Video: Peaty Chases Vergier on the Lousa World Cup Track

Mar 1, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesDon't call it a comeback! Steve Peat chases down Loris Vergier on his Hightower Lt, on a very rough and flat out Lousa test track during Fox testing!The Syndicate

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 Heard Steve P was doing Red Bull track previews for the new season and they were teaming him up with Warner for some commentaries.
Or was that a dream?
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 This man could have easily win medals if he raced the world cups when he is younger.
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flag Shartriloquist (Mar 1, 2019 at 8:08) (Below Threshold)
 @chyu: It’s hard for me to tell whether you’re being serious or facetious.... I’d like to hope the latter.
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flag ryanandrewrogers FL (Mar 1, 2019 at 8:50) (Below Threshold)
 @chyu: I really really hope this is a joke
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 Someone should get this Steve kid a DH bike. He's got real potential
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 How the fudge is he keeping up with that kid on a trail bike that pretty god damn insane!
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flag WAKIdesigns (Mar 1, 2019 at 2:53) (Below Threshold)
 Incoming comments how World Cup unworthy this track is!
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 Someone get this guy on the world cup DH!
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 He's Steve Peat that's how!
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 @WAKIdesigns: hey lets try it out together! Race up, man up
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 Vergier's isn't quite at race pace and Peaty seems to be working to keep up.. That said time differences in DH are tight and I'm not sure if the difference in between times of top 10 to top 30-40 would be apparent with a follow cam. Anyway Peaty is still fast as hell
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 Peaty has better lines....
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 Simple. The kid is cruising whilst peaty is raging it. The kid is sat down waiting at times
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 The amount of grip they find at those speeds in those turns is a marvel to behold.
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 Its funny, if you ride with a WC rider they tell you that going as slow as I do that there is less grip than they get!
Faster = more grip... not having that, its just scary.
Think it might be magic myself.
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 @betsie: More speed (up to a point of course) at the apex can easily equate to more grip as long as the forces at work are being translated to contact patches AS AN EFFECT of more weight bearing downward on them.

The ultimate result is much the same as down force from an F1 car, IMSA prototype, or even a car like the GTR simply as a result of it's heft.
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 there were like 5 times i thought for sure he would slide out and eat it. nope. amazing
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 @BDKR: knowing where to put your body over the bike helps... most of us cant seem to figure that out though.
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 @mattsavage: I struggle w this above all things. Feel like I understand gravity and leaning pretty well and I'm not afraid of speed, but always under steer or wash out when it comes to hard cornering or berms. Just can't get it worked out in my head.
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Is your name a play on words? Like you can throw your sharts? But from your mouth? In all serious fun Smile

And yeah the cornering speeds are insane
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 Its true. Tyres spinning faster = More traction. There is more to it than that of course. Well set up race bikes feel better the faster you go really.
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Gotta change couple of parts to make the GTR grip in corners
Car is so heavy
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 @theronsta: Bahaha! Finally! You’re either the first person to put that together or at least the first to acknowledge it. Yes and no, definitely a play on words shart + ventriloquist, but I’d always kind of visualized it more as projecting that shart out to to the skivvies of others. Childish, but cracks me up. Scientist by day, just another ridiculous dude with teenage humor the rest of the time. On MTBR I went with “Shartist”
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 When you go fast you hit corner under more compression and are into your mid stroke, so not only have you got the more progressive weighted compression your rebound is also more pronounced pushing more on the tyres. Compared to riding slower, cornering in the least progressive, least rebound effected initial stroke giving the least traction into tyres... The above commentary could be complete crap, but it sounded good when pulling it out my backside.
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 @AntN: I think it's spot on!

