Video: Peter Sagan Goes Mountain Biking

May 30, 2014
by Cannondale Bikes  
Few people realize that road superstar Peter Sagan got his start in mountain biking. In 2009, he was teammates with Marco Fontana on the Cannondale Factory Racing team.

This past winter, Peter and Marco reconnected on familiar trails aboard the all-new Cannondale F-Si cross country race hardtail.

Filmed and Edited by Matt Dennison

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 Spandex Shred!!!!

This goes to show the best athletes are not "roadies" or "downhillers" or "freeriders", they are just bikers. The fastest best riders on the planet just love riding a bike.
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 Damn straight. Crazy athletes through and through.
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 Man, how I wish I were like Sagan. Monster motor paired with unbelievable skills.
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 Guy's got some skills, no question about it.
Have you seen him park his road bike on a car roof? Smile
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 the dude wins sprints on the pro tour (not the pb member, the race series)! he's one of the most versatile riders in the world.
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 Sagan is a beast !!!...
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 The guy wheelies somewhere in every big road race.

check this out. The fans know what he brings:

...many, many more documented wheelies in big races from this guy. Awesome.
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flag patrick-marsh (May 30, 2014 at 13:31) (Below Threshold)
 sweet video my only question did those tires make onto a mountain bike?Not a single knob to be seen!
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 The best all around riders are the best riders, so what goes around is all around & what's all around comes around. Even if it is spandexed & wagon wheelied.
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 @trasnlus - well said.
Shred is shred.. it's an attitude, not the gear and not the clothing.

Just amazing how they were shredding the enduro trails with their XCs and THEIR SEATPOST UP, where others (me included) would be riding a dropped post, full face helmet and knee guards.
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 ...And Sagan knows when to put in a sly pinch...
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 when you are good such as driving cars... wrc drivers can also drive f1 or wtcc or 24h lemans... its cars in general... here is the same thing... but to achieve the top now thats another story... now there is the diference... i am more like a freeride rider and i dont say xc or enduro'ers cant DH ... everybody can... each one has their one objectives... ones like to climb faster pedal longer etc... i like to go higher hit berms faster feel the tail sliding out on curves feel the suspension almost bottoming ... its all the diference between objectives and xc guys are more like woooow i saved almost half a minute ... for FR guys its more like... who cares you didnt even had style... lol
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 Soooo 29ers can't manual right? and they're no fun? And guys in lycra can't ride? And lefties don't work?

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 he spends the majority of his time on the road and could still kick my ass on the mtb.... Seriously though, cool video! Love when Sagan skips the BS amd goes straight to his honest opinion "this bike is f*cking awesome!".

Major props to Cannondale for a solid video!
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 Agreed. Sagan could probably kick all of our asses on any bike.... anywhere.
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 He spends the majority of his time on a bike, that's why he kicks ass... pretty sure he could not keep up with you or me on an office chair!
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 Amen Michi! I'll take Sagan down in an Excel duel, office chair joust, coffee fill up, etc. etc.
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flag shacky (May 31, 2014 at 2:02) (Below Threshold)
 If only one day all road riders woke up and said NO to shaving there legs and 700c and became cool. One day. We forgive peter for his momentary laps in heterosexuality, but it's ok, he is back on MTB.
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 Google heterosexuality and re-read your comment.
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 Finally a Roadie with Character ! Right down to pinching the Podium girls bums :-) Would love to see him racing an XC World Cup !
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 Would love to see him racing DH world cup, with his bike control he would just have to get used to big bikes and big roots!
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flag hair164 (May 30, 2014 at 18:03) (Below Threshold)
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 All roadies should watch this video.
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 This dude can shred. Sweet moves on a 29er hardtail, props.

