Video: Olivier Cuvet on Going From Law School to Full Time Freerider

Jun 27, 2019
by Olivier Cuvet  

After 6 years spent sitting down on a bench in law school for a big part of the year, Olivier Cuvet hangs up the pen and dusted off the bike to ride full time. He took a gap year in Queenstown, NZ, to bring his riding where he wanted it to be, and now we’re here!


Focus, hard work, fun and some failures were experienced both at school and on the bike, but at the end of the day you know riding take it all. So he went back where freeride started in France, and brought his own style to those 15+ years old raw lines, as a challenge and because he loves it!

The lines here are pretty raw, exposed and so rocky! They’re quite hard to only ride, so I was really stoked to have been able to trick it. Kickers and landings are short and narrow, there are no places for mistakes. This makes me confident for the summer. I want to get the opportunity to ride Fest events (nb: he’s heading to Hillbilly in Norway by next week) and try to make it to bigger freeride events. To do so I’ll shoot another freeride edit at by July, on a spot I’ve been working on all winter. - OC

You can expect more content like this over the summer from Olivier, so keep your eyes open and check out what he’s doing! 

Video and photos by Arthur Chambre

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  • + 27
 Good thing he doesn't need a lawyer for big cases.
  • + 5
 Always nice to see a Banshee!
  • + 3
 Yeahh! Nice one Olivier ????????????
  • + 3
 ? = Emojies in my phone....!
  • + 3
  • + 1
 Feels like a bmx video from the early 90’s. Indian air seat grab, turndowns. Fun video for your family maybe.
  • - 2
 What time wasted in school to stop almost at the end lol working holiday visa in oz/nz is a lifechanger i testify ! I Wonder how difficult it has to be to live from freeride mtbiking!
  • + 8
 I am not sure he wasted his time. I guess he got graduated and wants to give a try to his true passion.
  • + 6
 @smartfartbart: Thank you sir Smile
  • + 2
 @oliv69: Welcome mate. Can't wait to see new videos
  • + 1
 @oliv69: Sick riding
  • + 1
 He is searching a gap, a legal gap
  • + 1
 That was pretty sweet!
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