Video: Official Highlights from the 2021 Albstadt XC World Cup

May 12, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  


bigquotesRacing at the Mercedes-Benz UCI MTB Cross-Country World Cup opening round in Germany is done. From winter to summer, from mud to dust, from familiar faces to new names at the top of the podium, Albstadt 2021 had it all.Red Bull Bike


bigquotesUCI Mountain Bike World Cup Racing is back! The best Cross-Country mountain bikers on the planet have gathered in Albstadt, Germany for the season opener on one of the most demanding tracks on the XCO world circuit.Red Bull Bike

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 Usually i only watch the DH World cups, thought id give this a go and wasnt disappointed, very exciting to watch, looking forward to this weekend for more of the same.
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 Head to head battles are really different (and more exciting in my opinion) compared to racing the clock in DH so that makes it really interesting!
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 things will start to get more interesting now that some riders have been able to exploit Nino's weakness (amazingly done by Koretzky), also Nino is looking to get his 30th WC top spot to beat Absalon's record, Pidcock coming from behind (no pun inteded) and Pauline Ferrand-Prevot appart from being supercompetitive is also the best looking MTBer out there.
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 @Narro2: You mean he's looking for his 33rd win, to equal Absalon's tally. He's need one more to beat it.
As for his "weakness" - this word just looks a little weird when talking about Nino, but I guess everyone has a weakness - I think in recent couple years it looks like it's the sprint. If a more powerful rider can manage to ride with him the whole race, they have a good chance if it comes down to sprint finish, as was the case last Sunday with Koretzky. I think Nino realizes that and ideally, he'd like to have a bit more separation to avoid last 15-20sec sprints. Easier said that done, of course. It doesn't look like it's the same Nino as in 2017 or 2018, when he was routinely riding away from everyone.
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 @arek: this is exactly what i am talking about.
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 Divisive but, Less Pidcock advertisement more Highlights of full race, please. I get he had an amazing race, but there was a lot going on in the men's race that was not shown here...
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 Agreed. Koretzky got shortchanged in the highlights.
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 This is Redbull. They are beyond stoked they have a new poster boy to rival Van der Poel as the next bright up and comer. Its annoying but understandable that it was a complete Pidcock love fest in those "highlights" considering its their show and broadcast. Koretsky, Nino, Cink, Cooper etc. should all get the same coverage but since they don't have that cow on their helmets....aren't worthy of the "official" highlights.
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 Agreed. I wish they'd show other prominent riders in the pack and where they're at/where they started/how many places they've moved up, etc. For instance, former winners Ulloa and Sam Gaze were never mentioned once. Even if they're way back, former winners deserve to be mentioned at least once! And Chris Blevins with an amazing result in his first elite race wasn't mentioned either.
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 I like the new presenter Lauren smith
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 Wow Pidcock's gonna shake em up I think this year
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 Was this on the redbull TV app? I couldnt find it anywhere but its on the website.
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 Yes it is on the app. You can watch the coverage live or replay it later.
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 @Dtwillow: Weird, maybe i will just delete and redownload. I was only seeing the stuff from last year and the 13 minute recap.
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 @Snowrydr01: Truth be told, the app interface is sooo crappy. It's so frustrating to try and navigate it to find past events. For example, if you're looking for a particular race from say, 2018, you'd think you should be able to type in some key words and get a few results, one of which would be what you're looking for. In my experience, most of the times search returns nothing close to what you want. I usually end up googling a race, with "Red Bull TV" added in, and when a link is found, it opens within the app. But finding same with the app - mostly impossible.
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 yeah it is goodluck finding it the interfaces are awful. it looks pretty - but the searchability and etc is next to impossible. seems no logic to it. i'd rather scoop my own eyeballs out than try and find a UCI MTB race on there. haha. personally i google redbull tv and the race name and i tend to be able to hunt it out. shame on redbull though, i don't understand how it's been this bad, for so many years!
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 @Snowrydr01: hmm, I have the app on my Samsung tv, and if I scroll down, below the channels tab there is a “featured” tab where I can choose the Uci race from last week and pick which full race or recap I want to watch. Maybe app shows different things in different countries?
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 @arek: No kidding! For as much money as Red Bull has, they should be ashamed of the app. In today's world, there is no excuse to have such a piss poor designed app.

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