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Video: Nothing Like a Trail Dog & An eMTB to Make Recovering From Injury Easier

Nov 14, 2021
by Alex Chapignac  
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Late summer ride for Helene in, La Clusaz, an amazing little bike park in the french Alpes.

Freshly recovered from a shoulder injury that happened in May, and forced her to sit out most of the race season, Helene enjoys a late summer ride in La Clusaz, looking back on her injury and the lessons she learned from it.

Helene riding a loam trail with her trail dog Merlin close behind her. This is the thumbnail of her latest video

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 Poorly trained 'trail' dogs are a danger and a nuisance to other trail users.
Unfortunately those people who cant properly train their dog are the people who dont give a shit about other people.

Also note to dog owners: just because you like dogs not everybody does.
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 i've seen trail dogs better trained than their owners, i.e dog stands to side of trail while rider decides to stand on a lip of a drop/jump to "check it out" with their bike laid in the middle of a trail straight after a blind bend...
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 As a dog owner I agree with this message.
  • 15 3
 Note this: hey bud, the same can be said for people.
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 "I don't like dogs" - the best way to let everyone know you're a psychopath without telling them you're a psychopath....
  • 17 8
 @its-joe: what if you simply don’t like dog shut everywhere?

It’s crap, irresponsible dog owners I dislike.
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 @chunkymcpot: I crashed once, because a dog had the habit of stopping on jump lips to wait for their owner that goes around them. I didn't know this and the dog just stopped right in front of me. Really sucked, for the dog and me.
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 @its-joe: and you don’t pick up your dogs poop. See how much fun assumptions can be?
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 Not a big fan of trail dogs or dogs off-leash especially in more popular areas. Causes lots of conflict especially on multi-use trails. When I had my dog, I'd only hike with my dog on hiking-only trails with a leash because I knew it caused too much conflict on multi-use tails because I live in an urban area. If people live in sparsely populated areas I get it more because much less conflict with other riders and people. However, nowadays riders in urban areas see a video and are sheeple.
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 I guess the folks down-voting my dog shit comment actually prefer dog shit on their trails…

Takes all sorts I guess.
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 nailed it.
  • 7 3
 @pen9-wy: it takes a lot of work to go from ‘trail’ dog to I ride with my dog all the time and I track his mileage in Strava so he doesn’t get over-use injuries… he’s almost 8.5 years old and has 58 rides in this year - down a lot as I’ve has been injured 2x this year. I’m talking trained to the point he craps and pisses off trail in the woods, obeys several hand commands as well as a ton of verbal commands.

Generally we don’t stop to interact with people unless they ask (directions or help fixing something) or if they flip out (middle aged lady hikers) and ask for some doggy lovings. Anyone giving off the I’m afraid of dogs vibe, neither he or I want him anywhere near them.

We only ride certain places at certain times and I don’t take him anywhere I haven’t been before.
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 Cat person? Lol.
  • 3 2
 Crashed once because of someone's alledgedly trained dog. If you can't control squirrels, don't tell me your dog's not a hasard.
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flag ranke (Nov 14, 2021 at 17:28) (Below Threshold)
 Please. Anybody complaining about a dog ruining their mountain bike ride is forgetting about the overwhelming amount of times humans do that for them much more frequently. Broken bones and abrasions? You probably did that yourself 99% of the time even if you've had a dog incident. Go ride your bike.
  • 12 1
 @ranke: I own a dog and I hate shitty dog owners. Just as anyone would hate shitty parents of kids who cause trouble everywhere they go. Ugh you people are insufferable!
  • 8 2
 People who ''don't like dogs'' just don't like your ill-bred dog. They're just being polite by saying it that way. The psychopath (to me) is someone who has a dog living in a small flat and don't take it out enough, people who force other people to deal with their dog's shit, drooling and hairs. Or even worse: people who run their dogs ragged and f*ck their joints (mtb trail dogs) just to avoid taking the time off their riding time to take them out. The problem is never dogs, it's dog owners, the topic is older than a knot.
Furthermore people ''who don't like dogs'' might prefer more sophisticated and pure forms of love than the ones you can earn with a cookie.
To conclude, local councils taking our money to build 90000 dog parks per habitant is just a reflection of how ill our siciety is.
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 @Jee-Lee: A properly trained trail dog doesn't go after squirrels, deer, rabbits or anything else. Thats what a properly trained dog means.
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 @scstrail: True, but very, very few dogs trained that well. Probably a fraction of a percent.
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 @tacklingdummy: mine is trained to the point I tell him to go get it. His unique recall command for him to stop and come back to me is great, doesn’t have to be within eyesight, and I don’t have to stay in the same place for him to come find me. He wears a mini cowbell on his collar and I use that as the method to determine how far is far enough since he’s trusted to go out of eyesight. Also great for the hikers and equestrians to know he’s there.

