Video: Nukeproof Shows Off Meg Whyte's Custom Rave-Inspired Mega

Jul 16, 2021
by Nukeproof  

Words: Nukeproof

She’s a Downhill and Enduro racer, gravel rider and full-time manager of a local bike shop. Meg Whyte is an example of someone who lives, breaths and loves bikes. A love born from seasons “living the MTB dream” in Morzine and cemented by life as a student in North Wales. Meg gives an insight into the inspiration behind the “Rave all night, Ride all Day” Mega 275c.

One thing for sure, Meg’s not shy when it comes to her bikes. A proud lover of the colour pink and she has gone all out to represent the colour here with pride. Hailing from the back roads of the Shropshire wilds, Meg’s dream Mega was a long time in the making.

“The inspiration for the design and consequently the shoot came about from my wild uni party days, we used to have hidden cave raves in nearby slate quarries, and I wanted a bike design that represented that part of my life”

“Think sticky floors, glow sticks and killer beats. I wanted something bold and pink (of course) with a retro neon theme. I dropped the idea on Jonny at EliteRefinish, and he brought my vision to life”.

The Team at Elite Refinish, Belfast are the skills behind most of our Nukeproof custom bikes and they love the detail. The frame features Meg’s signature Great Whyte shark logo with Neon finish along with donut’s and all. Finished with custom PINK Fox 38’s upfront and pink and black Industry Nine wheels it looks incredible.

As a part-time Lake District resident, plus having the local legendary tour guide for a partner Adam “Gas to Flat” Brayton, they went out exploring location’s that could show Meg’s Mega in its natural habitat. Thanks to Honister Slate Mine for the after hours access and sorry to the poor lad that was also staying in the bothie.

You can follow Meg on Instagram here or on her YouTube channel Here
Photo and Video Credit: Laurence Crossman-Emms


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 "Hey, we want to do a promo and press release for one of our team rider custom bikes, can you do a video and photoshoot, rave themed?"

"Sure, that's be great!"

"ok cool, just one condition, we don't want people to actually see the paint job."
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 The forks look fantastic though! I'll form an opinion about the rest of the paint work when we can actually see it.
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 You can see a better image here:
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 @Aptlynamed: BWahahaha Big Grin
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 Tough crowd.. N.B. The awesome creativity behind this is from Meg's head, not the evil people in the Nukeproof marketing ivory tower. She did a rad job of writing and singing the theme tune (See Little Britain; Dennis Waterman)
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 I thought it was the brightness on my phone. Checked, turned it all the way up, still can’t see anything.
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 @Nukeproofinternational: needs furry boots
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 @Nukeproofinternational: never explain the joke, okaaaay? (still propped ya! ;-) )
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 @dglobulator: Sorry, still learning the Pinkbike rules of engagement. Will come loaded ready to troll next time
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 @Aptlynamed: I'll admit it, you pinkrolled me
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 @Nukeproofinternational: Man, it's a viper pit, you're best off out of it to be honest.
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 @Aptlynamed: that was worth every penny!
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 At least the ugly orange is obviously painted over!!!
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 @Aptlynamed: This surely is the new link, I've got the old one:
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 @Nukeproofinternational: Wait you guys are evil...Naaahhhh anyone who hires Pagey cant be, sorry not buying it.
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 Wow, no comments. I guess I should say something about a paywall.
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flag danielfloyd (Jul 16, 2021 at 6:48) (Below Threshold)
 I get that the paywall sucks, but do we really have to say something about it in every freaking article? the comments aren't even about the post anymore.
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 @danielfloyd: It didn't take long to become tiring did it
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 @danielfloyd: looks like a session?
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 @danielfloyd: 90% of the comments are usually nothing to do with the freaking article anyway.
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 Made by someone that never went to a rave. Next time be sure to include;

1. Arrival by bus, because they bus'd you from an industrial estate car park.
2. Face masks with Vicks on the inside (if you know why, you know)
3. A smiley face anywhere
4. Hazmat custome
5. Dancing at million miles an hour with a calm, loving and disorientated expression
6. Relevant music, that aint rave, sorry
7. Lazers, lots of them, right in your face
8. No alcohol, anywhere, but everyone is having a great time . ;-)
9. Police shutting you down at 1AM
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 I think it’s made by someone who described going to cave rave parties at might be a different color glow stick than yours bud.
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 As a 90's raver... Can confirm
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 Wow are you a raver bro?
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 Yeah, pretty disappointed by the generic big room dnb track... give us some breaks and a squelchy 303
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 @me2menow: Was in 92 . . . . old and boring nowadays.
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 Pretty much there but maybe just me but alcohol was also consumed. A 3,4,5 pronged attack on the senses :-)
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 As a almost 30 year raving veteran... The fact that she went rave cavin back in the day.... She's knows what's up haha. She seen things and stuff hahaha....

What's your name? What have you had? Reach for the lazers. Safe as f*ck!
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 “Donut’s”? “”Location’s”?
Hope the paywall is going to raise enough money to pay off Apostrophe Man.
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 So there are nice colors for Fox forks ?!? If somebody else paints them...Smile
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 Wow that fork though, amazing
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 With all the money Paybike make off the wall they will be able to afford bikes that look this good.
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 Are the Whyte Stripes coming together?
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 Keeping it real with the same size wheels!
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 glowie sticks with the helmet really did it for me
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 I would like to see an engineers analysis between this bike and the new altitude
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 this was the worst promo blupp I have ever viewed. Confusing and not on point. Thank Jah there are sane riders like Sam on the team
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 I hope she tidy's her shit up after the bothy got my name on this weekend ! Wink
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 Wooooo Keep er lit! Well done fellow Belfasters!
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 Could you fake this a little more as it's hardly believable... maybe take mushrooms or smoke some weed for real to get it!
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 A bit of light entertainment....big thanks.
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 Great shots of some Lakeland classics
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