Video: Pinkbike's Favourite Mountain Bike Related Accessories

Jul 29, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

Electrolyte tabs, water purification filters or 3D printed beer can holders.... we all have that one special accessory that we almost never go on a ride without. Join Christina and Tom for a look at some of Pinkbike staff's favourite mountain bike related items.

1:25 Jason Lucas' Canadian Tire toolbox complete with sewing kit
2:18 Mike Kazimer's Opinel knife
2:38 Matt Beer's electrolyte tablets and boot warmer
3:22 Brian Park's Matter Hackers' 3D printer and AirTag holder
4:49 Sarah Moore's sunscreen and Race Face Stash Gear Bag and a seat cover
5:25 Tom Bradshaw's rain shirt
5:50 Christina Chappetta's MSR TrailShot water purifier
6:05 Tom Bradshaw's kitchen sink hose adapter
6:45 Mike Levy's Super Glue
7:08 Daniel Sapp's 32 ounce HydroFlask and camo Crocs


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 I watched so you don't have to:

tool box
small knife from previous trade show
electrolytes and boot dryer
3d printed pedal, spare tube holder, beer and AirTag holder
a bag
a rain shirt
water filter/pump
kitchen sink hose adapter
super glue
a water bottle

Look at me, I'm a brand ambassador!
Kidding aside, I love you guys but this is a new low.
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 you da real MVP!
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 Thanks for rolling through all of that. You da real MVdP.
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 This is how we will navigate paywalls.
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 They forgot Gorilla tape.
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 You forgot about the Crocs
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 Not all heroes wear capes
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 And skip Tom & Christina? Worth the 8 min of my life any day.
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 thank you, will not watch that , below the new low
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 Not the hero we wanted, but the hero we needed!
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Good shout! I always have some on my pump. It has saved me time and time again
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 @premiumfrye: Thank You! I'm glad someone sees our worth LOL
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 brb gonna read vital
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 Can we have an article?
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 sure, for $99 a year.
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 How about links to the stuff in the video?
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 @danposs86: Oooooh, good idea
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 Guess waht bike Outside called bike of the year Evil...conspiracy much?
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 @MikeyMT: Send Link
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 @racecase: $150 year if you want affiliate links included.
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 @MikeyMT: The Trek ebike in that article has a list price of $13K USD! Holey Beans!

The motor/battery is also removeable, if you want to pedal the world's most expensive ho-hum spec'd Trek Supercaliber for some reason...
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 @danposs86: they weren't exactly plugging specific brands (though the PitViper stickers all over the tool box have me concerned)
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 Writers cost money. Tom and Christina go out in the woods with a camera in exchange for Hortons.
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 @gossman: lol, i knew it
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 @MikeyMT: Not sure what is has to do with the video here, but I don't think there's much of a conspiracy. I rode an offering (pretty hard) for 3 days in sedona and I would say it's one of the best bikes I've ever thrown a leg over. It's probably the one bike which I would say has convinced me 29ers are in fact the way forward (especially as I am a taller rider). Nimble, poppy and fun, yet incredibly capable. About everything you could want in a versatile trail bike.
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 This comment must get downvoted into oblivion, but Pinkbikers have been whining all the time back in the day about things like 27,5 and 29 wheels, narrow wide chainrings and other visionary stuff now every of you is equiped with. The same will happen to Outside. Hate it know? You won't imagine your life without it! I state this as a proud Outside+ user!
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 @rory: it’s a joke. PB never gets Evils. Yet bike of the year for outside is an Evil.
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 @gossman: I don't personally eat the Hortons but will work for snaaaaacks!
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 More grassroots Canada Cup coverage please. I appreciate this video, and I own a 20 year old version of that toolbox, but please please more local series coverage.
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 I hope I'm wrong and just missed it, but I didn't see a thing about US Nationals other than Chris Grices vlog.
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 I submit that ShoeGoo is more useful than superglue. I am always amazed by how large of a tire cut you can boot and ShoeGoo and continue to ride the same tire until the tread wears out. The stuff is legit!
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 Just curious, what are you using to boot it? I haven't had great luck repairing slashed tires in the past but I wasn't using shoe goo.
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 @bkm303: I just use the cheap Park Tools patch kit patches.
Clean the affected area really well
Use rubber cement or acetone to "etch" the rubber to improve the interface
Apply patch with ShoeGoo. let it dry
Re-apply ShoeGoo two more times (allowing the last layer to dry first) and continue to increase the diameter of the goo until it's ~1.5" in diameter.

