Video of the Month - November 2015

Dec 2, 2015
by Tyler Maine  
Video of the Month is an article showcasing the best Videos of the Day from the month before. We take the most viewed videos from the previous month, and pick our favorites out of the top 10.

With that said here are the most viewed videos that were VODs in November...

Views: 101,192    Faves: 1,410    Comments: 40

1. Dean Tennant - Shreducation by Scott Secco

Views: 84,579    Faves: 1,609    Comments: 51

2. Remy Metailler at Coast Gravity Park by One Up Components (Scott Secco)

Views: 81,731    Faves: 1,467    Comments: 44

3. The Backwoods by SRAM Media (Mindspark Cinema)

Views: 75,996    Faves: 1,074    Comments: 32

4. The Burn by The Coastal Crew

Views: 60,824    Faves: 632    Comments: 24

5. Pierre Edouard Ferry in a Vicious Cycle by Lone Wolf Productions

Honorable Mentions include:

"In the Know - Yoann Barelli" by SRAM Media (Mindspark Cinema). This is our first runner up with 50196 views

"Dive into some berm warfare with Tyler McCaul on board his new Deity TMAC signature pedals!" by Deity USA (Clay Porter). This is our second runner up with 41631 views

"Conor Macfarlane: Whistler Fall Time Riding" by Tom Ivor Richards (Furnival Media). 39641 views.

MENTIONS: @scottsecco / @dean / @OneUpComponents / @remymetailler / @SramMedia / @mindspark / @the-coastal-crew / @Lone-Wolf-Productions / @deityusa / @ClayPorter / @TMcCaul / @LeafKona / @conormac / @yoannbarelli


  • + 62
 Scott Secco makes the kind of porn i like to watch.
  • + 63
 @zepper Happy to help fuel the addiction!
  • + 45
 Remy still wins for me, not saying Tennant's wasn't good but Remy's speed always blows my mind.
  • + 10
 remy always wins
  • + 14
 "Remy Metailler Attacks The Whistler Mountain Bike Park" has 111,000 views and it was posted on November 7th, how was it not first?
  • + 4
 Remy's girlfriend
  • + 1
 probably hasn't been a VOD yet
  • + 1
 What @RitzKrakerz13 said - these are the top VOD's from November, so Remy is likely a VOD this month and we'd see him in early Jan's VOM on the December Videos.
  • + 31
 Rumour has it that Norbs spent all last month clicking on Secco's video so the Coastal Crew didn't claim the whole podium.
  • + 9
 Remy should've one, as always no one is carrying nearly the same speed
  • + 18
 Well if more people watched it, he would have "won" Wink

But yeah that's def. my favorite. His line choice is absurd.
  • + 2
 you could say his line choice is very french
  • + 1
 What I don't understand is why he has a One Up large cog on his DH bike.
  • + 6
 @scottsecco cleans up again.. if he had a nickel for every view he'd be a sixthousandaire.
  • + 7
 @oliverbrayshaw Well thanks for writing the sickest original music ever! That track made Remy's video so much better.
  • + 4
 After seeing the birds eye view of Rey's whip. I'm convinced no one will ever be able to whip as hard as remy.
  • + 3
 Dear Dean, You probably get years and years of use out of one set of tires....seeing as how your tires are hardly ever on the ground. Great vids all around!
  • + 3
 That first one was on point. But, did he say being a student and a MTBer is tough?? Just wait till he has a job, a wife and kids. Then he will find out what tough is.
  • + 4
 6 of the 8 videos referenced were shot in Coastal BC. I guess we have it pretty good here.
  • + 18
 no shit sherlock
  • + 2
 I don't want to sound like a queer or nothing.. But it moved a bit when I watched Remy's vid.. Guy might be faster then Jesus !
  • + 2
 after 3 slo mo clips I stop watching. every time a bike goes into the air does have to be put into slo mo?
  • + 6
 I was expecting to see' f*ck you, get pumped' from Caldwell Visuals on this list but it must have been in a different month or something. All these vids, although sick, are fairly similar in their polished slo mo feel. They're very impressive but as a rider they don't always blow my skirt up.
  • + 2
 Video #5 at 2:50. I was like SAY WHAAAT, someone jumping not throwing whip ...oh wait, he's landing a sick Manual instead Big Grin
  • + 2
 Whomever that is who lives in Whistler and party's evey night makes me jelly!
  • + 1
 Is video of the month based on view count? Wouldn't it make more sense to base it on like count?
  • + 1
 happy to see some commencal riders at the top! bummed their customer service guys drop the ball though.....
  • + 2
 scott secco is just awesome, love this guy!
  • + 1
 Well I'm lucky to shoot with some of the best riders out there! They make my job easier.
  • + 2
 Logan Peat has so much style!
  • + 2
 The backwoods... ugh... So much amplitude and style.
  • + 1
 What about Jaws? Poles to the top! Go one boys! Yeah You Two Godzki Smile Serce zawsze z wami, oczy z Metallierem Smile
  • + 1
 Anybody else having trouble with the pinkbike player stopping halfway through videos?
  • + 1
 All of them are dope films, great music, great taste fuck yeah
  • + 1
 I'd really like to ride that park in the Metailler video.
  • + 1
 Don't really like the editing on The Burn
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