No matter what end it came from. ;-)
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 Peaty is still bloody fast ...
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 It's like riding a bike...
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 So stoked to see and watch Peaty tearing up the World Cup Track. We have been here 5 years and watch this track fully transform into the World Cup Track of 2020. We have spent Many days digging on this track with Louzan Park crew and to see it in person is nothing like what you see on the go pro.
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 Amazing job Brett!! Was in Lousa couple of times with my friends from Sao Bras de Alportel XDreamBlasius for the Portuguese enduro cup and the track is hands down World Cup level, and knowing all the hours you and the locals are putting into it, it will definitely be something to watch.
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 Spent 14 days in a camper with 3 buddies riding around Portugal with #Weride and spent 2 days up there camping and riding. Trails can get steeeep..and a pretty epic descent at the end of the day thanks to our guides Miguel Pardal and Joao Mourao. I highly recommend checking out these guys at or #Gorideportugal if you looking to ride out there. Great trails and even better people..????
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 Can confirm, great guys and great trails!
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 I'm not if the camera angle was weird or what, but it looked like Steve was in for the case of a lifetime on every jump. Yet he rode away smooth every time.
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 I hear ya. Chest mount plus pretty downward angle plus wide angle lens makes it look like the landing is a still a foot ahead! Plus he brings his nose down into the landings... like you're supposed to... like I don't... scared shitless and sky-wheelie'ing into landings on my back wheel.
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 Looks to me like peaty retired too early the big dog still got some speed
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 Sheffield Steel lad, Sheffield Steel
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 My eyes came loose just watching
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 2020 @lousã!! live and colour, no redbulltv needed!! \m/
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 Loris, faster in. Steve, faster out.
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 Right!?!? His corner speed and stability is insane!
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 You know it got hairy on the single crown in the one section where Peaty let's out a "wooo" as if to say shit I am still upright and gets back on the pedals haha. Love it, awesome video
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 Sec 35 is RAD
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 That was a pretty monster huck! Peaty didn’t even attempt it lol
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Can I just point out, Peaty won Willigen WC DH 2006 by keeping it on the ground while all the rest were hucking it!
Use the old noggin pal!
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 Never count the old steel out.
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 Please GoPro... Hook Peaty up with a Gimbal for god's sake! Razz
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 Get Peaty a camera with some better stabilization!
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 fuck yeah, quality sucks but riding is worth having a look!
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 Well if thats a World Cup DH track, then tech dh continues to die a slow death, Enduro and XC will continue to surpass it both in viewers and sponsors. Trail bikes for life bruh! SMH
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 I think, that is where the Lacondeguy vs Sordo in a rally car was filmed
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 Hey @sweetdaddycool it was a lot dustier when we where there. Makes me want to go back eh!
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 Oof coulda used a gimbal...not sure how much it even helps at those speeds though.
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 that drop straight into a corner at 2:00 is absolutely insane
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 A bit sketchy in real life, because you come into the drop right after a tight slow corner
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 Sheriff chasing down the horsethief— it ain't getting any faster than that!
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 Man, Peaty stillhas some serious pace. Guy is almost 45 and is Maching in that HTLT. Will always be one of my favorites.
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 My arms can feel the pain.
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 Pleaty is crushing it on what is and enduro bike while Loris is on a V10
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 Nomad 29 me thinks more likely....
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 could be but he posted pics of the HTLT these days..
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 Word on the street is its going to be called the Mega Tower.
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 It is not called Nomad but it is coming out soon
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 SC Tomad
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 Steve, race speed. Loris, cantering.
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 As much as I heart Steve, methinks you're right. Still, that is a phucktardedly fast pace.
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 Armchair enthusiast broad and sweeping generalisations welcome here ^^

I watched it, don’t see any evidence to suggest one is trying harder or less than the other. One is on a longer travel bike also

I don’t really know why you would call something like this out, just accept the fact someone considered “well past it” would still stick 40-50 secs into your lame ass
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 Steve was on trail bike tho???
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 Steve, born 1974, Loris, born 1996. Keeping sight of Loris is a huge victory.
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 @usmbc-co-uk: Just go and look at how well Peaty did in his last year or two of World Cups. Then add on more years to his age and you will easily realise that he is nowhere near as quick in an actual race instead of a promo video for Burgtec.
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 What a track, what the riding!
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 “That that fast” - YARP!
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 Peaty is still on a brown HTLT
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 Don't Call It A Retirement Either!! Wink
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 What bike is Peaty on? Nomad?
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 Where's the LL backing track?
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 Fox single crowns for the win
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 Come back of the year!!! honestly no one is going to write this?
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 Awesome edit. Super fun to watch..Can we get more of these..?
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 Sheffield Steel on Fire ...Cheers Peaty
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 Hu first run? This man very strong)))
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 Trail looks amazing
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 mechanical secret tricks
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 I heard Chuck Norris saw Steve Peat riding a bike and went back to using stabilisers...
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 I heard Chuck Norris passed them on an earlier take on a unicycle.
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 Chuck Norris doesn't rail corners. He stares at them until they're straightaways.
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 @johnski: Corners rail Chuck Norris, while he stands still Wink
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 Funny how Steve is still fast, but just not getting faster anymore, but still fast!
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 Both riding similar bikes? Couldn’t tell
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 So sick!!
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 I've been here for years
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 Nice bars, enve or jb's?
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 Is he still using that old POS camera? or is he that fast?
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