Video: Party in the Pueblo

May 24, 2023
by Outside Online  

Presented by Epic Rides.

Video: Outside Watch

The Grand Canyon State is home to the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo... a race that has been described as “the Burning Man of mountain bike races."


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 EHEHE I so egdy I likey bikeys and the beer drink!
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 Hell, throw in some party shirts for a real hipster party……
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 DUDE! BRAH, like totally dude!!!! Sick!!!!
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 The new Rapha gear is very . . uh . .European.
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 Reminds me of those Texas cowboy chaps. Definitely an American aesthetic
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 Don't get me wrong this looks like a good time and riding for 24h is no small feat but sometimes MTB is such a caricature of itself. Definitely in the running for the geekiest of action sports (still love it tho!)
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 Road cycling, skimo, and then rock climbing for geekiest action sports.
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 Every side of mtb is tragically bad. White downhill pant pit viper shades, leopard print pants, party shirts in bike parks. Everyone looks like they are trying to hard. But that's life!... if you don't cringe when you look back at photos of yourself, you probably weren't having enough fun.
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 This really did look like a great vibe. Seems fun and positive in every way. As for the 24h riding, never done that and pretty sure I'd never make it alive. Ever since I have had kids, I don't think I've ridden a mountainbike ride of over 2hrs. Time is limited so I was always intend on giving all I've got. I'm pretty sure that by 4hrs of mountainbiking, I'd go dizzy and tumble down my bike unaware of what's up or down. I'd really need to learn to eat on rides, learn to ride with the saddle up, preserve energy... Night time riding is always fun though.
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 @mmarkey21: forgot fruit booters
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 I've been riding mtb my whole life...we are definitely of the same group as the geeky horse girls in high school.
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 @sunday06: oh hell no, don’t you dare put us in the same category as those toxic ass Barbie wanta bees!!
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 @mmarkey21: never thought of road cycling as an action sport, interesting
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 For me, biking and skiing (my main hobbies) represent such ridiculous things to do. We pay crazy amounts of money to get down mountainsides just to go back up and do it again. I must at least vaguely act normal and dress normally most of the week. If I want to dress a little goofy while I go ride down a mountain on a $6k wonder bike, who cares?

Let people have their fun.
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 @mmarkey21: when the hell did road cycling become “action sports”?
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 @onawalk: Once gravel bikes became mainstream…
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 @vinay: Back in the NORBA days, 24 and 12 hr racing was my favorite kind of XC racing.
It's really not as bad as you might think. Far easier than pure XC racing because, realistically, most are not in it to be competitive. It's more of a communal sufferfest that we're all in together.
Far and away the best vibe of any kind of bike racing.
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 This one time at bike camp I shoved a dropper post in my…
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 @mmarkey21: that’s not, that’s not road riding though…
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 @karatechris: Dude! Does this mean you're dissing my matching tiger stripe jersey and tights? Oh, the horror...
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 @onawalk: Last I heard they were riding gravel roads…
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 @mmarkey21: come on,
You’re being pedantic now.
Honestly there’s no action in either gravel or road riding
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 All chaps are assless, BTW. No need to say assless chaps.
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flag Mtbdialed (May 24, 2023 at 15:14) (Below Threshold)
 no no.....i have assless chaps, but because I had a double Assectomy to affirm my true identity, as I was missassigned "a*shole" as a personality at birth!
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 I have a chapless ass.
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 @kingbike2: ohhhh.......we will be the judge of that! *snaps belt*
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 I have an assless back.
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 The only reason to say assless chaps is to wait for that exact oh so witty comeback. It's a setup you see.
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 @Fill-Freakin: Don't hate the player - hate the game
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 @suspended-flesh: I love the game though. It never gets old.
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 A lot of try-hard content being made right now.
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 If I hadn’t started riding at such a young age, a VERY long time ago I doubt I would even consider starting now due to the shit image Mtn bike marketeers put out there.

Now get off my goddamned lawn!!!!
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 @wobblegoblin: Then you'd be missing out, I'd still get into mtb ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not everyone is so insecure that they base their actions on others' image Wink
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 I don’t normally take LSD, but when I do, it’s at the Old Pueblo.
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 I don’t normally take acid, but when I do i tell everyone about it.
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 Fascinating, Jim.
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 The thumbnail to this post is very… mmm
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 Target's new mtb clothing line?
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 In case you're wondering, only the crazy solo riders do 24hrs. The rest are teams, from 2 up to 5 I think, so at any given time there's a lot of mtbers just hanging out, makes for a great party. I rode it about 6 times in the first 10 years, and was a great opportunity to gather distant friends. Last time was solo, which gets tough after midnight, when you've been riding for 12 hours and some fresh kid on his third lap runs you down on a narrow section and bangs into your handlebars next to a bunch of cactus. Nowdays better sign up quick, I think it fills up in 10 minutes.
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 made it to "we're a pretty diverse crew" before bailing. Pretty good!
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 What were you afraid you might have experienced had you watched more?
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 @suspended-flesh: Embarrassment. Existential crisis. Zero jumps?
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 Someone is afraid of getting dropped.
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 @dadcountry: dude I'll drive the struggle bus. Get me the eff outta there!
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 more cringe per paragraph than any other article..
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 It's only one paragraph.
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 24HOP is such a damn good time. We can't wait for next year!
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 strangely fabricated video production seems like it took something away from something that is probably pretty rad.
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 Pants your dad would wear out on a ride..
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 If it's a 24hr ride, anyone would wear out the pants.
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 If I wanted to run I wouldn't own a bike... or if I could run...
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 Dat ASS looks so Legit.
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 Phew, a rock drop.
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 Are those assless chap tights????
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 Chaps are assless.
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 @generictrailrider: inherently so, or they'd be pants. But those are assless chap, tights!
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 I know an assless chap in the UK
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 @suspended-flesh: Lots of chaps are asses in the UK.
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 Don't try to have a good time, just have a good time!
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