Video: Nothing Compares to That Post-Work Rip

Jul 27, 2019
by Jonathan Kang  

When Bryan's not racing the EWS or BC Enduro Series, he's racing home from work to ride his local trails.

Thank you to Kinetik Cycles for sponsoring Bryan and this video. Special thank you to TORCA, Adam Woodhouse and Creeping Dirt for their incredible work on the trails in Port Moody and Coquitlam.

Video by Jonathan Kang.

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 Bryan, Adam and Brandon. Amazing job on this video and trail showcase. It is a great example of why I chose to live in Port Moody. Cheers! Chad B.
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 That's why we ride!!! Having fun going fast, popping air and jumping in a cool lake. Hell Yeah I'm in
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 Of course he drives a Tacoma, you can’t be a mountain biker if you don’t have a Tacoma
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 @tomasinbc: Are some of these riders sponsored by Toyota? I never understood why so many of these vids start out with footage of the rider's vehicle. Unless you are sponsored why include it in the vid? At least gratuitous nature shots help establish a setting.

Sick riding!
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 @highfivenwhiteguy: Bryan actually paid double for his Tacoma
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 I sort of hoped he was going to launch that gravel bike into the lake, great cornering skills.
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 Pinnityafairy must start really early on Fridays.
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 Work is the nastiest of the four letter words and I suggest you alter your work around your riding schedule
  • 19 2 pays for my toys, unless you're born into wealth it is a necessity, anyway i'm off to drill some teeth.
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 @pigman65: How's that new top spec Santa Cruz?
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 @pigman65: you must ride a yeti.
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flag pinnityafairy (Jul 27, 2019 at 5:34) (Below Threshold)
 @pigman65: ever been to a graveyard and read a headstone that said I wish I spent more time at work? Get your priorities straight bro in Live Your Life. Life is all what you make of it and you don't need a lot of money to be happy or to get toys. Maybe you're just too greedy with your needs and work as consumed your life.
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flag pinnityafairy (Jul 27, 2019 at 5:53) (Below Threshold)
 @pigman65: I'll be out riding my bike blowing the dust out of the berms while you're chasing that dollar. Enjoy drilling those teeth. Maybe hand out some Red Bull or energy drinks to your customers as to promote your business ;-)
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 @pinnityafairy some of us have rewarding jobs we enjoy. If you decide work sucks, it's going to suck. Even if you manage a 20 hour work week, you'll still be spending 20 hours doing something you think sucks. Have fun!
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 Don't understand why this is getting down votes? We all gotta work but I agree it sucks! Would rather be riding or just chilling with family. I make a good living but do my best to work to live, not the other way around. I ain't no damn pilgrim.
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 @SupraKZ: yeah it's good thanks, doesn't fit into my Lamborghini though.
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 @RustySaguaro: this is pinkbike home of the largest group of haters on the planet. Just do better than your neighbor working less than them and you will see. Cheers mate and enjoy the drama of pinkbike and remember negative scores on here are like extra credit points. Just keep life simple and enjoyable.
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 @pinnityafairy: ever had kids and a wife who's got cancer? Enjoy your freedom buddy, I work so we can survive, and i ride to escape .
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 @pigman65: in America are medical system isn't designed to make anyone healthy. The American Medical system is only designed to generate a profit. We are from two totally different worlds and I don't judge you for being a dentist. We both love bikes and riding them so let's just leave it at that. I didn't drag your family into this and don't use your family as a crutch. We are all dealt a hand in life and we need to deal with it and be positive and enjoy what we have. Just be thankful you still have your family and can spend time with them because others don't.
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 “All true work is sacred; in all true work, were it but true hand-labour, there is something of divineness. Labour, wide as the Earth, has its summit in Heaven.”
-Thomas Carlyle
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 @RustySaguaro: pinnityafairy is a comment section addicted troll. I think many just downvote him without even reading what he types.
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flag pinnityafairy (Jul 27, 2019 at 7:26) (Below Threshold)
 @gnarnaimo: if I have motivated you enough to move your finger and perform an action then my mission is complete cheers and happy shredding
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 @pinnityafairy: Dude!! No BS my wife’s dentists owns 3 franchises of flavored Soda shops!
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 @Tacocat13: make mine a suicide just mix them all together and I prefer crushed ice
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 @gnarnaimo: just saw our scores bro we're both the solid zero cheers whip it hard and far
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 i was born in the wrong country...
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 Canada's calling you!
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 Great riding, trails and filming.
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 What bike/brand does he ride?
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 Nice work Bryan and crew. You're making me miss the PoMo riding.
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 Is it a Patrol ?
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