I have never had one of these patches come off after following this process.
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 @justinb03: awesome, thanks!
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 @justinb03: to clarify are you talking about the little black and orange patches or the TB-2 boots?
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 @bkm303: Yep! The little VP-1 patch kits that are ~$4 haven't let me down yet (when paired with ample ShoeGoo)!

Much easier on your wallet than buying a new $80 tire
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 @justinb03: How long does it take for first layer to dry before you apply the patch? How long for subsequent layers?

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 Most of this is buying stuff that doesn't need to be bought.

The world is burning and we're buying knives for apples, additional water bottles when we've already got a ton and special bags for our dirty gear when I'm sure if we all though about it there's a bag in our apartments we can already use.

Who takes an apple out as a snack and thinks they need to bring a knife?
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 A knife is literally one of the first, most important, and simplest tools ever created and is literally a key tool in a *world is burning scenario * and Mike's cost like 20 bucks. That's what you think is the problem? Get off your screen bud.
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 @johnny2shoes, I obviously bring a knife along for more than just cutting apples. Lots of multitools don't have a knife on them for some reason, so I usually bring a little one along with me. The Opinel is pretty affordable and super simple, which is why I carry it.
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 @mikekazimer: And super freaking sharp! You could, if needed, do some serious trail side surgeries
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 @mikekazimer: @atrokz Sorry. I was in a world dying place and I very unnecessarily took it out on readers and contributors of an mtb website. You're both more polite back to me than my comment deserved.
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 @johnny2shoes: I disagree. You make very good points.
I tried to get my slippers re-soled recently and the shoe repair guy says to me “it’s not worth it, just buy a new pair”

Oh, right, I’ll just throw these into landfill and consume consume consume. f*ck you, re-sole my slippers a*shole.
Be proud about your opinion mate, we are destroying this place and that’s cooked if you ask me
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 I make do with a Leatherman Wave. Its the long nosed pliers and being able to cut stuff which makes it indispensable, though i still carry a multi-tool. LOL
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 @johnny2shoes: all good bro. It's just such a useful tool. I'm bias because I make them but they really are the basis of a survival kit or any backwoods adventure!
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 Sick advert. How long til I have to pay for the privilege of seeing this video?
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 Rest assured, I'm not selling anyone boot dryers or electrolytes hahaha
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 Up that 32 oz hydroflask to a 64oz and it doubles as a growler when you find yourself unexpectedly at a brewery.
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 ^^^^ This. Better yet, just use a 64oz insulated aluminum growler. I keep a clean one in the trunk at all times for this exact reason. No more..."damn, wish I brought a growler."
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 ooooof!!!! Now we talking! Will have to pick one up now
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 @danielsapp has the right idea. I have a 40 ounce Camelbak Chute insulated. I put water with ice in it, sit in my center console before work and when I get to the trail head I've got enough for a bottle on the ride and some coldness to cool off afterwards.

I do Crocs too, but the men's "off-road" Bayaband slides. Work hella better than a changing mat. You can change in and out of your kit trailside and feet never touch the ground. Best part about Crocs is they're waterproof so they're always dry.
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 Mosquitoes don't 'look' for your skin..... we all know that right?..... RIGHT?
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 @Waldon83: wrong post Big Grin
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 my comments....

1. Sunscreen: saw she had the kids stuff....this is the way to go. The kid/baby sunscreens will stay on you far better than normal stuff (the baby stuff is the best by far). I have young kids and I can guarantee this is true.

2. Superglue for cuts: Never done this but I hear about it. Do you still need a bandage to hold the wound closed while the glue dries? Also, are there certain glues that should be used over others (I assumed super glue was/is toxic to some extent). Does it burn?

3. Stem spacer beer holder: Okay, I need this for the bike I use to ride to the park/around the neighborhood. Can I actually buy this or does it need to be 3D printed?! Don't tease me with this if it has to be 3D printed.

4. Stickers on the box: Jason is a big Pit Viper fan....????
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 2. It works okay. If it's a smallish cut (like if you look at it and wonder if maybe it might need a couple stitches) super glue or some of the purpose-made cyanoacrylate glues like New Skin, Dermabond, etc can do it. The glue dries really fast and you usually don't need a bandage. That said, the glue by itself isn't always enough to keep the cut closed so it's often used with a butterfly closure if the cut is located somewhere that's going to move and stretch the skin a lot.

