Video: On the Clock with ENVE's New AM30 Wheels

Apr 11, 2020
by ENVE Composites  

Press Release: ENVE

The adage ‘time is money’ takes on a whole new meaning for the time-crunched rider on a budget. As dedicated non-professional riders, we spend the majority of our time earning the dollars that feed the habit. As important as our careers and the income they generate are, our passion for life is fueled by the moments spent in the woods, on our bikes. Indeed, time is money, but ride-time is invaluable.

This edit and the all-new AM30 are a tribute to you, the ones working to make it happen every day in whatever situation you may find yourself. Ride responsibly and enjoy the ride.

Over a decade ago, ENVE (then EDGE) released the AM, a first-of-its-kind carbon mountain bike rim that was strong enough to be ridden every day, on any trail. The all-new AM30 pays tribute to the past while ushering in a new era of carbon rim performance to meet the demands of the modern, value-oriented, all-mountain rider. With a contemporary rim shape, compliant-yet-responsive all-mountain ride-tune, 30mm inner rim width, anti-pinch flat technology, leading impact toughness, and a lifetime guarantee; the all-new AM30 is ready for anything you can throw at it.

Technical Specs
• Application: Trail, All-Mountain, Enduro
• 29" Wheelset Weight: 1852g (Boost w/ I9 1/1 Hubs)
• 27.5" Wheelset Weight:1748g (Boost w/ I9 1/1 Hubs)
• 30mm internal rim width
• Gravity rated impact strength
• Rim shape tuned for compliance and damping
• Lifetime Incident Protection and 5 Year Factory Warranty
• Handmade in Ogden, Utah
• MSRP $1600 USD

It’s no secret that we at ENVE are proud of our U.S. based manufacturing capabilities. Like all our rims, the Foundation Collection and its AM30 are handmade and assembled in our Ogden, Utah based state-of-the-art carbon wheel manufacturing facility. And not just because we’re proud, but because manufacturing our products right where we dream them up means we can create, prototype, test, and iterate within days or hours, rather than weeks and months. Sending prototypes back and forth across the globe challenges the creative process leaves performance on the table and introduces risk. By keeping our rims local and housing all our manufacturing processes under one roof, we enjoy the ability to respond dynamically to the issues and winds of change that inevitably arrive to the cycling aftermarket. When new shapes, laminates, iterations are pulled from our molds, we can then test our new concepts on the world-class trails in our own backyard. Together, these elements equate to a design and manufacturing ecosystem that is second-to-none.

ENVE employs 150+ individuals, all of whom are passionate about the company and product, who individually contribute to the ENVE mission.

More info on the AM30 here.


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 Time is money; Money is power; Power is pizza; Pizza is knowledge. Let’s go.

Also sick edit.
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 Hahaha!!! pure gold Smile
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 Didn’t know dropping $1,600 on cycle wheels was riding on a budget. The industry has lost their freaking mind if these are budget wheels.
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 Budget Enve, is like Budget Ferrari's. Its out there even if its not your budget.
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 Budget carbon.
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 @jgainey: same scrap QC
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 @jgainey: the budget Ferrari you’re looking for is called a Maserati. Even more budget is called a Fiat.
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 haha... you have a newer F150, new bike and you're going to complain about $1,600 on wheels? All about perspective my man.
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flag 1dude2bikes (Apr 12, 2020 at 9:40) (Below Threshold)
 @rzicc: Thanks for noticing and pointing out the material positions I’m fortunate enough to own. These possessions for which you’re obviously jealous of were paid for by serving my country through deployments far beyond the keyboard for which you creep from. YOU MISSED THE POINT BUD! I was simply saying I thought it was interesting we’ve reached a point where $1,600 wheels are in a budget category. You may now take your poor attitude elsewhere because we don’t need it here. "Perspective my man".
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So someone who owns an f150 and bought a bike can't have an opinion on expensive wheels? Putting $ towards a quality truck rather than breaking the bank on bling wheels is actually pretty responsible. cant believe the down votes on this one. Would y'all rather he drive a 15 year old Pontiac but ride a $15000 bike?
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 How is it that everyone can have blind faith in WAO. We get that you’ve ridden them but you haven’t ridden this new or most of their competitors wheels. ENVE and WAO both manufacture a product on their home turf which is something everyone should be proud of. Adding more jobs locally shouldn’t be a crime. If you haven’t ridden them before don’t make bold statements about something you don’t know.
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 Curious what your point is? If people have ridden them, like them, and the unlucky ones universally receive great customer service backing a stated warranty, its quite the opposite of blind faith.

