Video: Phil Atwill Goes To Thailand - Part 2

Dec 26, 2018
by VeeTireCo  
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Words by Vee Tire

Phil Atwill and Chinnapat Sukchanya enjoyed their road trip from busy Bangkok to relaxing Chiang Mai on motorcycles. Next, they prepared to race in the 2018 International Chiang Mai Enduro (ICE).

After preparations at the bike shop, it was time to enjoy the fun of riding with other Thailand riders for the initial testing on the Doi Suthep trails. This was the first time Phil hit the flowing natural singletrack in North Thailand and he was totally blown away by it.

Phil has the skill, confidence, and experience to conquer all the trails in Chiang Mai-Doi Suthep and Doi Pui, he was feeling good about the race. The young Englishman was on fire, earning a solid 2nd place in Qualification.

His closest rivals in the race are Cody Kelley (USA) and Sheng Shan Chiang (Taiwan). Cody is a strong EWS contender and Sheng is the fastest Asian in gravity events. With consistent results on the first 4 stages of Race Day 1, Phil was rewarded with a 2nd place overall going into Day 2.

Going into Day 2, Phil was looking to build on his success of Day 1 during Day 2 and he succeeded by winning Stage 6. A technical problem with his chain guide resulted in several chain drops during Stage 8. But Phil is a professional and he soldiered on to 3rd place overall. Not bad at all for his 1st experience traveling around the world and racing in Thailand! For sure, Phil will be back again to chase that top spot on the podium. Cheers!

Chiang Mai mountain biking trails


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 If you want to experience the riding in Asia. Join the Asian Enduro Series. Chiang Mai was the final round this year. Next year, 1st round is in Nepal and is an EWS Qualifier as well!
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 If anyone wants to go.. Its awesome!. You can book a tour right outta Chiang Mai at Trailhead Cycles. shuttles, bikes and great guides. One of the best things to do in Chiang Mai.. The NUMB tour takes you down these routesSmile
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 How much does that run you?
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 @patrickbatemanworldtour89: 50-60 bucks for the day including a bike rental. Check out x-biking chiang mai or Mojo's bike shop. MadMonkeys are the guys who maintain the trails and they run tours too.
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 If anyone wants to see better videos of the trails and stuff check out the facebook page:

You can bring your bike for free on Thai Airways as long as it's part of your luggage allowance.
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 I rode those same trails last week. It was really run riding, we had an amazing guide & all day shuttles out of Chiang Mai. I booked directly through directly through X-Biking & would highly recommend them.
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 Would love to see a trails review on Thailand,such a great holiday destination even without trails
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 Have only been to Chiang Mai but all over SE Asia, riders go to Chiang Mai for a repeat visit. The gravity riding is so good, technical, steep, so much variety and changes with seasonal change. Guides are super friendly, accommodating and shred. We usually go with Mad Monkey crew ourselves. The native villagers at the trail head have shops, clean toilets and really good coffee at the trail head. It's an all round riding and cultural treat when you ride Chiang Mai.
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 @DoisforDonuts: Went there last year. Did it through X-Biking and my thoughts exactly! Gravity trails there were so damn good!!

Chiang Mai is an amazing place to stay. Very well structured , easy to navigate and everyone is very friendly there.
Thai massage after the day of riding was ace (Makkha Health Spa - legit one)
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 Love Phil Atwill videos, they always seem like attainable fun.
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 An odd list of sponsors there - they even got him to pretend to shave! I wonder what’s next, hair extensions and nails?
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 Learned how to mount bike on scooter. Great video!
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 So where is he going next year?
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 Motor scooting in flip flops, Bib tan lines, Great place for a bike race.
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 That dirt looks swell.

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