Video: Places to Play with Cam McCaul in 'Make Your Mark - The Kids Are Alright'

Jun 2, 2020

With so much time around home lately, you may have noticed a few more plywood ramps and piles of dirt springing up around your neighborhood. Don’t worry, the kids are alright. All they need is a place to play.

See what Cam McCaul makes of the next generation of shredders the latest in Make Your Mark Series; The Kids Are Alright.


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 If Cam McCaul isn't one of the nicest and most enthusiastic people in the MTB community, I'm not sure who is. Love that guy. My daughter watched the video of him teaching his youngest how to ride a pedal bike and instantly grabbed her bike and started making laps around the house. His enthusiasm for biking is infectious.
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 As a Mtb parent whos son has been riding since 4, shifting since 5 and is currently 7 on a FS bike ready for lift assist this year, I constantly struggle with aiding his progression but also letting him experiment and "just be a kid". I want to let him just figure it out and not make biking a more serious then it is (most of us ride to feel like kids) but its also pretty damn dangerous and can end badly real fast when you are only 45lbs charging down a trail or a jump with little kid confidence but little kid attention span.
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 I hear ya - those early years of very limited skills, very limited judgment/attention span, and rather unlimited enthusiasm are scary. I hate to tell you, though, that if my experience with my kid is any indication, after years of developing skills, growing their little bodies into bigger bodies, and stretching their short attention spans into impeccable focus, kids will scare you just as much when they're teens, outride you by a significant margin, and then begin to tell you about better and more appropriate line choices for your (lower than theirs) skill and conditioning level after casually doubling stuff that you're much more comfortable pumping through. So as much fun as it is to watch my teenager just killing it on the trail, and as happy as I am for him that he's found that passion and joy - that feeling of parental anxiety you're struggling with right now? That's not going away...
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 My three year old only wants to trail ride. Granted our trails by our house are tame, but still. She demands that we head to the trails everyday and do a lap of the "steepies." Today she told me "I need to learn wheelies like you dad" and "That'll be easier when I learn to stand up on the pedals." I try to keep it as low key and fun as possible but on the inside I'm trying to decide if she should be the next Katie Courtney, Rachel Atherton, T-Mo, Tahnee Seagrave or, what the hell Katie Compton. Or Cecile Ravanel, ALN, etc. etc. etc. Seeing as she likes to push up the hills and hoot and holler on the downhills, I'm thinking she'll be more Rachel Atherton and less Katie Courtney

If you have a little one, at any point beyond 18mos. Get a Macride, now. I believe that has done more for her riding than anything else. No kidding, the first time she rode her balance bike she took off and started gliding. I think the Macride let her get a feel for balancing and it just came naturally. Not only does she want to go shopping and to and from preschool on it, she wants me to take her on more serious MTB trails. Plus it's a great training aid, try pedaling a 30kg bike and toddler combo around all day and then go back to just the bike, you feel like a rockstar on the climbs. It's a bit pricy, but worth it. Plus it let's them see what you can do on a bike, the first time we went down a flight of stairs she was a bit terrified, now she demands we go down stuff I'm not entirely comfortable with.
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what you said. all of it.
MacRide was the best invest-decision (biking-wise). Both kids love it. I guess the 20kg 5year old one will become a shuttling kid though as her 16" gets strapped to the backback uphill and she decides directions (and knows where hre favorite downhillsingletrails are).
And that is serious training... kid plus bike add around 30kg in full gear, i guess
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 @g-42: Yup...what you said rings true for me
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 Cam is perhaps the best ambassador to the sport of mountain biking.
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 I'd like to think it was a reference to THE WHO, how cool would that be. Not the Offspring or the TV show.
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 RIP Post Office Frown
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 @leviatanouroboro no doubt, but think of the impact all those people who were concentrated in one spot have dispersed and are now having a greater impact. if the jumps stayed, does cam relocate and have these moments building a new scene?
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 Damn I need a 9 yr olds help to improve my jumping....
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 I like the reference
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