Video: MRP Chain Devices, Linkglide Chains & Headset Dampers - Taipei Cycle Show 2023

Mar 27, 2023
by Henry Quinney  

The coverage from our final day at the Taipei Cycle Show. We take a closer look at new enduro helmets, chain devices that won't make you cry and headset dampers. All while absolutely not looking at, or complaining about, internally routed headset cables.

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 Headset dampers make it possible for me to ride again after a stroke. It provides the resistance I need to keep the bike stable.
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 Customer to Brand: What's with the headset routing? Why are you doing this?
Brand to Customer: Because you asked us to. We listen to our customers. Your welcome!
Customer to Brand: Please stop.
Brand to Customer: No.
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 you're* [before someone calls me out on it]
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 What’s really going on is that product managers (ostensibly the voice of the customer within a bike company) need to come up with new features to pitch to executives. If they don’t, they either look lazy, clueless, or unnecessary. You would be amazed at how few people are responsible for the many dumb ideas we have to deal with as customers and mechanics.
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 Also, it’s significantly cheaper to do internal cable routing this way because you don’t have to cut holes into the downtube or install liners.
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 @ShopMechanic: Why wouldn't they have to install liners? Is it because they can't (as the entry port moves with respect to the frame) or because the advantages it provides for internal routing with frame entry/exit isn't needed if you have headset routing? I personally don't have a bike with internal routing and (unlike you, judging by your username) don't work in a bikeshop too at the moment. I thought the reasons for the liners would be that (1) it is easier to install a new hose or outer cable and (2) to keep the hose or cable from rubbing inside the frame (and steerer tube). As long as the fork isn't installed yet, I can imagine (1) catching the hose or cable is easy with headset routing but (2) doesn't seem to be solved yet.

Back in 2008 when internal hose routing wasn't a thing yet, I was in the old Magura factory in Bad Urach. I haven't been in their current factory in Ulm further down the road so I don't know how they do things now. But back then they prepared the brakes with the hoses for OEM customers exactly to the required lengths, so bled and ready for installation. Obviously internal routing is going to take a few more minutes at a bike assembly line to disconnect, reconnect and check the function of the master. Now Magura might have a solution available (their EasyLink connector like they use on their MCi brake system) but I haven't seen anything like that from other brands so it really does take more time at the assembly line, not less. And time is always money. Especially at the final stages where most value has been added to the product and you need to get it out of the door quickly.
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 @vinay: The liner’s I am referring to are the fully lined frames that allow you to push the hose or cable in one end and it comes straight out the other end effectively sealing and separating the cables from the larger voids inside frame tubes. Yes, this type of liner is optional for manufacturers, but no one expects it on a headset routed setup because it is literally impossible.

Additionally, the headset routing is far faster from a factory assembly standpoint. All the hoses and cables get inserted into the headset at the same time and then all of them get pushed together into the frame at once and pulled out of a large port at the other end. Much easier than doing them one at a time with small individual ports for each hose or cable.
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 @ShopMechanic: Do they start at the headset, not from the bottom end. That's an interesting one. Not sure how it works with other hydraulic brakes but at least with my experience with Magura brakes (I've got experience with a lot of their brakes, but little with other brands) the way to go was to only disconnect and reconnect at the master, not at the slave (caliper). If you start from the headset, you'll have to disconnect the hose at the caliper. Will they still not have to bleed the brake after reconnecting the hose?

