Video: Nico Vink is The Back Wheel King on Whistler's Dirt Merchant

Nov 4, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

A spicy lap down Dirt Merchant in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park with Nico Vink. It must be fun to spend so much time on your back wheel!

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Whistler Mountain Bike Park

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Dirt Merchant

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 Could sure go for some Dirt Merchant right about now!
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 Thank you, Nico. For landing in a manual and ACTUALLY connecting it to something else. Everyone these days dropping front wheel in the flat bottom between jumps... DOESN’T COUNT.
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 Known in BMX as the "nowhere manual," with the common variant circa 2006 "manual to nowhere 180"
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 @GorgeousBeauGaston: I found this post expressing my sentiment perfectly hahaha
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 Can you do it?
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 wonder if those hope brakes are any good?
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 Very good.
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 So good
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 I didn't realize he rode single speed. Seems like it would suck if you're riding tacky dirt. But if your world is only massive roll in jumps I guess it doesn't matter. Man...he must makes it look too easy. Dirt Merchant jumps are so blind in person.
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 Looney how easy he makes that look. Would love to see him at Rampage next year???
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 Me too. I would just point out that he has been judging Rampage ever since...
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 That’s almost exactly how I ride Dirt Merchant!
I can barely whip or wheelie, i get arm pump 2-3 times during that run, and I would have separated both my shoulders falling out of the sky riding at that speed... but yeah! That’s almost exactly how I ride Dirt Merchant!
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 Look out Jeff Kendall-Weed
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 I got scared after he immediately looks back after the massive hip jump thinking he had crashed, especially after they teased that part at the beginning of the video
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 Ever since I rode Dirt Merchant I'm seriously addicted to jumps.
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 I wonder if he ever gets tired of so much wynning?
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 Was that KC Deane following? I wanna see that footage.
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 it was dylan stark, and he posted a crankworx video a bit ago on his youtube and i think this was in it
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 Cant wait till opening weekend
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