Video: Neko Mulally & Keegan Swenson Discuss How Mindset can Affect Riding Performance

May 25, 2020
by FOX Factory  

In Episode 18 of Season Two, DIALED follows Jordi as he connects on a video call with Neko Mulally and Keegan Swenson to discuss their mental process before, during, and after world cup races, and how they've trained their minds to improve their riding.

bigquotesA lot of it (racing) comes down to the mindset part of it, especially for World Cup Racing. But what do you do mentally to get in the right space? You have to record it. Even when you have a good race you have to look back on what you did and how you can replicate it again. Otherwise, it's like baking a really good batch of cookies and not knowing what you put in it. Neko Mulally

Learn something new about the racing mindset as you followed along with Neko and Keegan? Who do you want to see the DIALED crew connect with next? Comment below!

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 Need some mindset for my fork for definite then
Anyone know how you fit it?

Jordi can we get a tutorial?
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 He'll show you how to set your sag again....
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 I don’t even understand this question
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 Neko's race mindset: There are cookies and a cookie recipe at the finish line
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 Why is like every other word from any of the persons in video like "like"? Is this like the "cool" North American jargon?

I know - like now that you know it you cannot unlisten it.... Big Grin
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 its just like that! Like it or not but yeah you re right like totally legit.
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 Its kinda brainwash, to force everyone to "like" this video. Did it work for you?
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 Try talking to a camera, it's not easy
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 Some people feel more comfortable filling empty sound space with words to keep the rhythm of the conversation going. It helps people think. I prefer it over "umm" actually.
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 @onyxss: it's usage as you describe started in the late 1979s and early '80s in the San Fernando Valley of the Los Angeles area of California. If you've heard the term 'Valley Girl' it refers, generally as an insult at the time, to girls from the area that also spoke like that. Many movies about high schools set in California often featured girls that spoke that way and so popularised the use of 'like' instead of 'umm'. I too have been witnessing its insidious spread in Australia over the past few decades.
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 @iamamodel: Interesting, didn't know that. Both "like" and "ummmm" are definately things that public persons could improve when adressing fans or general public, if there is a need for constant "like" - just talk slower (some other methods also work). One of the methods helping could be put a dolar into jar for every "like" not needed... Big Grin
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 @onyxss: Here's a song parodying the speech of Valley Girls released in 1982 from Frank Zappa's daughter Moon:
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 Small vocabulary; scrambling to find the next thought and articulate it fast enough so they fill the blanks with a transitional word (examples: "like", "um", or "you know"); lack of confident speaking - Pick one. Drives me crazy.

In the 80's that was considered "dumb blond/valley girl" talk and it was universally agreed upon that if you speak like that, you were likely a dope. The younger generation are some of the smartest in so many ways while at the same time, social media has made them dumb as hell. Brains that can only handle 280 characters or 30 second video clips before their attention is shifted by something shiney they saw at the corner of their eye.

Now get off my lawn!
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 Ask the man they call Reveen.

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