What's also very awesome is this last little bit at the end: "Filmed and Edited by Matt Dennison". Good job Matt!
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 Thanks! It was a pleasure to work with everyone involved.
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 Yeah its f*** awesome to see some XC coverage from Matt! Keep it up!
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 Dennison Sick Edits
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 Always fun to see someone shred with their seatpost at pedaling height.
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 Now, who's gonna say XC riders don't know how to ride. 29ers, no dropper and skinny tires… Sagan is king! Smile
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 Well, that has turned the stokometer up to "Ridonkulous". Gotta go ride. Bye.
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 im gone!
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 Fontana rules,mad skills.
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 No surprise he is so good on a mountain bike as he is a junior world and European champion from 2008 in XC and silver medalist from the 2008 world cyclo cross championships.
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 Just glad to see a video of riding, not enduro guys talking about training and fun.
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 Sagan is a once in a generation rider... Dude has unbelievable skills on the road or the dirt and could outride everyone on this site in any genre of riding. I wouldn't be shocked at all if he becomes the first rider to win all five monuments before his career is over.
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 That would be very cool, love Sagan as a rider, hope he stays with Cannondale! #LLL
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 that would be such badassery - all 5 in one career .. legendary would be the tamest description
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 Very stoked that Sagan is into Mountain Biking. Maillot jaune ou verte pour 2014?
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 He will still go for Verte.
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 There's no way to no like this. They just made that look so damn fun
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 If anyone's interested, the bike they're riding is the new Cannondale F-Si :
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 Was lucky enough to watch Sagan descend (on the road) during his training ride/ stage recon before last year's Tour of California. Serious nut job speed (road was open to normal traffic) and guru handling skills.
Some serious body seperation skills on some of those corners/ berms.
Great video Matt
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 Go figure a video about riders riding well and having fun. Isn't that what mtb is about? Not about 12,000 dollar bikes.(I'm sure theirs cost that much)
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 I don't know about you guy's, but the lefty is not, nor will it ever (in my opinion) look good. I'm sure it is a fantastic bike thou, and the video was actually really cool!
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 Out of curiosity, and to confirm whether it's the look of them or the solo leg, what are your thoughts on single sided motorbike rear ends such as some of the ducatis?
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 No I was referring to the solo leg, but no those bikes looks to me a little odd too.
I guess I'm more into the "standard" or what you wanna call'em Smile
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 He is an enduro rider he just don't know it yet.
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 Sagan is a beast, every now and then he'll ride his road bike over a car...pretty funny! His talent is seemingly endless!
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 Proof that its all about how you ride rather than what you ride, very fun video.
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 That was pretty sweet actually , lots of respect for the road guys, poor bastards are in a saddle like 30 hours a week
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 VOD , VOY Smile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peto forever Smile
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 3:05 "let's make fun of 29er let's make fun of 29er ahahah ah ah aaaah"
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 Such a sick edit! Good job Matt Dennison!
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 Awesome video makes me want to go and ride! Also need to learn to manual and drift
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 Peter Sagan is a pimp! He kills it on any type of bike.
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 much skidding, lots wheelies. epic
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 If Sagan had stayed in mountain biking, I'm pretty sure he would be destroying everyone at the moment!
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 Awesome vid,amazing skills.
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 I think I need to work on my wheelie.
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 Very refreshing to see this sick riding, awesome video!
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 Whats the song
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 Gave it all up to sniff vapor trails from some sweaty guys spandex. Stay on your MTB bro!!!! You shred! Great video thanks for posting
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 "NO LIKRA" that dude gave me his gloves after the cairns race. Sweet vid
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 I just found out that I couldn't keep up with a roadie. Time to hang myself?
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 I like his road shoes
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 hard tails go hard!
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 best XC i've seen.
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 Who said XC sucks?
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 Peter V is a genius. Lucky Cannondale.
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 For the love of bikes....
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 Someone have music please ?
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 That is some serious Lycra
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 Hes a good skidder.
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 Mad skills on xc bikes..
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 fontana x sagan.perfect!
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 Is this Enduro?
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 Freak in the rack.
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 I thought Xc was gay but this video gave me a whole new opinion on it
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