Video: Oscar Härnström Carves a Massive Norwegian Quarry in 'WOLFLAND'

Sep 29, 2019
by Oscar Härnström  

I always seek new spots and it thrills me to discover new places. While I was driving up north in Norway I found this gigantic sand quarry. It turned out to be one of the best stuff to ride. This is my first time riding real freeride lines. I'm absolutely blown away how much fun it was and it felt almost like powder skiing, I can't wait to go back!

I can barley stand here. To the right of me that is my line and it is insanely steep almost like a wall. I was two wheels looked drifting all the way down. It´s a line that I will remember for sure! If I had the chance I would not even try to ski down there. Check out my POV run below.

We saw a lot of moose and wolf prints all over the sand quarry and therefore the name "Wolfland"

It was also a gigantic full moon that we manage to capture on our way back home.

Directed by: Kollektive Productions
Filmed & Photographed by: Darren Hamlin, Peter Brockman
Producer: Oscar Härnström
Special thanks: Tim Larsson, Beatrice Johansson

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  • 16 2
 Epic video, give this guy an Oscar!
  • 12 0
 Slightly irrelevant, not really, but we need a Where the Trail Ends 2
  • 1 0
 We do!!!
  • 11 1
 "STEEPEST LINE EVER?" good lord, kids. Lay off the click-bait bullshit.
  • 4 0
 "I would not try to ski down there"..... ???
C'mon! MTB has come a long way but on skis you can go steeper, bigger and faster anywhere, anytime
  • 3 0
 I have loved sandpit slash sessions since the 80’s! Kranked in 1998 featured some and I’m stoked to see Oscar carving it up and freeriding that pit!! Right on!!
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 Am I right in thinking that this kind of riding wears through your back tire really fast?
  • 9 0
 All kind of proper riding does. If you want pristine tires, hang them in the wall.
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 @JackStephen: not really there are a number of variables and it was a legit question rather than an attempt to belittle what he's doing. To explain further; I assume he's riding theses slopes with the back wheel pretty much constantly locked up like an anchor, just releasing every now and then to rotate the back wheel and get some fresh grip before hauling on the brake again... In which case he'd be going through one back tire per days riding if its tacky rubber. But maybe he uses a harder compound on the rear so it lasts longer on these industrial sandpaper slopes!?
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 @landscapeben: I would think that since hes riding in loose sand it wouldnt wear out insanely fast since the ground moves with him
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 @endurogan: Maybe, but have you ever cleaned tools in a bucket of builders sand? It's loose but it's so abrasive it cleans them up incredibly quickly. I would guess that you get a combination of loose surface sand moving easily and creating little abrasion and the stuff sitting slightly deeper and therefore a bit more compacted which would be extremely abrasive. Would be interesting to know from the rider if he changes to a harder wearing rubber on the rear for this stuff, or if not, what level of wear he sees @OscarHärnström?
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 Bravo! Fantastic edit; original and well shot with ultra-cool riding. So different
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 That looks so fun! I need to find a quarry by my house.

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