Video: Post-Race Interviews with Harriet Harnden, Jesse Melamed, Jack Moir, Isabeau Courdurier and More

Jul 11, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

After a long day of racing, Dan Wolfe was at the finish line to chat with Jack Moir, Richie Rude, Zakarias Johansen, Harriet Harnden, Isabeau Courdurier, Jesse Melamed, Kevin Miquel and Noga Korem.

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 On a serious note, while it is great that you guys want to provide realtime results to the large audience please ditch the instacrap. It makes no sense to jump to another platform to watch the video. I would suggest a YouTube embedded video or just make use of the PB video platform even if it takes a bit longer to provide the results.
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 "Divide et Impera" — Julius Cesar
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 I've been giving this some thought. IG is a good medium for this type of content IMO, and I hate having a video in two places. (the opposite of divide & conquer @mi-bike)

You don't need to sign up for IG or even bump out to another window/site to watch these. Just press the play button rather than the image, and it'll play on this page.

I do still think I've got to do a bit more digging on this. There might be another solution, we'll see.
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 @brianpark: "Just press the play button rather than the image, and it'll play on this page." This is not correct. One issue many people probably have with Instagram as a platform is that it in fact does *not* play in many a phone browser. If it did, I think you would hear fewer complaints.
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 @brianpark: 10minute vertical video on instagram? What makes you think it's a good idea.
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 @mi-bike: ugh, yeah that's annoying. What's the behaviour if you don't have IG on your phone?
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 @brianpark: You click the "view this post on instagram" link and get taken to instagram website (not the app) to see the content. (Works the same in Firefox and Duckduckgo browsers.) Not a big issue if it's only one post, such as here, but when there are many, such as in the Megavalanche post it's less palatable.
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 Fuck yeah. Richie and jack, you are beasts. Such a good season of racing so far!!!
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 I see your Richie and Jack, then raise you a Jesse. C'mon Jesse put these boys in your rearview next race!
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 Shark Attack Jack
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 Moir is deadly !
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 Thx EWS. Great but scary as hell. And Harriet you absolute star. XC world cup racer AND an EWS winner. Chapeau
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 I feel like Harriet Harnden is going to be dominant in the future, she is also racing XC and Cyclocross, and is at a top level in all of them!
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 Moir is more …
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 Stoked for mior
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 Don't cry Richie, don't cry; there are much more serious issues in life
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 Dudes #1 in the overall after a 2 year hiatus. Think he’s pretty happy. Sam on the other hand is probably at his therapist in a river of tears.
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 @skidmarkbro: Sam Hill and Richie Rude; the 2 most extravert guys in MTB, for sure.

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