Video: Olly Wilkins & Bernard Kerr's Charged Up 'Tea & Biscuits' Segment

Apr 19, 2020
by James McKnight  

Quite possibly the most e-xciting e-bike section in the e-ntire world: Ollee Wilkins and Bernard Kers drain their batteries for Tea & Biscuits, A Very British MTB and E-bike Film.

We hope you enjoy it with an open mind, a proper brew and a top-notch biscuit.

Tea & Biscuits is brought to you by Misspent Summers and Caldwell Visuals (#therealtommyc)
Supported by Nukeproof Bikes and Hope Technology
T&B photography: Will Brignal, Chris Greenwood, Isac Paddock, Ben Winder
Logo design: Tom Bunney
Illustrations: Jon Gregory
Zine production: Misspent Summers

Thank you to the riders who risked life and limb to make Tea & Biscuits possible.


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 Let's not pretend the ebikes are what make this sick. Good riders combined with good trails and stoke always have been the winning recipe. Doesn't matter what the bike is!
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flag nvranka (Apr 20, 2020 at 9:52) (Below Threshold)
 Are there any edits like this (with legitimate riders) on feature driven / aggressive trails?

I’ve still yet to see an Ebike be shredded on anything other than flow with jumps or single track.
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 @nvranka: Sam Pilgrim does some big features/ slopestyle stuff on his but I haven’t seen any footage on super rough steep stuff. They look like they go great on big jumps
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 @bluerocketboy: I’ll check it out. Saw a short edit with Jordie that had some drops / gaps, but still not much rough tech.

If you’re downvoting me above because you think I was implying BK and Ollie aren’t legitimate, that wasn’t at all my point. They just tend to ride stuff like this, which isn’t emblematic of all trails
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 no one is saying that this edit is good because they're on eBikes; just that it's good despite being on eBikes
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 Honestly... Nothing but love for these e-mtb.. Absolutely double fun
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 Bernard had to make it weird...
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 Wheel sizes may change. Methods of power may change. Fitments and geometries may change on bikes. The lizards know no boundaries.

But two things remain constant over the long-term evolution of mountain biking: Shitty British pop and spazzy panning/zooming.
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 After having a kid I have to say, the idea of having any time to ride seems like a luxury. If I could get to or ride more in a session, then ebikes all the way
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 What kinda truck is that?
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 Land Rover.
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 @fodermonk: know the model?
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 @Clifflane3: Defender 130 by the looks of it. 4 door truck.
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 @Clifflane3: You'll see he like Rovers. He's also got a Series 1. I've had series IIA and a couple series 3.
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 @fodermonk: defender 110 my dude
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 @sandycar101: Ah yes, missed it by 20. and the bed.
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 I ride that hill regularly, kinda cool to see it in a video
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 St Marthas and ditto altho not as fast. Guildford local?
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 Wilkins reminds me of Jay Adams, the guy has that much style and passion, just does it for the love and fun rather than the pay cheque
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