In my experience it doesn't really stay stuck on THAT long, especially if you're sweating. But it can help stop bleeding, keep the cut semi-closed, and can be better than an adhesive bandage for awkward areas.
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 @bkm303: If I can fit a small glue container and some butterfly closures in my EDC storage, this will work for me. Thanks
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 I always pack small sandwich baggies. Useful for lots of odds/ends. I use multiple sweat bands on a ride. Wet ones go in the bag. Food wrappers go in the bag. Misc trash I find on the trail goes in the bag.
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 That's a great option - perfect for some boiled potatoes too
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 Keep an eye out for golf apparel on sale. I’ve got 2 golf wind shirts just like Toms(minus the hood) that are easily packable. All my riding shorts are golf shorts. Also if you have hands of a more particular size golf gloves have a multitude of sizes(Cabretta leather for the best feel you can get, rain grips if you use foam grips in the wet). I might also try golf grip tape when I swap my grips out so I can be sure that the oury slide ons that I’m looking at stay put, might even taper them a little one way the other.
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 No interpretive dance comments yet, I guess everyone is going cold turkey ahead of the paywall
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 Interpretive dance comments not approved by the new management.
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 @christinachappetta no hate for the MSR but seriously give a Katadyn Befree or a Sawyer Squeeze water purifier a go. There is a reason they are beloved in the ultralight through-hike community. I bring the Befree with the 600ml bladder on most rides. Way quicker than a handpump and easier to clean the filter. I wouldn't go back to a hand pump system for bikepacking and longer rides. It's all about the sqeeze filters.
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 All good filters but...... Katadyn Befree wins because...
1. It's faster
2. It can carry water in a pinch also.
3. Befree fits in SWAT box (unthread filter cap from bag and the two individual pieces fit in the SWAT hole).

I have heard rumors of punctures occurring in the Katadyn Befree's, but I have not experienced issues in the 3 years I have been using them.
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 @JDFF: Yes! I only add the Sawyer as if things get really gritty the Sawyer does a slightly better job with that and is cheap! However, Befree is my clear winner. I also have not had issues with the bladder getting damaged but know that Hydrapak makes the bottles for them and you can easily get a replacement or multiple sizes for different applications. It's a 42mm threaded cap- like this one:
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 How can this be a kit of any value when there is no bear spray?
Derailleur hanger(s)?
Spare screws (for cleats and brake levers)?
Small cloth (for greasy fingers)
Chain breaker and master link(s)

More/other stuff in my bike bag than I can recall.
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 A friend started stashing a rolled up triangular bandage (in its packet) up inside his fork steerer.
Makes so much sense. Weighs nothing, never know when you’ll need it and beats ripping your shirt up to stop a wound if you don’t have to
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 @Waldon83: that's cool.
I have a space blanket stuffed up the steerer tubes on my bikes.
Hopefully I'll never need to take it out.
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 What strap does Brian Park use with the 100g tube kit? Seems fairly skinny.
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 It's a Voile Nano strap. The 9" length is good for holding tubes.
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 That apple tracking tag cover is a good idea for sure.
  • 2 0
 Thanks. I grabbed that file he has published and printed it, but I’ve been using tiny Velcro bits and it doesn’t give me the most confidence. Voile Nano here I come!
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 why no discussion on the EDC tool and integrated pump shown in the video header image?
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 Someone let know to click the "open link in new window" box.
  • 4 1
 Can we get an article instead?
  • 7 0
 Do you hate seeing our faces that much??
  • 2 0
 tell me this was influenced by outside, with out telling me this was influenced by outside....
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 I just use Brawndo, the Thirst Mutilator. It's got electrolytes.
  • 2 0
 My Truck aka closet/kitchen/bike-workshop/bedroom/washroom.
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 @Tombrad highlight 2:15 the waiting for the queue to walk face!!! awesome!

great vid thanks guys!
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 I gotta say I really like my camo crocs.
  • 2 0
 That anti-theft / GPS tag is genius idea. Gotta get a couple of those.
  • 2 0
 Each to their own?!?! Well, to each their own I guess...
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 @mikekazimer opinel are just so simple and so good
  • 3 0
 I agree. And they're not that expensive, so when I inevitably lose one I don't feel too sad.
  • 2 0
 @mikekazimer: and rather good looking. I put one in My pocket when wearing formal pants. Never know when you need it at wedding's cheese table.
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 I carry a little down ramp for any drops that on the trail. Smile
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 First thought.... Are those electronic tongues NSFW?
  • 2 0
 hey man, what they do post-ride is none of my concern
  • 2 0
 Thanks PinkSide….
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 In Italia si chiamano "marchette"
  • 1 0
 The world is *literally* your oyster
  • 1 0
 Loike id
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