Video Of The Month - November 2014

Dec 1, 2014
by Tyler Maine  
Video of the Month is an article showcasing the best Videos of the Day from the month before. We take the most viewed videos from the previous month, and pick our favorites out of the top 10.

With that said here are the most viewed videos that were VODs in November...

Views: 128,166    Faves: 1,799    Comments: 49

1. Logan Peat on the Sunshine Coast by Chromag Bikes (Mind Spark Cinema)

Views: 104,059    Faves: 886    Comments: 22

2. Signatures: Full Length Film
Leading riders from around the europe present their best performances and immersing you into the amazing atmosphere of unique places around the globe – British Columbia, Livigno, historical center of Prague and Bratislava, Indonesia or Austrian Alps or Barcelona. Starring: Szymon Godziek, Guido Tschugg, Tomas Slavik, Tomas Zejda, Michal Marosi, Johannes Fischbach and others. Film by Fullface Productions

Views: 89,953    Faves: 313    Comments: 20

3. Denis Courchesne rides the Whistler bike park. Video by Shegnarnigans

Views: 82,615    Faves: 267    Comments: 11

4. The ultimate dream shuttle vehicle by Justin Olsen

(Password protected)
Views: 78,601    Faves: 562    Comments: 25
This video is password protected.

5. Ryan Berrecloth sending it on the Shore by Scott Secco

Honorable Mentions include:

"Flowing the New Rampage Zone" by Jeff B Cinema. This is our first runner up with 62,771 views

"Dean Tennant: Island In The Sun" by Max Berkowitz with additional footage by Scott Secco. 54,046 views.

"Prototype testing with Vinny-T, Vink, Pescetto and Reboul" by Scott Sport (Rey Gaetan). 53,452 views.

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  • + 29
 The guy doing the huge many down the steet should have been here
  • + 13
 iggz for pres
  • + 7
 Ryan Berrecloth's video is like a textbook "How to Make a Sick Edit" edit Smile

"If you don't have a brown-pow roost sequence, you might as well consider your sick edit garbage."
  • + 33
 I definitely should have used Sail.
  • + 1
 You let me down, you let pinkbike down, but worst of all..... you let yourself down.
  • + 4
 i know thers have said this before but why arent there more edits with world cup racers? I mean i like this stuff, but when i think of some of the videos that have had Gwin, Fearon in them for example why wouldnt there be more? They smoke everyone else!
  • + 6
 the loam in berrecloth's vid is mint!!!
  • + 16
 Same in Logan Peat's vid... it was like pillow skiing, f*cking incredible. Although Ryan's was more like deep pow skiing, with some AK steeps. Anyone else think Logan would be the product of Brandon Semenuk and Aaron Chase having a child together? You know if like uh... if god allowed it.... lolz
  • + 4
 Caution: loam is about to melt your eyes
  • - 25
flag backyardfreerider (Dec 1, 2014 at 19:56) (Below Threshold)
 @scott-townes you need to watch what your saying man. I'm personally not gay or anything of that sort but look some people on here probably are and could get really offended by that. You could get suspended from pb for saying stuff like that man so just watch what your doing and think of other people before you write shit like that
  • + 16
 @backyardfreerider you do know it is physically impossible for two men to have a biological kid, right? Hopefully you at least have enough comprehension to understand that I didn't take a jab at people with a different sexual preference. it was a joke, relax... I pray to Allah you're not a moderator. Less drama, more pedaling for your mama... or something like that.
  • + 3
 Yeah I understand that sorry I looked at it a different way that's my bad
  • + 1
 Seems like Logan was a guy who was and still is a way better rider than i will ever dream of but he was pretty stock compared to Semenuk and some of the other guys but it seems like here lately hes been set on fire. Dude can shred!
  • + 1
 How about a full size Grizzly chasing this poor rider down a trail!!!
  • + 4
 seems legit
  • + 1
 Ever heard of CGI ?
  • + 5
 Cedric Gracia... what does the I stand for?
  • - 3
 Lol I knew that people on PB would refer to Cedric Gracia! But for those who dont get it...
  • + 3
 Yes gloryrocks, we know that it is a Close Grizzly Incident...why do you ask?
  • + 0
 Logan shredds hard! Its such a beautiful style!

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