Video: Past, Present, Future - The Vali Höll Documentary

Jul 28, 2021
by Sarah Moore  
English captions available, click "CC"

Go behind the scenes during Vali Höll's outstanding years as a Junior, her first injury at World Championships in Leogang, and finishing second in her first World Cup as an Elite after a crash in the final corner.

bigquotesGrowing up in the Austrian mountains and surrounded by bike trails from a young age, Vali Höll was dubbed the 'Austrian Bike Wonderkid', with many predicting a great career ahead of her. From the age of 13 her talent for downhill mountain bike racing was undeniable and in an unusual (for her age) industry move, she signed a six-year sponsorship contract with a German bike manufacturer YT Industries.

While excelling in the mountain world bike world, find out how the 19-year-old dealt with the pressure of balancing school, life and the World Cup circus under her bike helmet in the Red Bull TV documentary Past–Present–Future.
Red Bull

Read the accompanying interview with Red Bull here.


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 By comparison, I've done nothing in the last 2 years.
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 Badass! Was there anything in particular about that final turn at Leogang that was tricky (or simply bad luck)? I remember a few other riders fell there that looked similar to Vali's crash. Camera angle doesn't show much. Brutal as the race was basically over. I wish her the best! this was really great to watch.

Also...I recall thinking while watching the actual race (not in reference to Vali specifically):

"And all he had to do was turn left."
"I'm not an ambi-turner. It's a problem I had since I was a baby. I can't turn left."
"...that's nothing to be ashamed of. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who can't turn...I mean, there have got to be some people out there just like you who can't...turn...turn...left."

[Though I assume the riders don't find this reference amusing]
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 Ben Cathro did a video about the corner. Basically, it's a steep corner and just wide of the rut was super loose.
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 @nickgarrison: thanks! i love all of Ben's stuff. I'll have to track down that video.
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 @nickgarrison: yeah. Cathro's video was really good, because from the race run, the turn looked like no big deal, but upon further inspection, was a pretty tricky little bit
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 Next time in Leogang or Saalbach I'll bring a proper pen for an autograph if I happen to see her again.
Last time my wife and I were too shy to approach her because she looked to focused.
So dude with a black/red Slayer screaming like the first row of a Take That concert "Vali my hero"...that would be me Smile
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 Sharpies are your best friend for autograph hunting. *polishes Vali Holl signed cowbell* Big Grin
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 Actually glad for her she didn't came into Elite winning the World Champs and the first WC series. She already has a lot of pressure on her shoulders at a too young age plus she comes from dominating the field in junior so I don't think that peaking that early would have had a good impact on her career. She just needs to bite the dust a few times, learn to cope with failure and disappointment and enjoy the 2nd place when it happens- because although she is bound to be one of the best there will be a lot of other good riders battling alongside. I believe or want to think that we'll see the playing field in the women's category levelling in the next years, with tighter races, more top women fighting for podiums inside the top ten and a lot of younger promises like her blooming very early, so the years of dominance like ACG´s and Rachel´s will be a thing of the past. But that's my honest prediction, and to fit in that field she has to put her strong and determined mindset to work with her, not against her.

Also not a fan of Redbull as a drink but you can't possibly say anything wrong with how they use their resources to support their athletes. They have probably the world best facilities for training and recovery any mtb athlete can possibly have access to and they are committed to help and support their people. That pushes the sport to the next level.
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 I hate the women/robot that narrates this piece
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 Vali is one fast Mutter Vater!
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 Good thing Red Bull brings Vali Höll under our attention, I almost forgot about her. After all, she barely get's any attention here on Pinkbike or on any other media platform for that matter.
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 Finn lurking back there thinking “You’re next Jackson!”
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 Good job Red Bull
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 The commentator sounded like my satellite navigation in my car
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