However, I do understand that it is probably easier if they take the conventional internal routing as a default. Just surprised that it is the default. No one seemed ever bothered by external routing and everyone seemed to like that service-channel and downtube protector that Canyon introduced not too long ago. If you can then just let your brake manufacturer prepare your brakes perfectly bled and with the correct hose length, the time and hassle savings should be well worth it. Not on mountainbikes, but I've even seen people prepare inner-/outer cable assemblies for braking and shifting on a workbench. Making the bike assembly much more ergonomic and fast.
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 @vinay: Whether they start at the top or the bottom (frame design will dictate which one) it still saves a good amount of time pushing all of it through a big hole in the head tube.
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 @ShopMechanic: Yeah if internal routing is a prerequisite I understand that headtube routing is the quickest. Cheers.
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 Auto play.. Not Dead, Yet!
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 It’s the headset cable routing of Pinkbike — annoying, no one likes it, and yet they persist.
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 The funny (sad) thing is I haven't watched a single video on PB since the introducion of autoplay. I just stop it as fast as I can and If the topic seems interesting enough I'll head to youtube and watch it there. They are effectively driving users away from their site.
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 @ben314: hah, I respect this level of commitment.
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 It's kinda like google+
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 @ben314: I agree. As petty as it may seem, it is human nature to find unexpected and/or unsolicited actions (eg a web page autoplaying audio and visuals) irritating. It's not a massive thing, it doesn't ruin my day, but it's irritating enough that after I've gone to the effort of stopping the video in a mildly irritated fashion, I am very unlikely to start it again. As you have found, I too have watched far fewer videos on PB since the autoplay thing started. I don't even bother to look them up on youtube. I just don't watch them.
Before autoplay I would at least watch the ones that the attached articles made seem interesting. Now I barely watch any. Autoplay seems counterproductive. It may show up on website analysis pages as more videos played, but I wouldn't be surprised if fewer videos are watched in full.
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 @gabriel-mission9: if you want to run Firefox browser there are extensions that can block autoplay. I never would have bothered installing one were it not for pinkbike.
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 @brianpark: I think the vast majority of us immediately stop the video. Whether or not we watch it, here or anywhere else is a different question
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 @farkinoath: Good tip. Similarity, the Brave browser has native settings for autoplay that really work.
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 @brianpark: Doesn't this bother you? You already lost @ben1 up 'till @ben313. Would you hold on dear to @ben314?
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 @vinay: genuine lol
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 Linkglide....what is this? Chains and groupsets that peasants can afford? Get out of here.
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 With literally thicker & tougher cassette teeth that I won't break off? Without a silly number of nearly-redundant gears? Yet, still having a great range?

This isn't the mountain bike industry I'm used to what happened?
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 Shimano have always made reliability a key feature of their product range.
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 The goal of steering dampers isn't "heavier feel". For motorcycles, for example, it greatly reduces the chance of head shake. Or, for weaklings like me, it translates into less of a beating on the trail. That being said, the thing being damped weighs 200+ lbs (freedom units), not 30-50. I can't remember ever having head shake on an mountain bike nor every feeling beaten by my steering.
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 the little display signs in the background seemed to target cargo bikes and kid bikes....both of those applications make sense
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 @SATN-XC: some of the ugliest otbs Ive experienced and seen is front wheel "jackknifing" in rocks. A kid my kid rides with has this on his bike looks like a good idea
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 Good to see a proper 'permanent' tyre plug fix - same style as we've seen in the Auto industry for many-many years - 'bacon' strips are fine for a quick-fix on the trail to get you home IMO. Surprised it's taken this long, but good to see Lezyne!
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 I have had bacon strip sitting in my tire for 1 year now... pretty permanent in my opinion
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 Pictures of products as well, please.
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 Looks like MRP will be the first to release a chain guide compatible with new SRAM chainring bashguards. Nate Hills shared in his sb160 build video and MRP confirmed.
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 Henry, you're right, Levy is wrong, that FSA stem isn't new, it's been floating around for ages, it even featured in a Pinkbike article from 2021!
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 Haha yeah that’s exactly what I was going to say.
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 I wish photo recaps were included in video reviews. I very rarely have the ability to watch/listen a video, but can often scroll through photos and read...
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 I've been running the AMg SL since launch on my DH bike and loving it! Love the new version upgrades here.
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 Sounds like a Mercedes!
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 Did Henry get some bad mushrooms? That hair got grey fast
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 I wish we could get the troylee d2 open face back
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 Needs a self-aligning hat!
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 Henry can sure spice up a video.
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 It's kinda like google+
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 Can anyone recommend a good 1/4 helmet?
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 Baseball cap.
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 How about a 3/4 helmet with a chinguard?
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 like the kali invader 2.0?
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 the chin guard is the last quarter isn't it?

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