Video: Neko Mulally Tests his New Custom Prototype M279

Feb 4, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesI have received my own geo M279. Very similar to the one Aaron Gwin​ is on which is the same as the one I raced this past season at the World Cups. My bike is slightly longer reach and rear end, but other than that it is very similar. Neko Mulally


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 1st world country you reckon? I don't know about that...
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 Funny how those cold war classifications have come back to bite us. The former USSR was the implied 2nd world country during that period. Now it's the USA. #winning lol.
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flag Boondocker390 (Feb 4, 2021 at 6:33) (Below Threshold)
 People in America have forgotten how good they have it. All the poorest people I know have iphones and WiFi, I doubt I could say that if I lived in Russia.
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 @Boondocker390: no it's beaten into us from childhood on. Then you get older, travel to other western nations and realise the usa isn't all that great. More to life than wifi.

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 @ATXZJ: The classification doesn't relate to wealth per se, it refers to political allegiance. 1st world countries were those allied to the USA, 2nd world countries were communist, and third world countries were non-politically aligned. Third world countries were generally poor developing nations of limited strategic value and weren't of interest to the two superpowers of the time. I'd be surprised if the USA ever became a 2nd world country by this definition.
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 I cringed a bit myself when I heard that as well. As I've gotten a bit older I've really come to dislike how the whole 1st, 2nd, 3rd world is really sneaky and derogatory of a term.....
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 @danp63: Totally agree with you on the former criteria for classifications. My point was that we used it in a derogatory way to describe the soviet union. I grew up during the cold war and remember it clearly. You don't hear 3rd world and think "hey what a great place to live" so 2nd is assumed to be just slightly better.That same arrogance is coming back to haunt us.

Lately life seems a bit mediocre here, much like whats come from intense the last couple of years.
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 Logistics become very difficult outside of 1st world countries. I do work in Argentina; Jamaica; Malaysia; and when a part is needed, our 1 week job often turns into a month long job.
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 @ATXZJ: nice thing is you are free to move.
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 @Boondocker390: yes, the more we travel the more we appreciate what we have....and also how so many are hell bent on destroying it.
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 yes. first world country. see, now you know, and knowing is half the battle!
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 @jrocksdh: 18 months to go
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 @ATXZJ: And it's only getting worse.
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 @ATXZJ: you missed the point entirely, I'm not saying America is the best country in the world, I've been to Canada. I'm just saying it's not , not a first world country. Your comment made it seem like the USA has swapped spots with Russia and now we're the "2nd world country". My point was that even at the worst of times the USA offers a standard or living that is only dreamt about in most places of the world. So while our poor are shit posting on Facebook from their iphones, the poor of other countries are starving to death in the woods.
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 @jrocksdh: facts. I f*cking love and appreciate everything this great country has given me. Its not perfect but neither am I.
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 @Inclag: I have a PoliSci degree... that's like day one of Comparative Politics 101. The modern nomenclature abandons those terms in favor of developed, developing and underdeveloped.
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 @mbosko7: It hasn't given you anything. You pay a lifetime of taxes & fees for these "opportunities" & "services". Think real, real hard and decide as a consumer of the american dream whether or not you're getting your money's worth.

