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Jun 19, 2019
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Words by MTB Beds

MTB Beds began as a rider run holiday company aiming to provide the best MTB specific holidays in the Alps, fast forward to 2019 and nothing has changed. When it came to thinking of ways to give back to the industry and our roots, the ambassador programme was a no brainer. With strong roots in racing at all levels, we know how hard it is for riders to make a name for themselves and develop their riding without support.

MTB Beds Ambassadors for 2019

We chose to avoid the conventional CV/application route for our support programme and chose to focus on creativity and good riding. We were looking for riders who had both a good presence at races but also some creative flare when it came to edits and their social media. With this in mind, the #onepedalahead movement began, we had hundreds of submissions on Instagram and Facebook from all areas of the UK which was awesome to see.

After a month of submissions, we narrowed our search down to four incredible riders who aligned perfectly with the MTB Beds brand -

Jeremy Bigg

MTB Beds Ambassadors for 2019

Instagram: @jeremy_bigg

Role: Ambassador (South East/West)

Quote: "Reece Dinners Ready"

Born: 1993

Born and raised in the Surrey hills Jezz left to study Engineering at the University of Bath and never came back. Jezz spends his weekdays working for a Wiltshire based wind turbine company and weekends shredding the trails. Although now living in Bath Jezz' favourite place to ride is still Surrey somewhere he will always call home. When it comes to Jezz' riding style there is certainly no shortage of shapes being pulled. He maintains that he rides smooth but with regular bouts of looseness thrown in for good measure. When it comes to riding, a fresh loam trail always comes to mind, there is just no better feeling than carving fresh lines down a hill.

MTB Beds Ambassadors for 2019

Karra Laing

MTB Beds Ambassadors for 2019

Instagram: @karra_laing156

Role: Ambassador (Scotland)

Quote: " What do I say"

Born: 2002

The Scottish Highlands is Karras playground, being brought up in the Speyside countryside and lucky to begin her mountain biking dreams riding around the Cairngorms and Nevis Range.

Karras love of biking began at a young age as she took to her local trails after spending most of her young years as a competitive swimmer. With a determined spirit, she began racing the Scottish Enduro Series and Downhill races bagging some podium positions. Karra is very adventurous and fun loving and with her infectious love of biking gathered a few rad and don't forget mad teammates to enter the gruelling 24hr Strathpuffer mountain bike event, 1 of the worlds hardest MTB events earlier this year, racing through the night in freezing conditions they won the mixed quads category. This team was part of Karras college course. An "educational" course for downhill mountain bikers based in the Scottish Borders, BASE. Imagine leaving school to spend days shredding the best trails in Scotland and following a specialised training programme in the gym to enhance race performance, she is living the dream but this course is not for the weak. Fast paced and days spent in the company of the best young riders and coaches, Karra is hitting 2019 race ready. She is setting her sight on racing across the UK and Europe in the next few years with a never-ending appetite for enduro and downhill. Karra says it's not all about the racing though, just being with cool mates, in cool places and sharing rad insta bangers is the real deal. Bring it on!

MTB Beds Ambassadors for 2019

Ash Cotterell

MTB Beds Ambassadors for 2019

Instagram: @ac855

Role: Ambassador (Midlands/North Wales)

Quote: "I only wear black"

Born: 1992

Ash started riding a motocross bike at the age of 4 started racing at age 5 with my his Dad being a very big influence. After that Ash spent the next 15+ years at the tracks racing and training every weekend. He raced at a top level for many years but about 5 years ago brought an old hardtail that he would ride around Cannock chase just for a bit of fitness for the motocross.

From then on Ash fell in love with mountain bikes and that's where it all started. The best part of Mountain biking for Ash is the love to be out on the bike going fast through the woods and down the mountains throwing big whips and having a laugh with a good crew. After racing motocross for so many years, the mountain bike atmosphere was a lot more chilled and it brought a lot of fun back to the bikes. Now he can't get enough of it!

MTB Beds Ambassadors for 2019

Si Thurlow

MTB Beds Ambassadors for 2019

Instagram: @sithurlow71
Role: Ambassador (The North)

Born: 1991

Quote: “Nowt daft”

At the age of 5, Si started riding motocross and eventually got into racing at age 9. This quickly became an every weekend hobby, riding and racing all over the UK. Between races Si always managed to get out on my BMX with the lads in the village, riding some jumps in the local woods. Motorcross racing took over more and more until about 2014/2015, then mountain biking started to become more than just a hobby. Entering his first enduro race at the end of 2017 Si got hooked after finishing 4th. For 2019 Si will be flying the MTB Beds flag at as many races as possible, competing in both downhill and enduro events, including the mega avalanche and the Ard rock festival. Si has always had a passion for racing and this competitive nature shines through in his riding. This is kept in toe by always keeping things light-hearted and fun when out for rides or training.

MTB Beds Ambassadors for 2019

It is so awesome to have brought such an awesome bunch of riders together onto the MTB Beds team all with their own unique styles both on and off the bikes. We had an incredible week in Morzine bringing the whole crew together and getting some rides in and couldn't be more excited to see how the rest of the season unfolds for them.

For more information on our holiday packages and what we offer, see below -

MTB Beds



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 Such a sick edit, the music brings back an Earthed/3focus vibe. The new Fox kit also looks insane!
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 The sun's out in Morzine!!! Wicked edit, need to get on this for 2020 and blag a free holiday.
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 Major morzine blues watching this back ????
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 So sick!!
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 What a team!
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 Nice work !
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 Thanks for having us, was a blast!
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 All round good times!
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