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Video: My Last Chance To Become World Champion - Pinkbike Racing S2E1

Nov 15, 2023
by Pinkbike Originals  

My Last Chance To Become World Champion
Pinkbike Racing Season 2 Episode 1

Going into her last year of racing Juniors, Aimi Kenyon has her eyes set on her home race in Fort William, Scotland. However, a crash from the 2022 season has left her struggling with post-concussion symptoms and unable to train during the majority of the off season. Can Aimi get back up to race pace and take home the World Champs win in front of her hometown crowd?

Full attack down the Fort William rocks.

Across the line at Worlds.


We're incredibly grateful to these sponsors who have embraced this project and the goal of the team. Pinkbike Racing's 2023 partners are:

Continental - Tires
Santa Cruz - Frames
Adidas Five Ten - Shoes
Shimano - Drivetrain & brakes
DHaRCO - Custom kits
iXS - Helmets, protection, & goggles
Deity - Cockpit & saddle
Reserve - Wheels
Manitou - Suspension
Cushcore - Tire inserts
Stan's NoTubes - Sealant
Gtechniq - Bike Care Products
Outside - Support
Pinkbike Racing 2023

Photography: Jack Tennyson
Video: Sleeper Co

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 So proud of everyone that helped to make this happen. The big wigs at Pinkbike who approved the whole plan and bonkers budget requirements, the sponsors who believed in the project and backed it with amazing product and funding, the PBR staff who invested way more than just their time and the media team who have created something really special. I hope you all enjoy!
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 Amazing stuff Cathro, loving the new format
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 So proud of you Ben for what you've done for the sport, what you're doing for others and all the rest of the often unseen graft in-between. You're probably too nice to be managing a team but you know we're all rooting for you all anyway! Best of luck for the off-season
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 absolutely brilliant stuff
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 hope you´ll be keep doing good with your program. Not easy days... but you/we deserve it!
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 Now that the DH racing coverage is in a format which is excruciating to watch (I do the highlights with no volume), this has become my video series of choice. I usually have the countdown in a window on my PC screen so I watch it as soon as it comes out. Massive respect and thanks to @ben-cathro and everyone at PBR for a fascinating insight into the racing scene !
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 Congrats Ben and Team! So excited to see the series come out so that we can all share in your experiences - the adversity, heartaches, struggles, successes, mindset that goes into a world cup season! Proud to work with y'all.
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 Because Ben Cathro is how Ben Cathro is(^ see above), they should be thanking you twofold. Quality human Smile
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 @MarkyB916: same - this series has replaced watching the actual races for me
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 It's a cold, wet and miserable night here in Inverness. So I clicked "Play", hoping for a video to cheer me up. It's been a truly shitty day, so some gnarly trails, heavy metal music and skids should do the trick. They've always done.

Instead, I was presented with this piece of art. The cinematography, the music, the story. The drama and the comedy. The struggles. The fun. This is not a mountain bike video. This is a documentary about how we face our demons, our fears, our hopes. We are our worst enemies sometimes. Our worst critics. But we can also be our best friends. We should. We must.

Thank you to everyone involved in this. Pinkbike, Sleeper, Aimi, Ben and the rest. You've made my day.

Now, I would really appreciate if somebody stopped chopping those f*cking onions.

Bikes are awesome.

Take care.
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flag commental (Nov 16, 2023 at 1:47) (Below Threshold)
 You clicked play? Didn't the insufferable auto-play take care of that for you?
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 @commental: You love a moan don't you
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 @commental: almost every other PB article, this is fair game. Here, no.
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 Never thought I’d be tearing up over a mtb YouTube series yet here we are…
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 I really feel for Aimi.

Concussions of this nature are terrifying. Everyone tends to brush them off "oh you just bonked your head, whatever", and it's especially bad in sports like DH. But I've seen what the severe-end of a concussion can do - a friend of mine basically had his life ruined when he hit his head skiing. It gave him long lasting chronic fatigue, and also triggered off severe depression and anxiety. He was an absolute mess. It was over a year before he could make it back to work for a few hours a day and it took him multiple years to be able to function (mostly) like a normal adult again.

Adding a scrambled melon on top of all the regular pressures and anxieties of being a top athlete (and a teenager!) is a tough combination and she should be proud of herself.
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 Fortunately i think knowledge of how much impact concussions can have is becoming more widespread. At least at the top level of mtb people seem to take them fairly seriously. I feel very sorry for all the rugby players, boxers etc. who got countless repeated knocks to the head before people had a clue about concussions.
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 Considering what she went thru off-season (and even not considering them!), Aimi should most definitely be proud of her achievements in 2023.
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 That was great storytelling. The editing and filmmaking for that piece were really impressive. Great job to all involved. Kudos to Aimi for coming back and having a great year!
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 It's not the brain or what's IN the head.... Its what's ON the head - a Mullet is really fast, which Cathro seems to be cultivating nicely. Mullet bike, mullet barnet for the win.
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 that was trully state of art video ! well done guys
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 everything about this video is incredible
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 Rare thing when a bike movie makes you cry, sweat, shiver, and smile in a half hour. Well done folks... this is art.
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 well this film has everything, science, psychology, wit, drama, humanity, empathy, thought...as well as great visuals, music choice and underpinning care for top athletes working incredibly hard to improve and stay at the top of their game. Brilliant.
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 Thank you for this, thank you Aimi for letting us in on the struggle even in vulnerable moments. Of course we all keep rooting for you!!
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 Coming back from an injury to ride fast and consequential stuff is such a challenge.

