Video: Michal Prokop Threads the Needle on Santa Cruz's Trails

Aug 7, 2018
by prkplive  

One of the many benefits of California is that it’s a great destination to ride a bike any time of the year. Santa Cruz is at the intersection of Western culture, Eastern culture, and surf culture, with a generous remanence of the hippy movement. All the while, being surrounded by beautiful nature, majestic redwood trees and one of the most famous epic mtb trails in the area.

Santa Cruz shredding
Santa Cruz shredding

Such as good day on the bike!

Santa Cruz shredding

MENTIONS: @GhostBikes


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 Why do people insist on including stupid filler of him at the airport, in a car, sitting there looking around? A minute of a 2:22 vid is just click past shit no one wants to watch.

If you're going to make a video of a guy riding a bike, more than half the video should be of a guy riding a bike. Only think I can imagine is they went through all the trouble, but only got 45 seconds of usable footage.
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 I just wish there was footage of the rental car counter preferably in slo-mo.
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 - dramatic blackouts = :42
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 Pinkbike makes me feel like i'm on PornHub. Skip forward skip forward, skip forward, rewind, skip forward.... I'm being a grump, but I'm tired of the MTB world full of edits of average-ish riders eating breakfast, looking at trees, and putting on their goggles. This doesn't happen in ANY other sport.
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 Ever seen an amateur motocross video edit?
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 I agree the video is not very good but Michal Prokop definitely is not an average-ish rider. Multiple 4X and BMX world champion :-)
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 " Santa Cruz is at the intersection of Western culture, Eastern culture." WTF are you talking about? Any explanation there?
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 East Side vs West Side - been going on since surfers become Gangsters of the Ocean.
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 @endlessblockades: While that is the case there, it doesn't explain that whacky quote.
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 There are so many average, or art-pimped videos to be watched on this website, full of riding or artistic focus. This one is a mixture of two best people in the category of riding and photography in our country (Michal and Rob). The journey from Prague to SC is really long and I guess this was an expression of their feelings. Might not be a video of your expectations, but it's a different video..... Thanks for loving riding, thanks for loving being different, god bless your hate guys :-D
P.S. forgive me my grammar, it's not my mothers tongue. I'm from the eastern block :-D
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 Definition of remanence : the magnetic induction remaining in a magnetized substance no longer under external magnetic influence.

Hippies are no longer under magnetic influence, but still magnetic?

Or do they just...remain?
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 wtf, half this video is filler, half is riding.
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 Could have been a great video... loved the music and how it went with the video.. but needs more bicycle riding..

Music credit??
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 Pacifica or SC's feature-filled trails would have been a much doper edit... This was wholly unremarkable.
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 I just love how videos of pros are made on our local illegal trails........really helps keep them hidden
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 I was trying to think of all of the videos that were shot at those turns. Quite a few.
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 piece of shit video
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 Beat it KOOK!
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 sick airport footage.
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 kooks gunna get slammed
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 Dude got spracky - good pop.
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 Dude is Dope!

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