Cities economies in shambles and 450k covid deaths doesn't feel too first world to me. Maybe i should drink more.
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 Where I'm from "1st world country" is a bicycle related term for parts availability and service possibilities while traveling! Ha Ha
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 @ATXZJ: from a basic economics perspective, you really don’t know what you’re talking about but you’re free to your opinion. Try having that opinion in some other countries and tell us how it goes. I’m not even some American flag wearing “patriot,” and find some concepts of nations and borders silly, to a degree, but you honestly sound like just some bitter defector or something, lol. There are many countries in which laws imposed would have you kicking and screaming to come back so let’s keep it all the way real.
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 I'd reckon. When is the last time anyone bought anything from NZL besides rotary parts for their...well...broken rotary?
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 @ATXZJ: You mean cities ran by the Democratic Party right?? You mean the cities with the highest taxes again Democratic. How about the biggest recall aka Gav Newsome. Or how about being accused by your own DA of hiding Covid deaths for your book sales aka Cuomo lmao.
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 I miss when Intense was fearless making the most advanced bikes for the time. Downhill only bike? Sure! Riders on other teams putting their manufacturers stickers on Intense frames? No problem. 29" wheels are brand new but let's try a downhill bike? Absolutely! Now they are the most play it safe company out there. That is my biggest disappointment with them.
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flag Intense4life (Feb 4, 2021 at 6:44) (Below Threshold)
 Incorrect. They aren’t playing it safe. They’re in a constant state of development. Your opinion is yours an I respect that but it’s not accurate. Jeff has never played it safe. Intense has always taken risks. What they develop through their race programs has and will continue to be at the tip of the DH spear. Sure there are other companies out there with similar goals, race heritage, commitment to racing and history. Such as Santa Cruz. That said not to many. Most bikes you see or ride have very little input into design from racers. They make that claim but it’s bs. It’s to sell you bikes. Santa Cruz and intense of leaned heavily on their racer inputs since day one. The V10 and the M29 have way more in common than they don’t. You don’t honestly think that prot AG has been riding is the same bike in every pic or every race do you! Haha. They are innovating right before our eyes. They don’t care if the welds are touched up. No paint. Repurposed parts and mis drilled holes. They are trying to satisfy one of the most technically proficient racers in DH history and he’s part and parcel of every move. Intense wants to win Wcups. Intense wants to win national and local races and championships. Intense is committed to winning. In the wake of that focused goal , and if your lucky enough to own one ore ride one of their DH bikes past or present.. you’ve actually hand held the byproduct of race innovation.
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 @Intense4life: Username checks out. Come up for air man
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flag Intense4life (Feb 4, 2021 at 6:58) (Below Threshold)
 @honda50r: lol. Just the facts.
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 @honda50r: 100% sure he has an Intense tat...maybe multiple
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 Your shot dude. They are so far behind in geo and now are selling the same tracer and 275 dh bike for 5 years. What a joke. There carbon cracks if you look at it and they don’t make alu in house like the badass bikes they used to. Trust me I used to intedne4lifebrother. But sadly there piss poor carbon and customer service and build kits made me move on. @Intense4life:
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 @honda50r: Intense4life must be in marketing - he just spent an entire block of text effectively spouting off marketing tag lines without a single shred of supporting evidence.

Where are these innovations and race wins you speak of? You're suggesting that other brands don't place stock in racer feedback, but that is patently untrue given how often we see pro's on prototypes and pre-production frames for months (often in races!) before production and release.

The fact remains that Intense has seen a long and steady decline in keeping up with the market. Their geometry has fallen to the conservative side of things, and I haven't come across a sterling review of one of their bikes in ages. This is reflected in the plain fact that outside of some parts of California, you see more Ellsworth frames than Intense under riders.
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 @Intense4life: I honestly have been a fan of Intense since the beginning, nothing would make me happier than to be able to buy a bike from them again. But they are behind in their geometry and aesthetics. What you have said is correct, about 5-10 years ago. They led the way. I think that is why everyone has such a soft spot for them. But they have been riding on what they were for some time now.
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 @Intense4life: Few days ago I ordered a new bike. It's not that Intense wasn't at my short list, it wasn't on any of my lists. Didn't even cross my mind.
Probably because they are so innovative and up to date with their bikes
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 I feel this. I had to rid my self of the m29 due to maintenance issues and it cracking. When it worked it was great but more times than not it didn’t.@pakleni:
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 Just re read this. But since your still not up for air the v10 is better in every single way than the m29 by a MILE @Intense4life:
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 @freeridejerk888: Could you please give more insight on your M29 issues about the maintenance and frame cracking? I'm planning on buying one. But I really would like to get as much information about it from actual owners of M29's. Like on the maintenance side if it? I thought they came with grease zerk fittings? Is there more to the maintence? And the cracking is scary stuff too. Thanks!
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 @freeridejerk888: I was also looking at getting one, can you give some more insight on your issues with it. Also what year
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 @Intense4life: They are making changes, but as bikes get more refined they are not as large as 29" wheel DH bike, or even a DH only bike. The bike industry will always march forward were just taking smaller steps than we did in the 90's.
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 Sure thing dude. 1st off it’s a GREAT riding bike. And I mean really really good. Planted pretty well but really excels on jumps especially at speed. Rocks are great as well but it always felt a tad harsh once deeper in travel. It’s very progressive as well. As a park bike it’s actually one of the better whips you can throw a leg over. One thing I’ll say about it is if you find yourself a little more sideways than normal it wants to naturally push you straight. It’s hard to describe but Paul Astons review of the bike is pretty spot on.

Fit is also a tad small. At 5-9 a large is a good size could even be a tad longer. 440 reach on a large is actually 10mm shorter than the supreme and 1 mm shorter than a s3 demo.