Love seeing that grit Aimi, keep it up!

Ben thanks for all you do: your media, racing, and being that advocate is incredible.
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 Wow...just wow! Amazing work guys! You brought the emotion of "the race" right to the heart!
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 Sound scoring on this was epic
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 I love this series! Watching the whole gang overcoming challenges, highs and lows, is great inspiration for life in general to be honest. Not to mention the production quality and management of the team is outstanding!
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 Fack I wish my work environment was this supportive and sweet. I want to be friends with all of you! This is the best video series on PB, huge props to everyone involved. Congrats Aimi on an amazing season, be proud! You're so much better than most of us could ever hope to be
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 I'm having a little girl in the spring and this is going to be forced watching for her when we get into her teens. So much stuff she will be able to take from it; how to be vulnerable, get dealt a crap hand and overcome tough times, show some humanity and have humility. All during a phase of life that ain't fecking easy to navigate. Kenyon you might not know it or think you are, but you are a heck of a role model, not only just for youngsters but for myself too as a balding father to be. be super proud of yourself.

also kudos to the tall guy who talks at the glass box thing and the other tall guy who holds the picture box thing and captures the talking image stuff and the whole gang for producing this gold. you should expand and do live streams and hire that other tall guy from the south
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 Awesome, been waiting for season 2!
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 Pretty awesome, you know we were all cheering for all the Pinkbike riders throughout the season!
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 Not many people here missing PBA whatever season, right ? This is the real stuff, love it !
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 Amazingly powerful (I might mean I welled up a bit here and there) showing the emotional rollercoaster and grit and talent (the speed in the training montage ). Watching Aimi's year unfold is incredibly tough sitting watching here let alone having to live it - massive respect to Aimi and everyone who supported her. A great story very well told.
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 One thing to note…I am sure that Ben is right about ‘head stuff’ … Aimi K is really strong in her technique and her upper body strength - look in the slow mo how her upper body seldom collapses into the bike, unlike others. She has a rock solid core and excellent upper body strength. There’s MUCH more speed in there.
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 A film with such a strong thread of humanity in it, fantastic stuff. Such a healthy reminder of the struggles these young riders go through as they grow up and compete at the same time. Clearly Ben has got it spot on with his fatherly approach to support and its clear how much he cares. The world needs more people like you Ben, more power to you, the team and the filmmakers who told the story.
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 Really enjoyed this. Craft is top notch. I'm not crying, you are.
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 This was the best biking video I have ever seen.
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 post concussion syndrome is the worst. been dealing with it for 15 months now. every time you think you're better, all of a sudden you get knocked on your ass by just...living normal life. you look fine so people treat you like you're making it up, meanwhile, it's a struggle to just do normal life stuff.
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 Have a look on dr. Mark Heisig website, youtube etc. lots of valuable material about concussions and pcs. Some good folks here on Pb showed me him this year when I was dealing with my pcs (3-4 months, 95% good now) and it helped a lot
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 Really enjoyed this, was a fantastic watch both for me and my boy who races national DH in UK. So many aspect of it ring true as to how many ups and downs there are in any given race weekend. This year I stood at the top of fort William with him and sent him off on his race run, I shed a tear of pride standing watching my boy going down that. The videos, footage etc don't do justice and then just getting down it is a hell of an accomplishment.
Being a parent/cathro is honestly as hard a job as being the racer, just in a different way. This year we drove 22,000 miles for riding and racing, it's a lot of time in the van that's for sure. Then the ups, downs, broken bikes, broken hearts, dreams. Then one day they have a great day and suddenly it's all worth it
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 Very compelling storytelling. Loved the intro with Ben discussing what sized rider is the prototypical DH racer. Good luck to Aimee next year with a full offseason to train!
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 What a great video to watch... can't help to feel with her.. she is soooo young and competes at such a high level.. no wonder, she gets panic attacks.. it is an adult skill to ignore the pressure....
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 Being French seems to help...
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 Awesome first episode, well worth the wait. Thank you.
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 Just brilliant!
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 Thanks for the great watch Ben, Aimi, and team!!
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 Wow! Just wow. Congrats to all involved.
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 Freakin brilliant! You all do a great job filming, editing, and telling a story! Looking forward to the rest of the series.
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 Wouldn't be surprised if this is the most positive PB comments section of 2023
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 Epic well done Aimi and PB racing team! Only thing I'd say is it would have nice to featured some of her competition.
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 This is ridiculously well produced and presented. Absolutely first class. Credit to everyone involved.
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 Awesome !
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 No way ... Valentina is going for it !
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 I've only watched the first 4 minutes and it's already dusty!
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 Fantastic production. Moan the Scots!
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 nice one gang!
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 Fekin mint
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 Damn onions
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 Very great video
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