Video: Official Highlights from EWS Val Di Fassa 2022

Jun 27, 2022
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThe dust has just about settled here at EWS Val Di Fassa Trentino and what a race it was! The Italian Dolomites put on a world-class show and pushed racers to their limits! Watch our highlights show to find out what went down. Enduro World Series

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 This was a bit poor to be kind. It didn’t tell you anything that 30 seconds with the results sheets told you. There is no story of the race. Nothing on any incidents that did or didn’t take place. If you weren’t in the top 3 then you didn’t exist or weren’t there. What happened to Bex? A poor result compared to the last 2 races? What happend to Rae Morrison on the Pro stage and then her comeback on Sunday?

The problem is that the coverage has got worse as the seasons have gone on, especially since GMBN got involved
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 Couldn’t agree more, so many cool stories to be told. From Rae’s Instagram looks like she front flatted on the 1st stage and then rode back 20 spots over the day into 11th. Also, where the hell did Katy Winton go? Did GT drop her because of poor results?
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 @Lololmalol: I don't think they would've dropped her for poor results, they only have 3 racers on the EWS side, one of whom is essentially part-time (Wyn). I thought they were going for a Korem helps get Winton back up to speed situation, they only signed Winton on in January.

If she has left racing, it'd probably be her choice, right? She's uninjured (far as I know) but has been definitely going through some mental battles.
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 Completely agree. How can it just keep getting worse and worse?? Come back Cunny, all is forgiven!
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 Yeah a missed opportunity in both footage and interviews. I can appreciate that it's hard to cover, but for such a hot selling market for the frame sponsors I assume they want better coverage for their athletes. I guess they're also relying on team vids, insta race vids from the athletes to build interest in their brand. This coverage isn't cutting it.
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 @ryanandrewrogers: the fact we are guessing and asking the questions proves that the crew producing this stuff should have covered it
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 Really we all just want more World Cup dh and this is all we can get. It’s lacking. Worried about the future of DH as F1, moto GP, hardenduro, Rock Climbing, every cool spry I like, all have a place on RB TV and DH is leaving. This can’t be good.
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 Some one is smoking the cash from discovery adquision... this is more lame than some corruption in some banana republic...
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 @Lololmalol: katy winton is still suffering from concussion symptoms still I believe
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 100% agree
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 Agree, this could be seen also during the Giro coverage We are entering a dark era for the cycling sport...
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 The race highlights need to be 30 mins long - and tell the story of the race; not the top 3. The old style WRC highlights from the late 90s used to do this.

The new show should really be about stories, proper analysis, tech, etc Instead we get another dose of highlights.
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 This is the blandest coverage yet. A focus on background music instead of ambient sound. Just makes me not want to watch EWS anymore, and that's sad.
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 To be fair, there is sweet fanny adams atmosphere at an EWS. There are no crowds like DH or XC World Cups. Would you prefer just hearing a bicycle roll past a camera point, no cheering, horns, or chainsaws? Just the sweet cha-ching-ching of chain slap?

EWS is not a "watched" sport like DH or even that weird sport with a round white ball that is popular for some reason throughout Europe. It's a "participation" sport (where everyone gets a ribbon). WRC, too, is a poor watch - it's jut a little more dramatic because there is speed and noise, and it's presentation format is loosely the same as EWS.

What is missing is any large amount of riders that could win any stage and thereby greatly affect the top spots; sure a two person race to first can be exciting, if watching side by side, but when the other 100+ riders are not getting much of a look in to disrupt the top two, then you're not going to have much of a story to tell. Fair play to Richie, Jesse, and Isabeau, but it's feeling a little like watching Schumacher win over and over...

She's a hard sport to show in all honesty - same corner, different rider, nothing much to tell them apart, no atmosphere at the side of the track...
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 @handynzl: Same corner different rider? The key to an enjoyable watch, yes give that man a job
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 Imagine being so bad at your job and getting lots of feedback and still carrying on producing nonsense regardless
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 @handynzl: There's great atmosphere at EWS races, there aren't massive crowds at every corner because it's practically difficult.
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 @ben13bm: Yes, that's my point. A few accessible points have a small crowd, the remainder of the trail there is nothing, thus no atmosphere to put across on video, so the producers of said video put music over the top to hide this. Shite, even Bernard Kerr was piping in applause over the podium ceremonies on his LSD video on YouTube.
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 MoiMoiTV must have a larger media budget than the EWS, Mr. Moir certainly puts out more (and actually entertaining) content.
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 MOI MOI TV Dats da Best !!!
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 Race day episode is online.
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 I wish they had interview Vali, would love to heard her thoughts
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 Also not even a mention of Ella Connolly’s broken elbow.
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 In other news Emma Connolly broke her elbow and Katy Winton seems to have left racing? Coverage used to be much better and longer.
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 I hope Winton hasn't left racing. The turnaround for women's racers (in DH and Enduro) has been disheartening the last few years. Understandable considering professional mountain bike racers are rarely making good money, which applies two-fold for the women.
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 She's on a moped now. Where they all end up.
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 Huge hole with out wyn tv this round.
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 Massive hole
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 This is the rushed out in 24 hour, 10 minute highlight show and not the other, longer GMBN one that's released on Tuesday evenings, right?
It's always only featured the top 3, nothing has changed!
If you want more, like I do cos I'm unashamedly a total enduro fanboy, you have to go looking for it on social media and you'll find it raw and unpolished on Moimoi's channel, Bernard Kerr is filling the Wyn shaped hole for me this week and Jesse's pov runs will pop up soon enough too. Not to mention all the Instagram stories from athletes and countless other people trackside.
Making a half hour TV package takes a bit more time and it's something that's often forgotten in this day and age of instant convenience.
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 Hi Max, the longer show only repeats the minimal riding with lots of pointless filler, agree there is plenty to be found on socials but the general uproar is because the highlights from previous years showed a lot more riders not just the top 3 and was the basis of the show, if bike companies compete for tv time then they are getting zero coverage for their investment, other than what they spend on their own social media budget.
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 Another point is all the guys you mention do POV which is fine but I want to see riders on bikes.
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 Even on YouTube the feedback is as bad as on here.

They really f*cked EWS coverage up. Looking forward to WCs next year.

Or are the killing the EWS on purpose in favor of DH and XC? Big Grin
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 As a diehard rally fan, the WRC put out amazing coverage in a 30 min package each day of the race weekend. It builds enough tension to keep you guessing, they have interviews with drivers at the end of each stage and also talk to team managers, etc. Something to learn from!
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 Yeah, that is what they should be doing!!
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 Only thing this is doing is killing interest in the series, surely they can’t be doing this on purpose, EWS please respond.
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 They ve been sold to Agenda 2030 to stop promoting bringing ppl to nature doing healthy "cheap" enjoyable things...
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 I want live highlights or nothing! Fuck Discovery! Just setting the tone for the week. Have a great Monday everyone.
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 Do you want live coverage? Or highlights?
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 @lewiscraik: Yes, exactly that!! And free beer and snacks to my door.
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 Anyone stay on past 11:53? I thought my computer was going to catch on fire.
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 I thought it was alright TBH

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