Video: Podiums for KHS Racing at Windrock Tennessee National 2021

Mar 18, 2021
by The Flick  
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The first race of the year was held in Oak Ridge Tennessee at the Windrock bike park. The fastest racers in America were all there to compete for the number one spot. Our team definitely had our work cut out for them also along with some continuous changing track conditions. The team started off Wednesday with pit set up, bike set up and the official track walk. All the athletes were very excited after track walk to get going with practice Thursday they all stated that the track was very high speed and had a lot of great obstacles that would favor them in the finals.

KHS Pro MTB rider kailey Skelton on trail in Windrock.

The first day of practice was Thursday and the track was beyond its normal dry conditions. Being in Tennessee it is usually known for its wet muddy conditions but Thursday’s practice was dust ball city and very unfamiliar for some of the locals and the true nature of the normal track conditions. The team members each put in about seven laps each to get their bike set up and tire choice. They were all feeling very good and excited for qualifying Friday morning.

KHS Pro MTB rider Nik Nestoroff final run in Windrock.

Qualifying day was upon us and also was the weather it had in store some rain for the afternoon which was right when pro men’s qualifying would be going off. First qualify on the day was Kailey Skelton and she had a great unchanged track with the same dry conditions she rode on Thursday’s practice. Kaylie managed to qualify in the top spot and she was feeling very good on her bike going into the finals Saturday. For the elite men’s qualifying Steven Walton would be dropping almost 30 minutes before Nik Nestoroff due to Windrocks format. Steven was able to come down the race track with a very fast run to qualify him fifth place. Unfortunately for Nik he came down much later and the rain had started to come down which made for a slippery track he did his best and would qualify 12th. All the team members were very excited for the finals Saturday!

KHS Pro MTB rider Kailey Skelton practice round for the Windrock Nationals.

Finals day came very quickly for the team they had an excellent practice session in the early morning and then had to wait around for almost 6 hours for their final runs while the other competitors were doing their race runs. Finally it was about 3PM when Kailey dropped into a race run and was on her way for the win. Some of her nerves got to her mid race run and she fell off course to make a pretty big mistake, but was able to finish strong and come in second place with only 1.5 seconds off of first. She was very happy to be on the podium. And healthy going into the 2021 season.

KHS Pro MTB rider Steven Walton Final run in Windrock.

Around 4PM Nik would be dropping into his final race run with great weather and track conditions for all the elite men. Nik stated he had a very average run and wanted to push harder after it was all said and done but was still very happy to come in fifth place and on the podium with only 3.8 seconds off the win! 4:30PM Steven would drop into his final race run and have a blistering amazing run to put him third place in front of riders like Arron Gwin and only 1.5 seconds off the win!

Nik and Steven on the podium in Windrock.

After a great day of racing the team was ecstatic and very happy to be able to get up on the podium with the fastest Americans present. History was also made by the team at Windrock bike park with two elite men pros getting up on the podium along with Kailey getting second in the Pro women’s category with a total of 3 KHS athletes on the podium.

Kailey taking second place in the women pro race.

With all that great success the team still had racing to do for the pro elite men’s category in Enduro. Nik Nestoroff would be holding it down for Sunday’s Enduro finals. Nik had absolutely zero practice on these courses and would be going into a three stage format completely blind. His goal was to accumulate EWS points! After three grueling stages Nick was able to grab a top 10 with some of the best Enduro riders in America and also capitalize on getting EWS points.

The team will be heading back out West to compete in the Fontana Winter series and continue their testing and training for the next big national round. Also the team wants to thank all their fans and sponsors for the continuous support. We all greatly appreciate your time and energy that gets us to the top of the podium.


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 Hell of a session for these guys
  • 1 0
 Bold move on their part ahaha
  • 4 1
 Wonder if they'll be able to remedy anything for enduro next?
  • 14 1
 KHS is the smallest company that does the most for Pro Riders here in the USA!
  • 5 0
 True, but sometimes it seems hard to tell they are still in business.
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 I'd really like an article on KHS. They're such a consistent supporter of US DH but they're also a bit of a mystery. I've never seen a khs under anyone but they're pro riders, and here they are on sessions. I'd love to support them for this but I've never wanted one of their bikes. Weird imo.
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 They used to sell them in NZ and I had a Yuma years ago. It was awesome.
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 @ReformedRoadie: they do a huge amount of distribution as the majority of their business (I'd guess over 90%). They're a massive warehousing and distribution outfit on par with QBP or BTI.
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 @Trudeez: So the rare bike is akin to Salsa for QBP? The only KHS bike I've ever seen was a road bike 20+ years ago. And it was odd AF.
  • 1 0
 @ReformedRoadie: they used to practically give their frames away. And they still felt pricey. Think they shop from a better catalog today.
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 Depends where you live, east coast is full of KHS dealers, one in walking distance to me. Seems like Nevada, Utah and California are also full of them. My friend has their DH bike and it feels better than most, would definitely rock one.
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 Cool video, I dig what they are doing for US DH. But where do you sell your bikes? I haven't seen one in ages.
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 Usually best place to find their bikes is here:
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 KHS won DH national championships with teammates Kevin Aiello and Logan Binggeli not that long ago, they’re legit. I was doing rider support for Fly Racing when Fly signed the KHS team.

I remember getting a video from Nick’s mom of him riding at 12 years old, the natural talent was clear. Nik was one of the first kids Fly mtb sponsored when he was 13. Not long after that he and Steven Walton were on the Intense junior development team Palmer was coaching. It’s really cool to see them kicking ass together on the KHS team as men. Keep it up gents!

Toby Biery
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 " they had an excellent practice session"

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 Amazing video! Props to KHS for supporting the right way their riders... All these other bigger brands don't do shit for their riders... a frame a year if they are lucky...
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 yay astro engineering!
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 Looks like a session.................
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 Nick.. Paul from Vegas!! "GOOD JOB BRO!!"

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