People recognizing WR1 are a great product at a great price point with a comparably superior hub configuration to these and many other wheels isn't a bold statement. The market is saturated with carbon rims and by now we all know very well the primary issue with this kind of product is durability (and thus warranty), not some remarkable level of performance you gain by dropping extra pesos.
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 @HaggeredShins: I do not have a problem with anyone who has ridden and had great experiences with any product especially WAO. Everything that you are saying about their experience is valid. What I am saying is a lot of people that haven’t ridden carbon or specific products (wheelsets, helmets, group sets, forks, etc.) they choose to comment on.
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 @speedsubscription: amen! I guess that’s just the nature of the internet...
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 @speedsubscription: Makes sense, and I agree with you most of the way. What I read had me thinking more generally about commenting on products we haven't ridden. You could drop me on any bike and I could tell you if the wheels are carbon or alloy without looking but I could never tell you what rims, even with ones I'm familiar with. I think a lot of people are in this category now and have come to realize you aren't buying a ton more when it comes to performance, but you are buying into a company's product model and service ethic. This leaves a lot to talk about when it comes to price and expectations.
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 @HaggeredShins: well said and I think you are absolutely right. The onus is definitely on the brands to create a better product, value add and customer service. AMEN, now let's go ride some bikes....responsibly!
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 @speedsubscription: the problem is wa1 costs $ 450 for a rim with lifetime no questions asked warranty.

What is the cost of an enve rim?

And does the extra cost add up to better performance?
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 Nevermind they dont sell just the rim atm.
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 Still not mad at my money.
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 @reverend27: Nope. All I know, at IM distance my carbon Zipp 909s "saved" me 10 some odd minutes over 112mi as opposed to a 32spk 3x wheel @ 700x the price (in theory). I can't really feel my Hyperions over my Neutron Ultras @ 3x the price....I figure I am good on Mavic Crossmax.
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 The Enve film crew should be getting a raise... two videos this week, geesie and this one. Mike swim and Ian for the win !
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 That look at 1:37. I've seen that before!
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 Sick!! I need these. Indeed, time is money. I can be broke, happy and hustle for these.
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 No rims were harmed in making this motion picture!
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flag KurtDirt (Apr 11, 2020 at 21:22) (Below Threshold)
 Seems like an edit to tell a relatable story. who knows - maybe the kids are faster than you on 2 wheels. Cheer up troll.
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 I enve everyone that is out riding right now. On that we can all agree...
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 Did they really use the term 'value orientated'? Mwahahahaha
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 anytime I hear that phrase I assume performance is shit
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 About time enve got rid of the stupid internal nipples
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 Where was this ?
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 Great vid, still can't afford em.
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 We are one for the win on price and customer service !
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 Not today Canada.
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 @Grosey: I gotta swing to WAO, have had them for 3 years now and for the same price as these I got Onyx hubs. Have only broken one wheel, and they overnighted a new one. Was riding the next day. Sure these are great, but I’m sold on WAO.
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 WOA doesn't win customer service

WAO ships you a new rim you must build or pay to build.

Enve emails you an return shipping label, rebuilds your wheel, and then ships it back built and with fresh valve stems/tape/rim strip. $0 cost at all.

Enve wins customer service.
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 @jgainey: that is awesome, just wish they offered the Hydra hub, would be way more appealing.
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 @jgainey: Its not "$0 cost at all". Its built into the original cost to buy the wheels.
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 @jgainey: hope so you pay 200% premium
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 @jgainey: learn 2 build
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