Video: Pauline Ferrand Prevot Prepares for Tokyo in Episode 3 of Absolute Insider

Jul 15, 2021
by ridebmc  

The Final Stretch

A season with several major objectives along the way, it was always going to be a wild run up to the big day in Tokyo. Can Pauline Ferrand-Prevot continue her perfect build up to race day? Will Filippo Colombo get back to his best in time after his crash in Albstadt? And can Titouan Carod turn things around after a rough start to the season?

All this and more in the latest Episode of the Absolute Insider series.


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 Did I watch this video? No.

Did I read the specifics about the Outside purchase? No.

Will I still make a comment about paywalls or someshit? Hell yes.
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 Did I come here just to see a comment about Outside? Yes!
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 For me the problem isn't even the impending paywall. If Pinkbike had introduced their own paywall because they recognised it was necessary to provide the funds to produce the level of content they wanted, then I'd have been fine with it. Along with many Pinkers. Supporting a small/medium enterprise to deliver their vision is a goal worth celebrating.

The fact is Pocket Media bought Pinkbike because their board of directors saw it as a cash cow.
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 @L0rdTom: I expect PB is a bigger company by user-base and traffic than the parent company was when they started making acquisitions. Sadly, through the eyes of ruthless capitolism as this site is not as cash-rich it's seen as the smaller fry to be exploited by those with resources to do so.
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 @L0rdTom: Well said ... if Pinkbike had introduced their own paywall because they recognised it was necessary to provide the funds to produce the level of content they wanted, then I'd have been fine with it.
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 “Absolute Insider”—is that the name for Outside/Pinkbike’s new paywall?
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 ''for only 29.95 per month (automatically renewing, early cancellation charges may apply) you too can be a part of Pinkbikes new _Absolute Insider_ community! With access to in depth listicles, press releases and other half heartedly disguised advertising, it practically pays for itself.
Join today!''
-PB Eds probably.
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 @mpope: Only a limited time only, but you get a free sticker.
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 @thedirtyburritto: don't forget endless spam snail mail from Outside magazine
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 It's the video series produced for Team ABSOLUTE Absalon, and it's being hosted on their sponsor's (BMC's) YouTube channel.
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 @mpope: $29 in CDN, $27.5 USD, $26 Euros
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 @tacklingdummy: I wanna sticker, and I want it right goddam now. Please.
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 I have to respect anyone who puts that much time, energy and focus towards a single event. Time will tell if putting all your chips on black was worth it.....I hope it works out for PVP!
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 “ Adding Pinkbike, CyclingTips and Trailforks gives Outside+ more critical mass, making membership purchases more desirable for enthusiasts and providing more readership for advertisers inside and outside the industry, Thurston said.”
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 Not sure about you, but I always, and I mean ALWAYS looks to fine gentlemen named Thurston for technical advice. Dan Roberts better watch out.
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 No doubt this change has been in the works for many, many months. This is undoubtedly part of the moderation purge and change of decorum in the past months (year?). Watch, again as speech is limited - in Canada there never was freedom of speech, in the US, thanks to ignorance it is rapidly waining.

(yes I know there is no free speech in a private business - in the US, for the most part, unless an ignorant union is bitching)
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 This development was inevitable in our current system. Good luck to Outside getting me to cough up a subscription for "health, fitness, cooking and outdoor classes" and a few worthless discounts. I suspect the new proprietors will gradually move more of the crucial content behind the paywall, and eventually somebody will kickstart a viable competitor - and the process will begin again - but let's see.
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 As for PFP and her Olympic preparations - not interested. The Olympics symbolize the worst excesses of capitalist greed and corruption. Haven't watched it for years, and could care less who wins those tawdry gilt medals
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 @tigerfish50: You could care less?... or you couldn't care less?
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 @billreilly: It's reassuring to see grammar vigilantes risking their lives to patrol the outlaw badlands of PB forums. You'll be glad to hear your noble self-sacrifice is no longer necessary when even Merriam Webster acknowledges 'could care less' doesn't even achieve misdemeanor-level in a non-academic context.
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 @tigerfish50: So you do care!
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 Not sure what the hell everyone is crying about now.... lord knows it's always something, but I watched the video on YouTube just fine... I'm actually thankful I don't know what you're all talking about.
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 Oh, I see now. Currently I don't scroll down on PB because I'm watching the TDF and they already ruined MVP's stage win, so I missed that PB will now become the new Beta MTB.... that thing that I have bookmarked but seldom go to because of the articles that are locked because of the pay subscription...... Sweet!! More time to ride now instead of wasting time on PB!
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 Imagine if this crowd could covert the power of their knee-jerk reactions into pedaling motion...they wouldn't need a 78-degree seat-tube angle to get up the climb.
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 ---Insert coins here---
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 BMC paying a bunch of corporate sellouts that pulled the hood over an entire online mtb community! Did I watch the video? No!
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 Why are people are commenting on something not connected to the video? There's a thread for that, this is about PF-P.....
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 So, what were the bleeped out words? They should just show the words.
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 Not sure why, but they were censoring the word "Olympics". Are they afraid the IOC is gonna sue them or something?
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 They are trademarked or something like that and companies can't use them unless allowed by IOC, there was a few articles about that a few years ago
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