Video: Mullet Madness in the Tweed Valley with Lewis Buchanan

Nov 12, 2020
by ForbiddenBike  

Mixing things up is part and parcel of what we do at Forbidden and that extends to how we look at wheel sizes. Like them or loathe them, mixed wheel sized bikes are here to stay and for two good reasons; they're fun and surprisingly fast. The latter point was proven earlier this year by team rider Lewis Buchanan, now an ardent convert to the business up front and party out back approach to wheel size. We also know that the ‘mullet’ setup isn’t for everyone, something which we can see amongst our staff bikes. But for anyone with a penchant for hitting turns like a hooligan or looking for some additional butt clearance in the steeps, we're confident that you’re going to love what a Ziggy Link can do to a rule-breaking bike like the Druid. With that in mind, strap yourself in for a ride with Lewis and his Ziggy Link equipped Druid as he hits some of the Tweed Valley's finest trails.

bigquotes"Going from a full 29er to a mixed-wheel size 'mullet' set up was something I'd never tried before and without any expectations, I was really excited to see what it would do to the Druid's handling. Out on the trails, it didn't take long to see the changes it made, especially on tighter, more technical trails where the Druid felt that bit more precise and nimble. Changing direction and maneuvering from corner-to-corner also became easier and the speed at which I could carry through corners also increased. It's safe to say that I run a Ziggy Link full-time on all my bikes now." Lewis Buchanan

What's a Ziggy Link? Replacing the stock lower link from the Druid’s two-part Rate Control linkage, Ziggy Link recalibrates the [Druid’s] geometry to accept a 27.5in rear wheel while also lowering the bottom bracket by 6mm and slackening the head angle by 0.5-degrees, further enhancing its corner slaying credentials.

Ziggy video shoot

Lewis is supported by: TRP Cycling, OneUp Components, Smith Optics, SDG Components, ethirteen components, DHaRCO, Maxxis, Muc-Off, Renthal, crankbrothers, Ride Concepts, Mudhugger, Adrenalin Uplift and Cullen Kilshaw.


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 What do you mean on all of your bikes ?

What other bikes does Forbidden produces or on what other bikes can you use the Ziggy link ?

Please Smile and many thanks.

I know Forbidden has worked to develop a bigger travel bike and since he said “ all of my bikes ” that’s a leak I’d like to follow
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 I think he has 3 druids rolling.
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 maybe he has one on his road bike also
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 The new prototype can also be run as a mullet
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 You can use the ziggy link on any bike. It's a universal fit. I zip tied one onto my hardtail frame, and it totally changed how it rides! So great!
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 He's been making videos with a 160-180mm travel 29er on his youtube channel for ages now. No real specs but pretty obvious what the intentions of the bike are.
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 They've publicly stated the longer travel bike will be out after the holidays. Look at their IG
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 The best sound track you can have is tyres ripping down a trail. Awesome video. So fast!
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 High pivot, mullet, tweed valley, three of my favourite things right there!
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 I've been to Tweed Valley / Innerleithen and it's hard to beat. A bucket list ride that's already checked off!

Didn't hurt that we had 5 days of California weather.

What is the twisty green trail at the end of the video?
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 think its "flat white" at the golfie - could well be wrong!
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 @christoginger: It's '2nd Base'.
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 @euan91m: ah! - stand correctedSmile didnt know about that one - looks entertaining. one for next time
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 I really enjoyed that. Mullet on a trail bike keeps piquing my interest
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 @ForbiddenBike Wish you guys would make an XXL for those of us on the taller end of the spectrum!
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 agreed Frown the reach on the XL makes this tall boi sad Frown
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 Audio on that vid was very unnatural
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 some would say it is forbidden to ride that fast on a trail . . .
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 one of the best looking bikes on the market
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 sensual seduction
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 This could very well be another episode of The Sound of Speed.
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 Okay at 1:43 I swear they fast forward the last shot of those berms
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 Getting zwiggy with it
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