Video: Polygon Releases 2020 Siskiu Series with Tracey Hannah, Joe Breeden, & Fabien Cousinié

May 15, 2020
by Polygon Bikes  

PRESS RELEASE: Polygon Bikes

"The Siskiu N9 is my favorite of the series because it is a very responsive fun bike for a day in the saddle. It likes all kinds of terrain, it is easy to ride uphill and still keeping an aggressive feel for the downhills. It's super capable that give me the confidence to ride the same trail I ride with my DH bike but still such a great bike to spend the day on." - Tracey Hannah

More information about SISKIU N, click here!

"I think the T8 is the all-round best bike. It’s one piece linkage system really helps make it a very light bike, along with its great pedaling efficiency means it climbs like well. Yet on the downhill’s it's very playful which makes the bike very easy to throw around, for me this makes it the most enjoyable Siskiu to ride - I love it! One bike to rule them all!" - Joe Breeden

More information about SISKIU T, click here!

"The Siskiu D is my favorite bike of the moment, it does pedal really super well and makes it easy to do an extra loop yet even it's just a 120mm bike it's strong enough to go down technical trails and when it comes to the flowy jump trails the Siskiu D is the best at carrying speed. It's one bike clearly over-delivers." - Fabien Cousinié

More information about SISKIU D, click here


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 Polygon is so underrated! I ride one, and I can say while it is an older model (so it isn’t too aesthetically pleasing) it rides like something I’ve never been on before!
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 I ride one of their lower tier hardtails and the value for money compared to other options available on the market here was just unbeatable. Love the bike so much
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 @SammytheSalmon: yeah, thank you Polygon! Your the best! Salute
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 Thank you!
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 @Polygonbikes: I know you guys might be the wrong people to ask for this, and all, but with the “2hru” system in my 2017 D7, do you know the rear spacing? I think I might’ve bent an axle, and it needs to be replaced, however the QR, and TA measurements are different...
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 don't like being a hater but do these kinds of vids really sell bikes?
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 The Polygon Team UR release video was so hilarious I was expecting something similar with these videos... guess not
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 I absolutely love my T8. Swapped for XT brakes and more aggressive tires and I love it. Really surprised by how well it climbs
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 Still no bottle mounts though. That was the deciding factor for me when I ended buying my Marin.
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 I’m pretty sure Marin, and Polygon are owned by the same people.
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 @JacobyDH: I've heard the same. Made in the same factory at least.
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 @joshuaphillips: really? The more you know the better right! I thought Marin was made somewhere else, but I know that Polygon FS bikes are made in Malaysia, and everything else is made in Indonesia. Being from Marin county, and living here, I’m surprised I don’t know this! lol

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