Video: Pedro Burns Races a Solar Eclipse in 'Ride into Darkness'

Jan 27, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

Press Release: Red Bull

In just three minutes and during a total solar eclipse, Pedro Burns descended from Villarrica Volcano at full speed to perform a backflip at the exact moment that the sun was covered by the moon.

On December 14, the career of Chilean enduro athlete Pedro Burns set a new milestone by running against an Eclipse and achieved an incredible backflip in the very same moment the sky of southern Chile darkened completely.

The astronomical phenomenon was accompanied by a heavy rain which gave an extra challenge to this crazy race against time starred by three-time Chilean Enduro national champion and top 20 on the last Enduro World Series.


Burns's challenge was recorded in a 3 minute action clip where you can experience the frantic race along a narrow path from the side of the volcano passing through a thick native forest to arrive just at the moment of the climax of the eclipse at a ramp on which he performed a back flip.

The video available on is accompanied by a behind-the- scenes production where Burns details the main difficulty he had in accomplishing this challenge: the rain.

Besides the weather conditions Pedro Burns’s helmet was another novelty in this project. As the action was going to happen in the darkness. The Spanish company OneTech Media developed and luminic technique that mixes electroluminescent paint and a tiny battery inside the helmet. This provided the light that Burns needed to bright in the middle of a total eclipse.


After completing the challenge, Burns commented the difficulties of doing a backflip in the middle of darkness:

bigquotesFrom the beginning I wanted to make a jump, but I never imagined that we would have so many complications. We arrived and it was all raining, the floor didn't allow us to reach the necessary speed and we thought we wouldn't achieve it.

Finally, together with the team, we decided to try it and we began to dig and remove all the first layer of earth and we succeeded. It really is something that gives an incredible closure to my year.
Pedro Burns

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 Boy: Dad, explain why I can't go out and ride in the solar eclipse?
Dad: No sun.
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 ¡Una inspiración! Es tan importante mostrar el nivel de dedicación, perseverancia y ojo al detalle. Los resultados hablan por si solos. Felicitaciones por un trabajo y un video tan lindos, y éxito en los futuros proyectos. Solo siento el impulso de volver al cerro para seguir paleando (Paine). Ojalá tengamos más acceso libre a los cerros porque el deporte al aire libre es clave, sobre todo durante este período tan incierto. ¡Saludos!
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 NICE PEDRO!! bad luck that you had a covered sky.. great video and sick riding.. keep pushing and putting Chile´s name on the mtb scene... viva Chile mierda!!!
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 y porque no escribes en español wn ¬¬
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 Oh my I have been to Villarrica, been dying to visit my wifes sountry of Chile again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time with a bike!
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 Sick Video but...y'all didn't really film all that in 1 run during the Eclipse did you? If you did then...Why can't Redbull stream a worldcup like that?
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 Qué lindo meterse a PB y ver esto! Grande Pedro, felicitaciones compa!
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 Pedro te hago un queque y te cargo la bip!
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 Amazing video- great to see all the effort that went into it, too. I like that the music is only in the background - but who picked the 2nd track (around 2 minutes in)?
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 Great RedBull - Burns production! Very talented rider!! Hope to see him doing well this year at the EWS.
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 I was there five years ago when that volcano erupted. I was there again last month for the Exlipse. I was there.
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 Grande Peter!!! awesome to show Chile this way!
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 grande Pedro wn, felicitaciones por todo lo que haz logrado.
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 Race the sun
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 Proof again that mother nature does not care about our plans. BI*CH !
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 wena ctm
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 Cased, doesn't count

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