Video: POV From Mega Freeride Lines in China with Antoni Villoni

Feb 22, 2020
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

A few weeks after the release of "Freeride Tricks & Crashes in China", Antoni Villoni releases a whole new version of his Chinese trip, where we are literally able to get on-board.

Mega freeride lines, crashes, breathtaking landscapes and meeting the locals, (re)discover this video from another angle, as if you were there!

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 He sure caught some air, hopefully nothing else...
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 I saw this post, and I was like: Oh no, I hope the comments don’t make any jokes about... it’s too late!
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flag scott-townes (Feb 23, 2020 at 6:31) (Below Threshold)
 This was filmed before bats were invented so he's OK.

Is it just me or did Where the Trail Ends ruin this edit? To me "mega freeride lines" would be one of Darren's 1,000+ vertical foot lines. These are just mini golf lines more than anything.
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 @scott-townes: Just you... this guy is going huge. Throwing a cliffhanger in there is not a minigolf type trick my friend. We have yet to see it in rampage and the slope style guys don’t even fug with them.
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 @leviatanouroboro: *mini golf lines, didn't say anything about the tricks.
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 I bet this is gonna go viral!
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 Is the crashing in the beginning contagious?
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 So novel
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 place looks sick!
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 Hope he grabs a Corona after
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 @Tormy: no, but the recovery Beer is.
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flag JacobyDH (Feb 22, 2020 at 15:20) (Below Threshold)
 @jrocksdh: yeah, in more than one way!
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 I really appreciate showing the slams, and some of them were hard, compared to a lot of videos that don't show how much work and committment go into landing some of those lines and tricks.

That said, looks like a pretty good zone but do you have to go all the way to China for that terrain? Looked like a fraction of what you get in most of Western US & Canada. Probably a bigger adventure though...
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 The hard part about finding natural big mountain terrain is finding lines with good runouts. Same with hiking around building gaps, find the runouts then landings then take-offs so you don’t have to stack as much dirt
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 That trip was October 2019.
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 I’d be gutted to capture all that rad footage to then realise the GoPro was accidentally set on 4:3
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 Wow+ ouch=Wouch.
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 Bet the trails are empty!
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