This level of training isn’t normal… he’s damn smart (my 6.5yo kid teaches him new tricks to earn treats) and highly motivated to be with his people.
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 It is estimated that between 2021 and 2030, about 12.85 million tons of EV lithium ion batteries will go offline worldwide, and over 10 million tons of lithium, cobalt, nickel and manganese will be mined for new batteries. Lithium extraction harms the soil and causes air contamination.

Ebikes for shoulder injuries? Why?
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 Fair enough, we carry so much e-junk these days, we can cut back on these everywhere. The e-bike battery is probably the biggest of all. But if you're running full AXS, quark, power sensors, a bike computer, a phone, GoPro and helmet crash sensor it adds up too.
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flag skulichkov (Nov 14, 2021 at 1:23) (Below Threshold)
 You living also causes air contamination. What should we do then?
  • 5 13
flag fatduke FL (Nov 14, 2021 at 1:34) (Below Threshold)
 Because you use a enough upper body strength to warrant using an E-bike if you have lost that upper ability.
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 @skulichkov: Well at that point people have been born and have been living for multiple years, the best way to stop it is to reduce the people being born in the first place. I'm not even going to try to defend for ebike batteries, they are terrible for the enviroment.
  • 19 7
 A very poor attempt at like hunting among the pinkbike ECOvirtue brigade, You will whine about e-bikes then praise the wonders of battery powered cars.
  • 19 10
 Enough with the battery hate please. If the world is going to have any chance of a liveable future, batteries are going to play a huge roll in getting there.
  • 11 1
 Well yeah, in case it wasn't clear already, this is the main consideration for nearly all of us here. For most of us here, pretty much everything is available in abundance. Very often at the expense of people in poorer countries and at the expense of future generations. You can take/use what's really important for you, but then by all means leave what you don't really want/need. If you really want kids then have them and raise them properly. But if you don't then by all means avoid getting them in the first place. If wireless gearing and suspension control is super super important for you then buy it and use it properly and sustainably. If it is as good as they say it is, it should easily last you five years if not a decade. Same goes for pedal assist. If you love to ride to keep you sane/healthy but something is holding you back to do so unassisted, then yeah sure get the bike with pedal assist if you can afford it. And then you go and check your wardrobe, your gear and your consumption. You can probably cut back on pretty much everything to keep your footprint in check.
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flag mcozzy (Nov 14, 2021 at 2:51) (Below Threshold)
 They are fun. Screw all this eco bollox, not interested. Don't buy one if you don't want to. Your virtue signal has been noted though, have 20 social credits.
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 @IMeasureStuff: agreed, batteries will have a huge role in replacing internal combustion engines. Which are not present on bicycles.
  • 10 10
 You've clearly got e-bike hate, yet you clearly like your electronics otherwise you wouldn't be posting here. And yes even without batteries, your electronic devices require a hell of a lot of mining to make.
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flag onlyulisses (Nov 14, 2021 at 6:23) (Below Threshold)
 ... and 52 BILLIONS of useless FACE MASKS in 2020 alone and 1.6 BILLION went to the oceans. Get your priorities in check.
  • 5 1
 @onlyulisses: The rich countries' covid approach deserves a chapter on its own. Ignoring the covax and dealing with the big pharmaceutic companies directly (compromising the position of the WHO to get a good deal for covax), using 7 billion syringes for covid vaccines of the 6 billion annual production of syringes (compromising the vaccination programs for other diseases in poorer countries, measles in particularly), currently jabbing six covid booster shots (third shots) in a rich country for every single first shot in a poorer country. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus calls it a scandal. I'd say he's putting that lightly.

But I don't blame this on e-bike batteries directly. Hence no previous mention.
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 @b45her: neither for me, thanks. Tech has not saved us
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 What does that have anything to do with the video? I don't understand why people shit all over every article that includes an Ebike. Move along, you don't have to comment your hate.
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 And I was concerned about another trail dog edit, and another person thinking it cool, going out getting a dog and ultimately creating just one more untrained dog out there.
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 @Sethimus: sooo...they made a cathode out of recycled metals...

1)Is it reproducible on a mass scale?
Don't know
2) What's the charge time?
Don't know
3) Drain rate?
Don't know
4)Power production?
Don't know
5) How much energy/other materials does it require to produce?
Don't know
6) What type of waste is created from production?
Don't know
7) How much does it cost to make?
Don't know

