerer tube length, you already have the headset in, etc, but for a new build where you haven't figured those things out yet, I can see wanting to do it yourself to allow for some adjusting
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 @vinay: maybe there's a misunderstanding, but YOU tell US your steerer length.

Re: crown race, the idea is you don't have to mess with your existing one. We include and install a new one on your new fork.

The situation where we think this whole offer is handy is if you want to be riding your new fork within minutes of its delivery -- not cutting the steerer, installing star nut, pulling your old crown race, re-installing it on your new fork, then consulting setup charts. If I got home from work at 6pm and my new fork was waiting for me, by the time I did all of the above, I better have my lights charged, because I'm night riding. Conversely, with all that prep and setup already done, I could go out and rip in the daylight!
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 @NoahColorado: Ok, I see. This may be not something I'd be interested personally but I can imagine some of your customers would value this. So as such it would be a nice service to offer to whoever appreciates it.
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 @NoahColorado: with the fact you guys offer steerer replacement, it would be pretty cool if you did steerers that were forged to length, instead of cut, and material thickness optimized for the actual length you need. just a random thought.
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 Dyno test shouldnt be done on 90'. It's more relevant to angle it to common bike HA somewhere 64-66. Add some lateral body weight too.
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 Can I select a 1 1/8 steerer?
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 Only for the Bartlett dual-crown fork. We may also be able to build a Loop TR or SL, depending on what you're looking for.
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 Ohh Laguna! What's up! Haha
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 All I want to know is what custom serial# did Randy choose?
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 What a cool idea...not sure how good the forks are but defo draws my attention.....
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 Dude it looks like the fork lowers are on the wrong way....
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