Video: Official Highlights From Red Bull Rampage

Oct 30, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesGreat things come to those who wait, and that was evident at Red Bull Rampage 2019, where a windy morning gave way to immaculate contest conditions, giving the world’s best freeride athletes a perfect playground to display their abilities. In the end, the Canadians rose to the occasion to sweep the podium, with Brandon Semenuk taking first place, Brett Rheeder claiming second, and Tom Van Steenbergen placing third on a sunny day in the Utah desert. Semenuk started his run with a massive 360 and highlighted it with an incredible backflip into a lily pad double drop. For his efforts, the 28-year-old British Columbia native was awarded his third career win and fourth career podium at Red Bull Rampage, tying Kurt Sorge for the all-time record in each of those respective categories.

This year’s edition set a new standard of precision in the course’s build. By building out the 2019 event zone in the same area as 2018, dig teams were able to add additional intricacy into how they interweaved different lines with one another. And, by building features on top of existing lines, dig teams were able to create a bigger course than ever before, sculpting perfect takeoffs and landings for riders to fully showcase their riding abilities.

Semenuk was the eighth rider on the course and approached the starting gate with one thing on his mind–redemption. After failing to finish his line at Red Bull Rampage 2018, Semenuk chose to ride the same line this year, threw down a monster first run–greasing a cork 360 on a rebuilt feature that he wasn’t able to land last year–and scoring a sterling 92.33 as a result. In his eighth Red Bull Rampage appearance, the phenom from Squamish was left watching as the rest of the field fought to catch up to him for the remainder of the event. Ultimately, that never happened, allowing Semenuk the luxury of indulging in a victory lap to the delight of the roaring crowd.

“Making it to the bottom of the hill, period,” said Semenuk when asked what he enjoyed most about winning this year’s Red Bull Rampage. “That makes a big difference.”
Red Bull Bike


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 The steeze of Strait's sui' absolutely blows my mind...
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 Came here to say that. Stalled-out and stood up - not a big fan of the trick in general, but that's the best Sui I've ever seen.
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 Fair play to Semenuk as he had a cool line and a few sweet tricks, but for me Brendan Fairclaw, Andreu Laclawndeguy and Tyler McClaw's lines, runs and style are the true spirit of Rampage.
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 what the
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 So true!
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 Lecondeguy may Not have made it to the finish line, but he might be the most exciting guy out there. I like his style — he’s all in. Win it all or bust!
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 I enjoy the rider made dirt features over the wooden features of the past. Let’s face it, we all watch to see the worlds best riders pull off the most insane riding the gents can muster @ the biggest event of the year. In the immortal words of the Beastie Boys, “Skills to pay the bills”.
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 Anybody catch Emil putting down that huge no hander into a manual to smoothest touch down from that height probably ever?
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 We all seen a lot of cool extreme riding video edits, but thrill of top to bottom Rampage run is something different. There is comaprable thing in music - everybody can record an album but to play/sing their song perfectly as it meant to be in one take is not a common thing. Would be fun to practice music with falling out of second floor window everytime when doing a mistake)
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 Man, those flat drop flips on DH bikes are crazy to me. They take so much commitment. Loved that 1 min of Aggy dance moves during the contest. Would love to know what song he was cuttin a rug to.
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 Totally mind blowing! It's just unbelievable what these guys can do on a mountain bike.. I sometimes stand on the top of a ridge, look down and think on these guys doing a 40 to 50 ft drop! oh man, no way.. and then they flip it.. wow it's just crazy!! Rampage gets better and better every year..
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 Andreu is on another level, simply put. So psychotic he makes all other look almost sane. Had he made it to the finish line, it would've been one of the greatest rampage runs ever.
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 Graham's dance moves! Kills it on the dance floor and on the bike! RIP Jordie
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 Redbull Rampage really rocks .
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 Best ever
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 Graham's Agassiz dance moves!! kills it on the dance floor and on the bike!
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 These highlights videos are always so frustrating! How little attention span do they think their audience has!
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 Only just noticed Emil's manual lander @ 1:13 Nuts!
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 I thought there was a few chicks digging a line this year...???
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 That was a separate event.
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 @dingus: Oh, thanks mate. Are there any links to footage getting around?
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 @AntN: It was called Red Bull Formation, if you search that you'll probably find some edits etc.
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 Everytime you see Andreu, they have to pan the camera down
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