Video: Nino Schurter & Andri Frischknecht Preview the Capoliveri Legend Cup Course

Apr 4, 2021
by internazionaliditaliaseries  

With a pace worthy of a race lap, Nino Schurter and Andri Frischknecht ride on the course of tomorrow's Internazionali d'Italia Series Race on the Elba Island


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 What a trail! Even Nino is carrying dropper on his full sus Spark RC. Good job, Andrie, for keeping up with Nino all the time
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 yes, but does Nino ever drop his dropper?
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 @taprider: NO............
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 @taprider: He drops everyone but his dropper.
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 I wish MVDP would be on the mix this year. He's doing an awesome job on the road side though.
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 @tomtom4044: just watch the video, and you´ll see.
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 He is using it normaly as every other rider...
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 He was using dropper almost all the time and he does it the way you barely notice it, so fluent!
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 @Xenon303: who is MDVP
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 @bbnc24: my apologies. I meant MVDP as Mathieu van der Poel.
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 That looks like a really fun course.
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flag kyytaM (Apr 4, 2021 at 11:14) (Below Threshold)
 too much uphill
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 @kyytaM: and they're getting frisky on the downs too
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 Best course bar none! Makes me want to take up XC those step downs
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 I rode this area last fall and these trails are super fun. A really great re-use of an old mining area.
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 I wish US XC race courses were fun like this instead of "go ride around a 30 mile loop of mostly featureless green and blue trails"
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 Exchequer XC in NorCal is quite fun!
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 Do an XC race in central Texas sometime. Properly gnarly.
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 11:58- Most Riders- “You really want an 160mm bike with double downs and cushcore to ride this.”

Nino: “Should I lower my dropper for this section? Nope.”
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 But he actually did lower it there. Good riding anyway.
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 That was a great section!
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 Anyone else find it strange to see Nino riding without the rainbow stripes?

Just doesn't seem right...
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 Come on, look on this from other direction! Life is change and Euro champion jersey (blue stripes) are also nice Smile + the race where Nino won the Euro title was so great (track, weather, competition)
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 God, that looks fun....and just think about sitting on a nice patio looking over the ocean having a drink after the ride.
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 Not up to Napoleon’s standards.
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 To be fair though, he's looking to escape afterwards.
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 Maybe the next race can be on St. Helena?
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 I'd be happy to be exiled there.
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 11:58 is this XC or Enduro?
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 XC-Duro, I would say maybe even Down-country.
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 Seeing the power that these guys put down in the video is incredible. That is a pretty technical lap with some punchy climbs that looked very steep. Watching them in real life is something else too. The are so fast on the descents and make the steepest climbs look pretty simple, lap after lap.
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 It's their first course preview...they'll get the hang of it. Even multi-time world champions were beginners once...
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 Wow, incredibly terrain for an xc race!
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 Damn i love mountainbiking. Strong effort, guys! Looks like a fun track .
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 They use their twin-locks a tun. Why do people hate them so much? Frishi is doing traction mode and Nino is locking out to do the standing climbing.
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 Is there a video or recap of the race itself?
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 What was with the guy in the beginning who seemed like he didnt want to let them pass?
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 Proof that most people on trail bikes are overbiked.
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 I rather be overbike than underbiked. I ain't got time to be taking off work and paying insurance premiums.
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 Most people on trail bike ain't Nino
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 That courseoojs line a blast!
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 That course* looks like a blast.
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 And that's when we knew that @Hardtailparty had been partying too hard. Tail.
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 Wonder why he's running the old TwinLoc lever from ~2018?
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 Wow! Fun course! Anybody know if the race will be streamed online anywhere?
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 Amazing course! Great to see courses with fun and rhythm mixed in. Would love to ride.
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 Do they really need a 12-speed cassette in this track? It seems they did all the tough climbs by standing pedaling.
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 I feel fitter just watching this.
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 "Send EEET!"
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 That is some amazing riding- Frshy JR killing it following Nino.
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 Good to see xc getting nice & technical?
But I would need an e-bike in boost to get up some of those climbs?
Think even some pro riders will struggle not walk some of that course?
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 beautiful track
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 great course
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