Video: Pinning It On Dusty Trails in West Australia

Jan 16, 2021
by West Matteeussen  
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Just a classic West Australian summer day with soaring temperatures and dry trails. We got out there early and got it done!

Rider: Joel Irving
Video: West Matteeussen


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 So good to see all the good stuff from WA pooping up here.
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 How do I edit a comment?
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 @joshuaphillips: no, no. It stays.
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 ???????????????????????????????????? gold!
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 @joshuaphillips: pooping or popping, no one will notice, oops.
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 @joshuaphillips: yeah, don’t worry, nobody gives a SHIT! Big Grin
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 Doesn't matter. Anyone who has ridden aussie moon dust appreciates that was amazeballs riding...
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 love that this is being posted while the Victorian downhill series just raced in snow at mount Buller
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 Hectic! In jan!!
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 Western Australia. Where COVID only said hello for 5mins.
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 Looking about as dry as Northern California right now.
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 Pretty much right Dry as hell right now
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 Oh for dry trail..... or for that matter being able to ride all day, role on the vaccine & the summer. Supper edit, nice bit of style there too. More of that please.
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 no chance of riding all day in Australian summer
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 @spicysparkes: true, used to have awesome night summer rides around The Gap &. Bunya... and it was still flipping warm even in the dark. Never made it over to WA, but still lots of good stuff around Brissy.
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 Woo hoo, I live over the hill from Ironbark and not far from Bunyaville. Been a wet and relatively cool summer this year, great for summer riding. The trail network near Ironbark has gotten better and better over the last 5 years, props to the North Brissie Dirt Dogs and local trailcare heroes! :-)
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 Very Blurring the line between FR Flick and Setup Scrub here. but the NOse weighting into corner was soft touch and very classy.
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 Egregious freeride flicks throughout. ROBOTS can't feel pain but we have highly-developed anger circuits and those circuits were lighting up like a Christmas tree during this 1-minute video.
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 Glad to know there's good riding there. My wife's half Australian and wants to move there one day.
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 There fantastic trails all over Australia. You’ll never ride them all, and new trails keep appearing every time I look
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 What is this dust you speak of ?
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 Buycycles Carine... my local bike shop.
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 Legit video until that ride out onto a road at the bottom.

Lost my best riding buddy doing that Frown
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 Sorry to hear that man
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 Rad video. Where are these trails?
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 365 days of riding in a WA year. It’s really an awesome place to live.

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