Video: Puzzling in the Pits With Greg Minnaar

Jul 5, 2019
by Mike Kazimer  

Greg Minnaar's aboard an even longer V10 for this weekend's race in Andorra. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the tinkering that it takes to get his race machine fully dialed in.


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 Chris Porter must be pleased with himself. Watching these brands incrementally make their way over like a decade to what he's known all along. Minaar is 6'2". These bikes have always been way too small.
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 Did I just see someone whacking in a Chris King headset with a plastic mallet? Geez . . .
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 Happens all the time. BB's too. Faster and easier
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 It's how I fitted mine...
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 Same here. Use a rubber mallet to get it to sit a little snug then press it in the proper way.
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 yeah and measuring sag without riding gear...
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 @Xenon303: er a hammer is the proper way. Honestly headset presses aren’t any better unless you buy a top quality workshop press otherwise your best off with some grease and a mallet.
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 @Zany2410: but he had a big breakfast......
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 @Zany2410: probably still close enough. A helmet and chest protector aren't going to change things enough to matter. Its a coil shock too so its not going to be enough to jump springs.
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 @nismo325: im just wondering... he is one of the pickiest people and then this? "yeah will be allright...."
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 If they're going to insist on making the rear ends out of carbon why on Earth don't they have some kind of insert to allow for more chainstay lengths? Same with the head tube. Like obviously people want more reach. Being able to customize reach and head angle with an insert would be so cool. They're already stuffing weird headsets in to do this so why not standardize it somehow.
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 I guess I have been installing headsets wrong all these years!
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 hammers work.. most of the time Wink
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 Marshy mentioning Plenty Mainline there....I beat Greg down Pleney. The fact he had stopped for a piss is neither here nor there. Tortoise and the hair my friend!
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 When he tells Minnaar he should suit up to do sag, he knows Minnaar is going to have him do it again later if doesn't make him now.

This video is what happens when you ride bikes & work out for a living. So much time to get wrapped up in the millimeters, half clicks & single psi's. I wonder what other sports niggling numbers are.
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 Isn't this the same Minnaar who was setting suspension by just throwing his bikes rear end around a parking lot a couple seasons ago?
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 They only puzzle like this to bug Jordy and keep us entertained...
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 That was hilarious - GM and Marsh throwing the v10 around the garage at an angle to see what kind of rebound was happening...takes the whole "drop the bike" check on your suspension to whole 'nother level...
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 Check his Instagram he was doing it last night.
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 Hey, I've just used that method of installing a headset. For starters, you need to whack it way harder thant you imagine!
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 but roadbike chainstays are the futurrre to make long bikes turn good...
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 I new to this use of "puzzling" as a verb.
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