How about we call this vaporware for now..?
  • 5 2
 I remember a post a while back where someone mistook an electric wheelchair for an ebike and literally berated the handicapped because this commenter didn’t want to admit they were a huge piece of shit and kept doubling down against the perceived ebike (it was a wheelchair LOL). Anyway, that dude was a lot of fun!
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 Right now, I have a shoulder and knee injury from overuse of riding too much and perhaps too much steep hard climbing. I have been looking at a e-mtbs. Not sure how an e-mtb would help a shoulder injury.
  • 1 1
 @ceecee: theres nothing to be saved from, other than subjugation for our own good by the wealthy
  • 4 6
 @Sethimus: the press is full of battery nonsense, batteries are what they are and aint changing anytime soon,
all the miracle battery bullshit is just put out there to keep the uneducated masses from realising that battery powered cars are the biggest white elephant in the history of this planet.
  • 3 2
 @scitrainer: you daft? standard battery, but made with recycled materials.
  • 3 3
 @b45her: same for you, just different sourced raw materials. learn to read
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 @tacklingdummy: an ebike is probably not going to help your shoulder injury get better.... But what it will do is allow you ride with much less stress on your body (including your shoulders).

That technical climb that would normally involve getting off the seat, putting a lot of power through your legs and strain on your arms and upper body is now made much less stressful with an ebike. You should take one for a test ride. Luky enough to have a regular bike and an enduro ebike. Probably spend 25% of my time on the ebike.
  • 5 2
 @Sethimus: read the grammar of the article, its pretty much telling you they ae making it up, new or recycled they are still a terrible source of energy
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 @Sethimus: LOL...what pray tell is a "Standard" battery? Is that the same as a "Standard" mountain bike?

YOU need to read the article...doesn't mention anything about the battery just the make up of the cathode...also it says the company "claims"...that means they haven't shown proof of it to anyone outside of the company...
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 WTF does an ebike have to do with a shoulder injury?
  • 19 8
 This is stupid on so many levels.
I’m currently rehabbing a torn labrum in my left shoulder, avoiding surgery because I don’t want my PT to need to refer me to an eBike rehab regimen, it’s already expensive enough. But maybe I should make a stupid YouTube video series about myself, “look at me! Don’t forget to like snd subscribe” lol
  • 7 2
 Right? Me, me, me…..
  • 15 7
 Some would say it’s just as narcissistic as posting on a message board and expecting others to care what you wrote. Interesting twist of irony.
  • 7 5
 @SterlingArcher: lol double twist, I actually don’t.
  • 4 2
 Agree. Having also gone through a torn rotator and labrum, the last thing I would want, once able to get back on a bike/trails, is a pedal assist. Time to get the fitness/cardio back from the down time! And FWIW, an ebike usually rides heavier than a normal trail bike, probably not what a recovering (weaker) shoulder needs. I'm all for ebikes aiding those with injuries/disabilities, but this scenario in the video doesn't add up.
  • 17 5
 Gee Atherton recovers without e-bike and I was being told that trail dogs don't like them
  • 4 11
flag chunkymcpot (Nov 14, 2021 at 5:22) (Below Threshold)
 Probably because Atherton bikes don't have an e-bike, and probably wouldn't look good with him rocking up to DYFI on a Trek session ebike
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 It’s time to rethink the kewlness of trail dogs
  • 15 2
 Dogs are cool, trails are cool, but keep your dog on a leash in a heavily populated area. I’m a lifelong dog owner, but it’s so arrogant to assume everyone else is as well. Same as parents that bring their kids to the bike park and think letting them stand on a lander is a good idea.
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 As an E-bike ambassador, and keyboard doctor, I can tell you, the weight of that E-bike isn't helping her shoulder at all.
  • 10 2
 I had a heart attack while riding. After having stents put in and at least a 3 month break from riding Ive been told by doctors the only way I can continue to ride is on an E-bike. For me they are a blessing. Otherwise I couldn't do the sport I love.
  • 5 0
 That’s awesome, I loved using mine after knee surgery.
  • 3 1
 I’m with you, currently recovering from a total ankle replacement and the future involves a gravel bike and ebike once I’m able to walk again.
  • 11 0
 e-dogs, when? Boston Dymanics Spot eMTB edition
  • 10 0
 If you can’t afford an e-bike, peanut butter is a cheap alternative.
  • 8 2
 People sometimes forget, that there is technical progression all the time. The batteries would only be a problem, if we all stand still and do not invent better ways to recycle, reuse or make batteries better. But we do. My prediction: In 20 years batteries will need less lithium, last longer, are lighter and can be recycled 90%.
  • 4 2
 That's an interesting thought and I honestly don't know how much progress there has been. Li-Ion batteries definitely were common on vehicles back in 2001 (Toyota Prius comes to mind) and the Accell group has always had brands with pedal assist (though the first ones had combustion engines) so may have been using such batteries too back in 2001 already. Do you have an indication of how much progress we've seen since then? I do know we have Li-Po batteries now, not sure whether these were there back then too. In more recent years, I read somewhere that we're reaching the limits of what can be done with lithium batteries. So I wonder what they have by then to achieve your predicted performance. Either way, if it can be realized it implies that twenty years from now, there may be resources available to use such batteries for less essential items. Just a little wait.