The maintenance. If your not on fox the rear shock maintenance is a PAIN IN THE ASS. Having to partial take apart the bike kinda sucks to make any adjustments. The bottom bracket pivot actually was made wrong so intense had to send me a shim (it was a shitty home made one I could have done better) to get play out. The worst part ever is the shock mount nut. Idk what a*shole decided to use this nut where you can get legit no socket on should be punched in the dick also my bike was built by yet another a*shole who prolly used an impact gun so it had to be cut off a brand new bike. Every pivot managed to work its way loose every ride even with red lock right so kinda upsetting to have to re check the pivots twice a day. I also had to buy individual bearings as intense didn’t make a rebuild kit for OVER A YEAR after the bike came out

Build spec is SICK (for 6k in 2019) . Boxxer, Saint brakes, dt wheels, and a xo dh drivetrain. Can’t hate on that (renthal stem is so flexy it’s actually scary) but that’s a cheep easy swap.

I unfortunately cracked the head tube and intense gave little resistance to swapping it out for free with free shipping so that was great but would prefer to not have to ever deal with a broken bike.

All in all the way it rides outweighs the negative to me or at-least did for two full (80 plus park days each year) seasons. My guess is some of the kinks were worked out and it’s better now.

Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions!

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 Hey check above. Couldnt tag ya! @Erku:
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 @freeridejerk888: Thank you so much for your insightful ownership info of the M29. It really helps! I currently own two Intense bikes and love them. A 2020 Primer for my everyday trail bike and my trusty 2014 M9. I'm currently in the market for a new 29" DH bike and had my heart set on the M29. But if there is a lot of negatve feedback on them, I have no issues riding another brand. It's a big investment, I want it to last and keep me happy. The other bikes I'm considering are the Saracen Myst or a Santa Cruz V10. Thanks again! And thanks for the sizing info too!
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 V10 if you can find one! @rpb10276:
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 Lots of prototypes, but no new bike releases, something must be wrong.. Especially when you notice that both Gwin and Moir struggled to get results with this bike lately
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 Moir's not on this bike
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flag russthedog (Feb 4, 2021 at 4:56) (Below Threshold)
 Just shows how committed they are to giving the racers what they want and innovating
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 The M29 was released 2 years ago
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 @mattg95: Moir was on Intense, and slowly got unable to come close to podiums on its last season. Then he moved to Canyon and smashed it
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 @Intense4life: How many races has Gwinn done with a prototype, and not using the M29 ?
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 I think the most important part of this video is that there going to South America (hoping it’s a team camp) to get in some riding/learning/setup/different terrain ahead of the race season. Required now days to come in properly prepared .
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 Way to open with pure American ignorant bliss.
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 When was the last time that Intense just decided on a bike and actually raced it for a couple of seasons?
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 The M29 was used for a few seasons and Moir had some good results on it.
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 I like the constant pursuit for incremental gains
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 Their first M16's , when everyone was racing on them - in their company names.
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 The cycle usually last 3 years. Intense builds race frames. If they didn’t have to sell bikes they’d change and build on the info gained from the bike every year. Like F1. That’s how it should be.
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 Why is the tracer on its 5th year and m16 on its 6th? Clearly they don’t lmaoooo @Intense4life:
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 @Intense4life: Jeff, is that you?
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 The uk isn't much better id say after covid the whole world is even.1 2 3rd world categorys are so lame its just old fashioned an offensive I have family in Africa that live a wonderful wholesome life n dont care about modern technologies or money thats considered a 3rd world is it?
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 I own an intense bike, and at the moment of purchase that was one of the ahead of the curve bikes, had zero maintenance issues and it is alu and hand made which is nice touch, however my next bike will be definitely not intense since they do not provide any advantages over the other bike manufacturers... While they probably innovate and adjust bikes for racing team, as a rider and consumer i do not care much, since bike need to satisfy my needs not the top racer with van full of energy drinks and mechanic
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 I'm 6'6". I'd love a 460RC on my on my Enduro haha.
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 Intense is f*cking up hard but not making this bike and the alu tracer they’re able to produce. Stop trying to sell 5 year old bikes as new.
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 Gwin finally let someone else ride it eh?
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 krispy bike
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 I guess Orange found a weldor they couldn't keep, and sent him to Intense?
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 Looks like a Demo
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 That looks totally new...
/looks at megatower/
or... not.
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