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Video: Official Highlights from the Crans Montana XC World Cup 2024

Jun 23, 2024
by Ed Spratt  
Catch up on the elite races from the action-packed fifth stop of the 2024 XC World Cup series. You can view the full results here.

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 -Hey rick can we get a course preview,
-Rick- "So the track heads up the ass-hole climb, turns hard left and a big long pedal up the hill"
{replays intro 5 times}-Sorry what climb now!
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 I think this is so bad ass. The best of the best will always prevail, put up a time and finish, no matter what the course or conditions look like. The rest of the pack will do their best. Some will fail, crash & DNF. Mountain Biking Rules! I remember rallying cross country tracks in the 90's and looking at them now with modern tech, like "what the hell were we thinking!?"
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 Great race. The ladies in particular showed that bike handling and technical skills were important as Puck was loosing buckets of time on the technical sections.

I did laugh out loud when Bart said they were using mud tyres and the cameraman then zoomed in to show a Racing Ralph on the front wheel. I’ve heard tyres described lots of ways but calling a Racing Ralph a mud tyre was a new one on me
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 Yes. A beautiful example of the advantage of riding over walking was the gap Loanna put on Puck when Loanna rode a few sections which Puck walked, and then Puck's cleats were so clogged with mud that she couldn't clip in. That's when Amanda overtook Puck.

I couldn't help but barrack for Loanna for that race. She'd be my fave to get the Olympic gold now (which is what I assume she meant by her 'big goal for the summer' in the post race interview.
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 I was already on my way to being a Pidcock fan before he brought his UCI-leaders-jersey-wearing-wiener-dogs up to the podium. Now I'm fully on Team Tom.

I didn't know much about him besides the fact that he was a guy that rode in the tour and raced MTB - but I listened to his interview with Rob Warner and Eliot Jackson on their podcast, and he came across as really down to earth. Honest about his strengths and weaknesses, and open about how important "being happy" is to being a successful racer.

He basically admitted that while the realities of $$ in the sport mean that his road performances are the most important for his sponsors, he sees himself as a mountain biker first, and if he had to give up MTB, he'd probably burn out and quit.

He came across pretty well dealing with his "failure" at last year's TDF on season 2 of the Netflix documentary.

His racing schedule is insane, and I'll be rooting for him to exceed expectations at the Tour when it starts next week, and at the Olympics just after that.
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 CRASH Montana, epic!
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 So what where the course designers thinking with that log crazy paving section?
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 conversations in Crans on Friday

WTF is with the weird stones.
It's art.
It's a death trap.
Particularly when it rains.
It's not going to rain (course builder)
Wanna bet? (someone who has actually read the meteo)
To riders: do you like the course.
Yes the natural bits. The man made bits try to kill us.
Where did we put the ski mats at the end of winter...find them now! (course builder)
Change the course (UCI waking up and demanding that the course is safe)

And then there was Pidcock.....vvvrrrrrrooooooooooooom
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 Track seems to be a poorly executed good idea.
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 "The secret is to be happy & have FUN!"
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 Oh. I've been happy because of having fun in secret.
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 Rockshox and Maxon whip the Deceuninck out of Alpecin as a choir of washing machines sighs
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 Not a haiku but poetic non the less
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 Honestly, if this is riding cross country I would love to be in that country Smile
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 And again Bart is sooooo annoying. incredible.
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 Really? I quite like Bart - he's a touch old school and I prefer Ollie but I found the three commentators were great foils for one another.
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 @paulskibum: yeah. I think Olly is a good addition
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