Video: Post-Qualies Interviews With Reece Wilson, Loic Bruni, Vali Holl, & More - Les Gets World Cup DH 2021

Jul 2, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Our man on the ground Dan Wolfe checks in with racers after a tough round of qualifying. See what Loic Bruni, Camille Balanche, Vali Holl, Noga Korem, Brook Macdonald, Reece Wilson, Loris Vergier, and Angel Suarez have to say.

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 Not to make this about me, but I visit this media/news/content aggregator site (PB) so that I I don't have to visit or otherwise use IG, FB, and their like. Can you not host or duplicate the content here, please? tia
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 You're not alone mate
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 100% agree
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 I also have a ticket on this train.
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 Agreed. "If it's not clear what the product is, it's probably you"
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 I’ll see what I can do. I hate that IGTV embeds sometimes bump you out to IG. Defeats the purpose of the embed. But I also don’t love having content hosted in multiple places.
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Also: u/n checks out, Snfoilhat doesn’t want to be a node in your data farm!
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 @brianpark: Pinkbike already has a youtube channel and youtube doesn't force you to sign up just to watch, why not use that for everything?
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flag Larkey1 (Jul 3, 2021 at 0:02) (Below Threshold)
 @brianpark: I actually like that it's on insta.

It's not like having an insta account is hard or that big a deal.
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 @brianpark: on a brighter note though, this format of interviewing the rider before showing footage of them is really good as riders seem to change up their kits all the time and it distracts me from watching the riding as first I try to identify the athlete. Very helpful.
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 Are there some sort of guidelines governing when a word is eligible to have its last couple letters hacked off and be replaced with a y or an ie by some who thinks they are in possesion of Shakespeares poetic license?
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 Update: regardless of if you're logged into IG or not, you can avoid getting bumped out to IG if you press play on the 'PLAY' arrow (bottom left) rather than the centre of the image. It just plays on Pinkbike as you'd expect.

Still a little annoying IG is using unexpected behaviour to get people onto their platform, but that's not something we can control on our end. I'll keep digging to see if there are any other good solutions, but it's ideal IG content versus what we're trying to do with our YouTube channel.
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 Getting the bugs out of your head after a crash can be so damn hard. I (we) know were you're coming from Vali and everyone else who's been there.
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 I really dig Vali for her strategy to play it safe. If your not into it a 100%, don't do it. She has got a brilliant career ahead of her. So no need to rush into something that she is not ready for. That is so balanced. And she is quite frank about it too. Massive respect to her!
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 The hell is IGTV?
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 Angel's ig(for the anti ig'ers that havent seen Wink ) has been firing for the last couple years. He's looking rapid and ultra smooth. Looking like another top dog
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 Intense should start coping Commencal frames now.
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 All this chatter about the bike holding Gwin back is pretty silly when you have Isak L busting the torch out and welding parts on his frame in-between practice and qualis.
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 @DubC: nailed it.
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 @DubC: you never know. Brook even said when he was with GT he never really got on with the bike. I also genuinely think Gwin is just off the pace these days
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 @DubC: You have a good point but I was looking at the results of the entire Intense team. It looks like all of the riders on the Intense team are finishing 10 to 20 spots lower on average since moving to the new frame. I wonder if the chainstay pivot is binding on the bottom bracket or there is some other major deficiency in the design?
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 Is it ok to eat jello or is it too soon ?
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 Post qualies? Come on guys.....
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 Why don't you make it a YouTube video ?
Pinkbike you have become a retarded !
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 What happened to VOD?
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