My expectations actually are that electricity won't be stored in such batteries anymore. If they can store the electricity as a material and then use a fuel cell to power the electric motors, the storage itself doesn't require rare or conflicted materials. Hydrogen comes to mind but I don't know how compact they can store that now. There may be alternatives. If we can use hydrolysis to create hydrogen and oxygen from water, we may also be able to use it on other materials.
  • 2 0
 @vinay: For what it’s worth, Prius is not LiFePo, it NiMH. - 2010 Prius owner here, and yes my farts smell like roses
  • 10 0
 @vinay: actually just a very quick search yields almost not LiFePo powered automobiles from the era you’re referring to, GM EV1 NiMH too. Just the recent advances in LiFePo cells like the 18650 > 26650 is very recent. I still believe eMTBs are one of the most frivolous and dumb applications of this technology
  • 2 2
 @chacou: maybe you smell nice, but you still drive like an a*shole. Wink
  • 4 0
 @jgainey: would you think more of me if I told you my non-daily driver is a diesel? Please lol
  • 8 0
 Wholst I concur with the title's sentiment: hash brownies, double IPA & deep tissue massage are not qithout their charms
  • 2 0
 You had me at double IPA
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 just wanted to say that i love dogs. and i love seeing dogs with their owners out enjoying nature. If i see one on the trail i give it the same respect i would to any other trail user. i ride a ton can't think of any time that i have had negative interaction with a one on the trial. so my advice is if you see a dog on the trail, give it a little wider birth, smile and enjoy your ride. other riders are far more problematic.

to dog owners yes please pick up your dog sh#t
  • 9 2
 *has shoulder surgery

*buys 60lb bike to hoist in and out of a car and maneuver on trail
  • 7 0
 Came here for the anti-battery and -dog comments. Not disappointed.
  • 2 0
 Beautiful stuff Helene - forrest, bikes, dogs are awesome. is your trail pale a Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer? soo looks like my Jessie who sadly passed last year - She was an absolute blast on the trails, taking jumps and corners far better than me! mainly night riding, less stress of worrying about other riders, walkers and often a lot more exhilarating. Hope recovery goes well.
  • 7 3
 Wow so much hate for the poor lady. Good on her for getting back out I say.
  • 1 0
 randomly after a year, I saw that this video got posted and so I read for the first time these comments. I really had to shake my head and had to laugh so much. All these assumptions are without any context. My favourite comment was the one from @its-joe you nailed it. But to be honest I didn't read them all. Too many bad vibes, hate, stupidity and insults. Shame on you who did.

to explain a few things here:
1) my dog is well trained. proved by many dog course exams and not just the basic ones... and proved that I have never had problems with him on and off the track.
2) I pick up his shit.
3) I am a paid E-Bike rider. So this video was to represent the E-Bike brand.
4) I don't take him very often with me, because of his health. It was mainly for the video.
5) on this trail we met the whole day nobody. So I didn't choose a busy one.
6) my shoulder was fine at the time I filmed this video. So I could have ridden my enduro / DH or whatever ever but I chose this bike because it's my job to ride exactly this BIKE!
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 Here they go again with that dog thing….
  • 4 0
 I liked the video and the dog, dogs male me happy
  • 1 1
 You think I want to deal with your dog $h!t on the trail or stuck on my tire? NO! I'm to freaking busy dealing with the $h!t that exploded in my shorts. Freaking $h!t everywhere. On the trail, on my tire, in my shorts, on my friends goggles when he rides behind me. Just saying.
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 You like dags? Dags? Oh dogs. Ya I like dogs.
  • 4 1
 Riding w the Dog is the best, long live that.
  • 12 14
 "Woman recovering from injury rides ebike with her dog on trail, has fun"

Pb top comments:
"Here is everything I think is wrong with this article. Also, here's my political/environmental/social opinions and some select articles to support them to help stir the pot."

Wtf people? I like pb comments for a good laugh, not as a fox news vs cnn opinion outlet.
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 You must be new here
  • 5 3
 Ebikes>tacomas and sprintervans all day!
  • 4 6
 “E bikes are destroying the planet, grrrrrrrr!!!!” - written from consumer devices just as bad, if not worse. By people who routinely drive ICE vehicles or get shuttled around by their parents in one.
.Kettle, meet Pot.
  • 1 0
 but then to take on an ebike you don't want to use a van ....
  • 6 5
 What is the worst for environnement? Dogs or batteries?
  • 4 2
 If you engage in the pinkbike comments sections often enough you’d know they’re both basically the same as coal fired electricity, deep sea oil drilling and Kentucky fried chicken farming practices
  • 1 0
 as long as they share the trail or dont mind being jumped over its cool
  • 1 1
 Ebikes and dogs ftw in Sasquatch Gifford Pinchot country!
  • 6 6
 Keep your dumb dog at home. Thanks

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