Video: Neko Mulally Tests Tires with Kenda

Jan 20, 2021
by Kenda Tire  

bigquotesOur friends from Kenda reached about to see if I wanted to check out the new stuff they have been working on over the winter. So we got them down to Kanuga and spent a few days riding their new products to help them figure out which direction to go with for the future!Neko Mulally

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Ride Kanuga Bike Park


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 I pulled the trigger on some of the new tires from Kenda, and I am sold. They are excellent. Have a set of Pinners and Hellkats, both in the lighter casings. FWIW, Snowshoe jump lines are groomed, but their black, double black and pro line trails are nasty. Every trip their before the Kenda's I and at least a few others in my group would tear at least one Maxxis tire. Even their DD tires. The Kenda's came back on the bike unscathed. Really good tires that work and hold up. Maxxis have been making really wobbly tires lately, that for me don't seem to last. I think their quality control went down the gutter.
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 Yeah, if I'm riding Snowshoe, my bike is going to have DH casing tires.
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 This! I have been on the Hellkats for 3 years. They are amazing. Cant wait to try the pinner.
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 Another vote for Kenda 100%. Spent an entire year on Hellkat and Pinner ATC casings at places like Angelfire and Silver mountain. Not a single torn sidewall or flat. Granted I'm running Tannus tubeless inserts, but it was Angelfire... You could flat a solid tire there. Best tires I've ever ridden, hands down. Thanks Kenda for putting the time in to make a quality tire.
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 Ever try the Michelin DH34/22?

FANTASTIC @jason475
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 @ricochetrabbit: Agreed! The new Michelin DH34's are the best tires I've ever used.
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 Yes sir. But they are an absolute nightmare to install with cushcore @rpb10276:
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 Kenda burned a lot of bridges with the old Nevegals. As much good as I've heard about newer models, those were some scary times etched onto my soul.
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 I still have an old style Nevegal on a park bike, love that tire style, to each his own I suppose.
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 @thisspock: The 2008-2012ish Nevegal? I see you like to live dangerously.
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 Agreed. Loved my Kenda Nevegal so much grip but had to switch back to Maxxis.
Just to many flat/punctures tires with the Kenda (Summer of 2012 Whistler).
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 oh yes, the old Nevagos.
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 @chriskneeland: Was more a matter of price than taste for danger in my case. Affording downhill season while paying for tuition got me to choose the Nevegals cause it was better to get fresh tires more often than overrun the threads of pricier Highrollers and Minions due to budget restrictions Wink
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 I'm with ya on that. I ran the Nevegals back in the day. I rode at 3 different mountains all in the same week. And everyday ended with a flat/punctures. Those Kenda's (Nevegal's and Blue Grooves) went right in the trash and I swore their tires off since. But that was a long time ago and I'm sure Kenda's are much better now. But I'm in love with my Michelin DH34's. When I find something that works perfectly, I tend to stick with it.
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 The old Nevegal (~2010) in Stick-E compound was one of very few tires with soft rubber in non-DH casing back then. They were not great, but they were better than most alternatives when riding in the wet.
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 Yeah these were Kinda unpredictable and slow rolling
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 Since 2020 has pinkbike is starving for for content why not a 2021 tire test?
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 Seriously. There’s so many tire options these days if you want a Minion-esque tire. I guess that’s why people just say “screw it!” and buy Minions.
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 @gafoto: The "Minion" look that everyone likes to attribute to Maxxis actually came from the old Michelin Comp 16 that was around for years before Maxxis made a good MTB tire:

Just because one brand dominates the market for a while does not mean they have claim to all the most common tread patterns. Maxxis tires are neither cheaper than nor superior to other options nowadays, so everyone should do themselves a favor and (after a little research) try something new!
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I never claimed Minions were original or the best. Certainly the most recognizable.

They’re good but I’ve been using some WTB Verdicts that are more durable and some E13 LG1s that are stickier for sure. Both are cheaper too. Lots of good and durable options in 2021.
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 @grizzlyatom: I miss the old Michelin Comp 16, 24 and 32's. Good news is that there new DH34's are amazing!
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 @gafoto: Yup. Loving my e13 LG1 EN MOPO tires. Stickiest I’ve ever used. That said the new Kendas look awesome too. More choice is good! I’ve had too many wobbly casing Maxxis, so I’m done with them.
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I have those same tires and they ride really nicely. Kind of a goldilocks size for riding. I’m really curious how they’ll hold up in rockier terrain though long term. You can almost tear the knobs off with a fingernail.
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 @gafoto: I ride mostly in Squamish and Pemberton (so combo of loam and slabs) and they have worn very well and evenly. The rear MOPO compound does wear quickly, but no faster than Maxxis MaxxGrip. My last Maxxis knobs also tore off a bunch where the e13 just wears down nicely.
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 I've been having terrible luck with rear tires lately and decided to give the Regolith a try. Absolutely loving it! Good traction and good durability in the nasty SoCal rock. Plenty of opportunities to rip a knob, pinch flat or blow out a sidewall entirely and yet they're holding steady. Can't say enough good things about a company that makes a product that actually performs! Thank you Kenda!
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 Been running Hellkat atc front, pinner atc rear in Colorado, best combo I've tried yet. Good stuff.
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 Kenda needs to figure out how to make straight tires that aren't slightly warped from new, and/or warp more soon after.
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 I've had that with Maxxis more than once, so I don't think it's a single manufacturer problem. I think it could be a problem with the supply chain (temperature changes when coming over on the ship, whilst being strangled by zip ties!)
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 Michel son DH tires don’t have this problem. They are not folded.mine are straight as an arrow @heavyp
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 I have not had a set since my nevegals and that put me off awsome in dry conditions but their proprietary blend of eleven silicones and teflons just wasnt the one in the wet!
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 Cool riding, but this is a kenda sponsored rider, on the kenda youtube channel. this really isn't going to make me buy the tyres, purely because its so biased.
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 Its posted on his channel. I don't really feel this was a "direct" commercial of any sort, nowhere he said anything about these tires, like that they are the best or "super grippy but felt a bit slow" or even how they performed... No threads or any really relevant information (casing, rubber,...) crucial for any tire were shared or even shown. For me it was a little deeper insight on how top athletes and companies test new products (it was stated that some of the tires might not be ever produced) and because of that I find it pretty interesting!
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 Yes you will.
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 When I see Kenda all I think is Maxxis Michelin and all the other tyres I'd try and most like buy before theirs!
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 Been riding hellkats for a few years now ,innerleithan,hamsterly and 2019 at Whistler, they are superb ????????
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 How cool to be able to shuttle a DH bike for Kanuga. Great place to visit.
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 That was fun and interesting. Make it longer next time!! Thanks Neko.
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 Try testing tires at blue mountain pa or snowshoe. It didn’t look like the threat of puncture existed on those highly groomed ebike trails.
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 I believe Nico used to ride MT Penn so I'm sure he knows a thing or two about rocks.
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 @padirt Relax. Nico is riding plenty of primitive rocky gnar in Pisgah proper on those Kendas
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 @4thflowkage: I've definitely destroyed a brand new maxxis at Mt Penn, and you are correct on the Mullallys being from somewhere in/around Reading.

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