Video: Neko Mulally Shreds Some of the Best Turns in the World in Morgins

Aug 20, 2021
by e*thirteen  

Switzerland is home to some of the best tracks in the world, Champery to name one! It’s not uncommon for riders who’ve spent time in Morzine, France to hop on the first-morning chair over to Switzerland to shred the Swiss National track. They then find themselves ripping some of the best turns in the world in a sweet spot called Morgins. It’s favoured by many pros in the mid-season break and once you ride it, it’s easy to see why... or you can just watch this shreddit.

Neko opens the throttle, enjoys the flow and goes big on-board his Intense prototype fitted with our e*thirteen LG1r Carbon DH wheels, Plus cranks and LG1r Chainguide.

Neko Shreds Morgins Best
Neko Shreds Morgins Best

Neko Shreds Morgins Best
Neko Shreds Morgins Best

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 Nice Ad, now get over to Neko's youtube channel for the full day out + behinds the scenes thank to Logan Wink
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 Thinking the same thing, PB got me to click and watch and ad before I knew what was up. Good job PB.
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 Neko is one of the best ambassadors for gravity riding in North America. From grassroots racing, to his attitude and living the lifestyle. It's crazy to see how fast and skilled he is and then realize the level of competition at the world cups means that even a great qualiy run with a few small hiccups and he doesn't make the broadcast. Nice to see sponsors realizing that is impact goes beyond world cup racing results. NA scene he is top 5 and sometimes on the top which is great. I do kinda wish he would drive the race bike perhaps a bit more instead of receiving it. Keep on keeping on Neko. big fan
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 the most amazing part was e thirteen parts doing a minutes worth of riding without bending, falling off or bursting into flames.
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 Lmao too true
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 no ankles were harm during the making of this video (i hope)
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 Got a commencal supreme with E13 wheels and they suck so much… the spokes come undone every ride, and the rims have been strait for one run….. got them checked out by multiple shops in Morzine/les Gets.

Nothing seems to help…
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 Yeah the alloy ones are made out of butter...
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 e13 is the new crank brothers
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 exactly the same thing happened to me; upgraded to dtswiss
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 @colincolin: and intense is .......
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 If it makes you feel any better, I've had a nightmare with my rear DH wheel and am on my 5th rim, 2 of them DT. But some of my issues revolved around Covid shortages and a shop handing me superlightweight DT Race Comp spokes as the only thing they had left and me not paying attention.

On my trail bike, I've had the same wheel for a year now and not trued it yet & it's taken way more abuse than my DH wheel(s).
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 @blowmyfuse: unless you were breaking the DT Swiss Competition Race spokes in the middle (the butted section) then the spokes weren't your problem. As long as the spoke tension is adequate so they don't lose full tension under load the wheel will be the same strength regardless of the spoke type. Spokes just hold a wheel in tension, the rim under tension is where the strength is derived from. If the spokes aren't breaking then the spokes aren't the problem. Spokes wheels are often misunderstood and there is a lot of pseudoscience about wheels that isn't based in reality.
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 @georgiamtbiker: spokes were snapping dead center in the middle. Didn't want to type too much, but they were on a 28 hole hub w/ 29" rim under a 190lb man with no finesse. Worst case scenario.
And the tech who built the wheel said there was already spoke prep on the spokes when I gave them to him so he wondered if they may have been out of a pre-built wheel as salvage parts to keep the other shop in piece parts during the supply chain issues.
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 @DutchRampage - Sorry to hear about the trouble. Drop us a line via the support page on and we can assist. Cheers
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 @ethirteen-components: thanks for reaching out, I’ve send a email.
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 Neko looking good despite his frame and components.
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 That's going to leave a mark....
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 Reading racing at its finest.
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 I came here for the comments. I was not disappointed.
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 Anyone know what shoes he rides with? They look comfy.
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 Didn't see his "O Chain" face

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