Video: Nove Mesto XCC Short Track Round 2 Highlights

Oct 3, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesAfter an exhilarating first round of racing in Nove Mesto na Morave, we return to Short Track action! Kicking things off in much drier conditions than Tuesday's race, conditions resulted in a fast and frantic battle for the world's best cross country mountain bikers.

Watch as drama unfolds between Pauline Ferrand Prevot and Evie Richards in yet another fantastic sprint finish while Short Track maestro Henrique Avancini snatches another victory in the men's with another tight sprint to the line.
Red Bull


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 If I hit the asphalt like Evie did I'm walking back to the tent to clean up my tears and pick asphalt out of my leg. I'm envious of her determination and power.
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 That was no accident, Nino took him out by drifting right and blocking his line. You can see him take a quick look back to time it. If that was a finish sprint he would have been DQ'd. Arullo showed some snap for sure however, Viva Mexico!
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 Thank u for pointing this out. I didn't want to be the only one hating on rockstar Nino.

Big props to my countryhomeboy, Gera.

Last (see what I did there?), his lastname is Ulloa.
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 Who knows, Evie Richards blocked Prevot in that sprint and didn’t get DQ’d, so apparently you can do that in MTB. She started on the right and managed to almost push Prevot in the fences on the left of the track. In road cycling she probably would have been DQ’d.
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 @cvoc: Not trying to be judge and jury here but I don't agree, especially sitting here at 2:45 a.m. and watching the replay again. Evie does not block Pauline at all, in fact Pauline throws an elbow at Evie while plenty far away from the barrier and starts throwing her hands around like she was is rubbing.

Apologies for bolloxing Gera's name.
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 That was a very dangerous move from Nino on the Mexican. He just sweeps from far left to far right on the road and the rest that holds for themselves. If that happened at the final sprint you bet that there would be a pileup of riders.
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 How long until someone just lines up with a gravel bike for one of these events?
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 You have to use the same bike in the XCO, so like never.
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 Tracks built for spectators and races with no spectators. Let's get back to big loops for 2020-2021
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 It's an interesting idea. Obviously TV coverage would be fairly different.
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 What a boring-ass track.
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 Might be a boring track but the racing is on point! The short track races have been awesome!
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 @Raivkka: Is it awesome when a slip on _pavement_ effects the (round 1) results of a _mountain bike_ race?

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