Video: Payson McElveen Everests on Singletrack in Colorado

Aug 12, 2020
by ECHOS Communications  

"Never Forget The Feeling: 30,188 Feet To Remember"

With support from Orange Seal and Red Bull, Stachehouse Productions and Mitchell Mitchell Films are proud to present "Never Forget The Feeling: 30,188 Feet To Remember."

Over Memorial Day Payson McElveen took on the Everesting challenge...but with a twist, doing it all on singletrack, starting at 6900 feet elevation. 17 hours later he "summited" the Everesting challenge at midnight.

The story behind McElveen's singletrack Everesting:

In May of 2020, Payson McElveen received a call from Rebecca Rusch asking if he'd participate in her Giddy Up for Good Everest climbing challenge– an event to raise funds for COVID relief and inspire athletes from around the world to push their limits. Having long been inspired by Rebecca's long-distance projects and rides, Payson agreed, but with the plan of putting his own unique spin on it– Everesting 100% on challenging, Colorado high country singletrack outside his hometown of Durango, CO.

Inspired too by the slogan of the local Durango Devo program ("Never Forget The Feeling"), Payson suspected this enormous challenge might be the perfect way to get back in touch with why he began riding a bike to begin. Inviting Devo riders to join him on the day, and reflecting on what brought him to this place in his career, Never Forget The Feeling: 30,188 Feet To Remember is a celebration of competition and a reminder of the power of building a community.


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 In other news… An Everest climbing team just made the first "Tour de France" ascent of the famous peak, where at each day's end the team is helo'ed off the mountain to recuperate with swanky food, beverages and personal care before being reinserted in the morning for another heroic push toward the summit.
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 Everesting... so hot right now.
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 Not much else to do
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 I read this in Dr. Evil voice
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 @lehott: I read this in a Mugatu voice
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 Next challenge is to Everest on a 15m climb. Doing 600 laps on a single-speed.
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 Some guy everested on a staircase in his house.
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 @CantClimb: Yeah Ed Jackson, look it up it's amazing, he is also slightly paralysed which makes it that bit more amazing.
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 I got into mountain biking because I like to play outside. I'm going to be 46 this year and I still refer to doing things outside as "going out to play" because that's what it is.

I understand the "meditative feeling" bs, but the primary reason for me is that it's fun.
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 I'm with you here. To each their own, but if I want to get into a meditative state I'll meditate. Riding bikes is just fun as hell.
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 That trail Jones Creek could be the most underrated trail in Durango, it is sweet. Nice to see the youngins of Devo out with him.
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 "meditative flow state" "Ride of self discovery", he is much more poetic in talking about mountain biking than me. I just say "that was fun"
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 On singletrack. Incredible achievement.
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 Amazing! It was fun to see the local riders out supporting Payson's ride.
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 Big props. Very cool to see the youth riding with Payson-what an example.
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 Never stop not stopping.
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 I feel proud when I've Tam'd and that's only 2.500 ft - y'all are extra.
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 Never forget the feeling that the rest of the world uses metric system.
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 This is America, we use units of Freedom!
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 To be honest, I would have expected more calories burned than just over 10k

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