Video: Portugal Cruising with Phil Atwill & Gaëtan Vigé

Mar 29, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesPortugal trip 2019 - filmed and edited by Kat Georgudis.
Big up Wharncliff trail builders for some of the cleanest jumps i've ever ridden.
Phil Atwill


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 I always click for Phil. Controlled chaos, this bloke.
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 Porra!!! Que fixe!!! Portugal is the brand new place to ride - without forgetting Madeira and Açores. Where is the first spot??
Portugal is such a lovely country. I lived there 1 year a long time ago. People are great, food is great, beers and wines are splendid, and it`s simply beautiful and highly appreciable. Go there if you can!!
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 The first spot is the DH track at Pampilhosa da Serra, where the European Championship was.
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 First spot is Lousã where many world cup guys and gals go to train in the off season. Also where the first world cup of this year was supposed to be.
You should also check out the Sintra Hills as well. Over 50 very diverse trails a stones throw away from the sea.
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 @SintraFreeride: the first clip is pampilhosa. Then they go to Lousã
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 @SintraFreeride: the first images are at Pampilhosa, I know because I built the track and was there when Phill and Gaëtan did the filming. Then it's até Lousã and Chiba bike farm.
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 @pedrosanto: I stand corrected! Apologies for the mistake. Would love to ride there one day!
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 Finally Cube doing some content with Phil. Don't get why you would employ one of the most stylish, video-content friendly racers out there and then do very little content with him.

Surely that's why they got him?
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 I liked the video a a lot. The music on the jump line part was questionable.
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 Shitty music.
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 that jump line looked incredible.
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 I miss living in portugal...
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 Definitely loose. Sad to say they're not likely to get any Lousa this year.
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 wow. those jumps are things dreams are mode of
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